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Hello! Welcome to Lockforce Kent.

Our local brand ambassador delivers unparalleled locksmith service to the people across the Garden of England.

Highly trained to respond to all manner of domestic lock enquiries, a friendly demeanour and commitment to excellence is available to you around the clock.

Kent 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

In fitting with emergencies, lockouts are rarely convenient scenarios.  As one of the UK's most respected locksmith networks – and having attended countless emergency call outs – we, therefore understand this predicament all too well.

That's why our Kent technician operates a 24hour locksmith service, arriving swiftly on the scene whatever time a lock emergency strikes a Kent resident.

Call our Kent locksmiths today on 02036931438 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Kent Mobile Key Cutting Service

When seeking a key cutting service, we understand that our customers look for convenience, professionalism and a locksmith that is efficient yet competitively priced.

So when calling our Kent technician, that's exactly what you'll receive!  What is more, at Lockforce, we use only top-of-the-range mobile key cutting technology. So we can guarantee to duplicate your keys at home, work or on the roadside…

Call our Kent locksmiths today on 02036931438 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Kent Locksmiths: Rapid Response

Underwriting the security of our homes and businesses, locks play an integral (albeit often invisible) part of our lives. Unsurprisingly, therefore, when locks fail, the need to repair them quickly becomes a priority! Fortunately, when you contact our local Lockforce technician in Kent, you can expect a swift response to your call out – with our Lockforce representative on the scene within 30minutes of your initial enquiry (max 1 hour during peak times).

…and while rapid in our response, you can rest assured our technician will take the utmost time and diligence on arrival, providing you with the comprehensive lock service you deserve!

Call our Kent locksmiths today on 02036931438  and we aim to be with you within 30 minutes.

Kent Security Lock Experts

Locks are the first and often only barrier we have to protect our property against intruders. Their correct functioning is key…though regrettably sometimes our locks don't meet the mark. So when locks fail, pick up the phone and call our lock security expert in Kent. Our locksmith is highly qualified to deal with the fitting and fixing of security locks onto your home and business premises.

Competitively priced and highly knowledgeable, place your home security in the hand of our franchise accredited professionals. Call 02036931438.

Call our Kent locksmiths today on 02036931438 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Canterbury Locksmiths

At Lockforce, we pride ourselves in providing our Canterbury customers with top-notch locksmith services. By only employing local technicians, we guarantee to provide you with a service professional to whom you can relate – albeit one who works through a respected national franchise that you can trust. 

Call our Canterbury locksmiths today on 02036931438 .

Folkestone Locksmiths

We rarely appreciate the importance of locks until they break. So when you find yourself locked out, left with a broken lock or indeed in need of new key, Lockforce understands that you'll want a technician to help as soon as possible. That's why our local franchisee operates a 24/7 service in Folkestone, endeavouring to arrive on the scene of your call out 30mins (max 1. hour), whatever time of day or night.

Call our Folkestone locksmiths today on 02036931438 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Tunbridge Wells Locksmiths

Looking for a locksmith in Tunbridge Wells? Our Tunbridge Wells master locksmith is on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge on fitting & upgrading locks, cutting keys, as well as fixing window grilles and other home security devices, our brand ambassador is keen to provide you with a competitive locksmith service that's hard to beat in the Tunbridge Wells area.

Call our Tunbridge Wells locksmiths today on 02036931438 to see how we can best help you.

Tonbridge Locksmiths

At Lockforce we believe that homeowners up and down the country should have access to first-rate, locally-based technicians to service the locks and keys that protect their properties. Our service vision in Tonbridge is no different.

Whether you need a key cut…or a lock fixed, replaced or upgraded, our Lockforce representative is the technician for you.

With the geniality and dedication of a local tradesmen but with the professionalism you'd expect from a member of a highly-respected national locksmith network, our locksmiths are the best of both worlds!

Call our Tonbridge locksmiths today on 02036931438 for all your locksmithing requirements.

Dover Locksmiths

Faced with same stale customer promises, we at Lockforce understand the difficulty that our customers face when choosing from the multitude of locksmiths on offer in Dover. So at Lockforce we try to limit the use of corporate guarantees bandied about by our competitors…however what we can promise is that on calling our local representative, you'll be quickly attended to by a locksmith who is master of his trade, honest, reliable and effective.

Equipped with sound industry knowledge and competitive prices, why not try us out today. Call 02036931438 for more information.

Deal Locksmiths

At Lockforce we believe in the power of local, family-run locksmiths who are nimble enough to reach the residents of Deal swiftly, whenever they are in need of a good-quality technician. A local tradesmen with the professionalism expected from a national brand, Lockforce's go-to representative is in the Deal region. Reaching you within 30 minutes of your emergency call out, our technician is adept at fixing as well as upgrading locks, while our investment in non-destructive technical practice ensures that we can access your property without causing any further damage to your locks.

With competitive key cutting rates and a dedication to answering your lock needs, why not call today on 02036931438.

Sandwhich Locksmiths

At Lockforce Sandwich, our local technician puts customers first. Charging competitive prices for a service which is fair, knowledgeable and above all professional, Lockforce will bring about a speedy yet lasting solution to your lock problems.

Whether you require a new key, are locked out, or need advice on the best way to secure your property, call 02036931438 for a service which you can trust.

Ramsgate Locksmiths

As criminals become more adept at breaking into homes and business premises, the need for adequate lock protection has never been more of a priority for property dwellers around the country. Even in Ramsgate, residents cannot afford to be complacent with their lock security.

Fortunately, our Ramsgate representative is available around the clock to fortify your home or business. Fitting window grilles, installing anti-shatter cylinders to elevate your door security to the highest calibre…as well as cutting keys and assisting you back into your home during lock out scenarios.. our locksmith's command over the expansive set of lock problems that pester customers will not leave you wanting.

Call 02036931438 for an superior Locksmith service experience in Ramsgate.

Margate Locksmiths

With years of Locksmith experience, we understand the core principles our customers look for when picking from the mass of advertised lock technicians in the Margate area. We believe Margate residents come to us in search of an honest and knowledgeable service, that charges them fairly and guarantees to sort out their lock problems in a timely and effective manner. We at Lockforce are delighted to say that our local based technician does exactly that! Screened and highly trained in order to represent Lockforce in the Margate area, why not call today for a service professional who is a cut above the rest!

Call our Margate locksmiths today on 02036931438 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Herne Bay Locksmiths

Need a locksmith in Herne Bay? Look no further than our highly trained technician whose expertise in locks will ensure a fast and thorough fix to your security needs. A dedicated local tradesmen who operates under the umbrella of our high-calibre franchise network, our locksmith is available to offer his services 24 hours a day seven days a week.

With competitive pricing and expertise across the entire range of locksmith services, call 02036931438 .

Whitstable Locksmiths

Our Lockforce ambassador in Whitstable provides customers with the latest expertise in modern locksmith practice countered by a good old fashioned service experience that values fairness, competitive pricing and the provision of lasting lock solutions for customers.

So whether a Whitstable resident is in need of a lock change, a key cut or a lockout resolved, our representative is on hand to help. Operating a 24/7 service across the Whitstable area, call 02036931438 at your earliest convenience.

Sheerness Locksmiths

Searching for a locksmith in Sheerness? At Lockforce, our Sheerness technician is on hand to deliver a gamut of top-class locksmith services to local residents. Responding rapidly to general and emergency enquiries, and charging fair prices for a wide variety of services that range from lock out solutions to mobile key cutting, our brand ambassador is your go to locksmith expert for Sheerness.

Call today on 02036931438 for an initial quote and to find out why Lockforce is becoming the locksmith of choice for residents in Sheerness and across the Kent region!


As criminals continue to target the homes of Gravesend residents, the need for a competent locksmith has never been more pronounced. Fortunately when contracting the services of Gravesend representative, you can feel confident that you will be provided with an expert locksmith service that's hard to parallel. Responding swiftly to your call out but ensuring your request is dealt with thoroughly (whether in fixing a lock, upgrading your home security, cutting a key or helping you back into your home), our technicians work tirelessly to ensure the people of Gravesend receive the security they deserve.

Competitively priced and highly knowledgeable, place your home security in the hand of our franchise accredited professionals. Call today on 02036931438.

On hand to help night and day, call now for an initial quote on 02036931438 .


At Lockforce Dartford, we put our customers first. So whether a lock emergency strikes at 3pm or 3am, we're on hand to answer your call! Our Dartford technician will endeavour to be on the scene in 30minutes or less, meanwhile our esteemed mobile key cutting service can reach you at home, in the garage or on the roadside. Each service is priced competitively and supported by the wealth of technician knowledge upon which our national network prides itself.

So if in need of a Dartford locksmith who fits around you, call today on 02036931438 .

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