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We are an independant local locksmith company, working under the trusted and respected Lockforce umbrella.

We are delighted to offer high quality, quick reponse, competitively priced locksmith services.

We promise to have a local locksmith on the scene within 60 minutes of your emergency enquiry. So when the inconvenient happens, you can be confident that Lockforce Dunmow is keen to be of assistance!

Each and every one of our locksmiths are highly qualified and we have deemed to exhibit the exacting standards of service that are characteristic of the Lockforce name.

Moreover, instead of being a faceless organisation, we try wherever possible that when you hire a Lockforce locksmith, you can connect a name to a friendly face, as we make sure of our locksmiths are local and reputable agents in whom you can entrust your personal lock security.

Keen, experts in their field and available at any hour of the day, our Dunmow locksmiths are eager to attend to your every enquiry.

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Call our Dunmow locksmiths today  for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Mobile Key Cutting in Dunmow

As locksmiths, the saying that 'one size doesn't fit all' certainly resonates! And this is particularly true when it comes to our mobile key cutting service. Whether you need to cut patent keys, duplicate a security-registered item or whether you just need a new set of simple house keys to give you reassurance, our locksmiths in Dunmow will cut keys custom to your wishes. We are available every day of the week and for emergency call outs. We cut while you wait or can arrange a time for your convenience.

Call our Dunmow locksmiths today if you require a new set of keys cut.

Locked Out in Dunmow

With so much on our minds, its unsurprising that we will find ourselves locked out of our house at least once in our lives. It's often a stressful and inconvenient turn of events. However, our locksmiths are on hand to make your experience of being locked out as nightmare-free as possible.

We aim to have a trained technician on the scene within 60 minutes, meanwhile 60% of the time we can gain entry to your property without even breaking a lock! It's our expertise and care which keeps us as the premier locksmiths in the Dunmow area.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call our Dunmow locksmiths today  and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

Dunmow Locksmiths: Rapid Response

Our customers lead busy lives with few moments to concern themselves about the nuts and bolts of their lock requirements. Our team of highly qualified locksmiths are on hand to do all the research for you. In each case, we will give you a free and accurate assessment of the lock service you need before providing a reasonable price estimate. After which, we will endeavour to reach you within 60 minutes in an urgent call out, or within 24 hours in non-emergency scenarios.

Call our Dunmow locksmiths today and we aim to be with you within 60 minutes.

Dunmow Security Lock Experts

Lock security has always been integral part of our services. However, as criminals become increasingly competent at gaining entry into your property, our locksmiths in Dunmow are on hand to help fortify your home.  With upgrades to Eurolocks and the British Standard Lock BS3621 available as standard, you can feel confident that our locksmiths are fitting the most secure locks in the consumer market. Our technicians have equally become some of the first locksmiths in the country to pioneer wide scale automatic lock technology and are happy to discuss our wide range of home protection locks on offer.

Call our Dunmow locksmiths today  for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Recent Jobs

Warehouse gain entry in Dunmow - 25/01/2024

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was called out by a nearby customer via CheckaTrade to help unlock their warehouse door. They recently rented out the warehouse but was warned that the lock was faulty and would need replacing. Customer locked the warehouse door to find they couldn’t unlock it again. Luckily, we arrived within 30 minutes and successfully gained entry non-destructively. We removed the faulty 3 lever deadlock and upgraded it with a 5 lever British standard deadlock to meet insurance purposes. 

Gearbox replacement in Dunmow - 13/07/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in by a customer who had troubles with their rear door. We arrived to find customer couldn’t open their door using their handle but only by their key. Immediately we knew the gearbox was faulty and would need replacing. We replaced it there and then like for like. 

Non destructive entry gain - CM6 - 12/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was called out late on Friday evening to help a customer back in their home after leaving keys indoors. We arrived within 10 minutes and few minutes later customer was back in their home. Customer was extremely grateful we were able to help as they would have had to travel to London to pick up spare keys from a family member. 

New home lock replacement - CM6- 03/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in by a customer to replace the front door lock of their new home. We replaced the customers lock for an anti-snap cylinder. Afterwards customer wanted us to look at their French doors and other rear door as they were difficult to close and lock. We immediately could see the doors have dropped so a quick alignment was needed to rectify the issue. The customer very happy we took some of his stress away with issues he came across only when moving in to their home and they left a great review on Google. 

Lost keys in Dunmow - 21/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was called out to a home where the owner had misplaced their keys after going for a jog. We arrived within 15 minutes and got in the customers home shortly after without the need of damaging the lock. Customer luckily found her keys in their car so no need for a lock change.

Non-destructive entry gain - 21/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was called out to a local customer who just came home from a nice break in France and found their key would not work in their lock. Luckily for the customer we arrived within 10 minutes of the call and got the customer back in shortly after. We removed the nightlatch to assess the fault and after a thorough clean the nightlatch was as good as new. Customer left a great 5* review on checkatrade

Gearbox replacement - 06/04/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Dunmow was booked in by a customer who was struggling to lock their front door. We arrived within 40 minutes of the call. We examined the door and explained the gearbox of the mechanism had failed and needed replacing. We replaced the gearbox like for like. After the installation the door wasn't fully closing and locking smoothly so we realigned the door at no extra cost. 

Rim cylinder and euro cylinder replacement - 03/04/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in by a customer who had just received keys to their new home. They rightly wanted to replace locks to have peace of mind they're the only ones with keys to their new home. We arrived and got to work straight away. Replaced both locks like for like giving customer new keys.

Door alignment – Dunmow - 17/02/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked via recommendation to a customer’s home to adjust their front door after complaining they couldn't lock it. We realigned the door and now the door was perfectly locking. Customer has also booked us for further work the following week. 

Entry gain in Great Dunmow, CM6 - 13/01/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was called out by a customer who was locked out their home. Customer had a 3* plus cylinder on their front door. We asked if they had another door we could aim to get in and they suggested the rear door. Rear door had a less secure lock so we gained entry via this door. Customer very grateful we got them back in their home.

Adams rite full mech, cylinder, thumbturn and faceplate replacement - CM6 - 06/12/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in by a local business to replace the full mech and parts associated with it. We removed the old unit which had fallen apart in our hands as it was very worn out. We replaced it with a brand new adams rite deadlock, brand new screw in cylinder and thumbturn and a brand new faceplate to complete the set. 

Entry gain – Dunmow - 15/11/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in to a local petrol station to gain entry to a bullion draw by one of their tills. We arrived at the time agreed and got to work straight away. Not your usual lock but we gained entry non-destructively, nonetheless.

2 mortice lock replacements in Dunmow - 01/11/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in to a home who wanted their front door locks changed after breaking up with their partner. When we get these calls, we aim to prioritise them as we want to keep our customers safe and make them feel safe. After squeezing them in we arrived, removed the existing locks, and replaced them for 5 lever British standard mortice locks. Customer was extremely grateful we arrived on short notice.

Lock change in Dunmow, CM6 - 14/08/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Dunmow was booked in to replace a customers front door lock as they was very worried they had left their keys in the door and someone had taken them. We arrived as scheduled and replaced the old cylinder for an anti snap cylinder. Luckily we was booked in as the old cylinder customer had in the door was the incorrect size and could easily have been tampered with from the outside by an unwelcoming burglar. 

Ultion 3* lock replacement in Dunmow - 07/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunmow had an urgent emergency call late evening to a house where the cylinder plug had fallen out of their front door cylinder. As customer was extremely worried we arrived within 30 minutes of calling. After examining the existing lock and multipoint lock system to see why this had happened, we noticed it was only the cylinder at fault and so replaced the cylinder like for like. 

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