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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Epping.

My name is Ara and I am your local expert locksmith serving Epping.  

Being an expert locksmith is never a 9 to 5 affair, and as the premier locksmith in the Epping area, I relish the opportunity to attend to your lock needs whatever time of day or night.

Within 60 minutes of an emergency call out, we guarantee to be on the scene.

Call our Epping locksmiths today for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Mobile Key Cutting in Epping

Patent and specialist security-registered keys to multiple blank stock orders and house door duplicates - no one key we cut is the same. However, when coming to one of our locksmiths in the Epping area, you can be sure no matter how custom your key order, the same high quality and professional service will greet you. We are here to cut your keys (mobile and on site) 7 days a week. Why not contact one of our Epping locksmiths now to receive a free quote.

Call our Epping locksmiths today  if you require a new set of keys cut.

Locked Out in Epping

When you lock yourself out of your house or car, it's comforting to know that there is a professional locksmith that is available night and day to come to your aid. All of our locksmiths are local to the Epping area so we can guarantee to be with you within 60minutes of your initial call. What's more, 60% of the time our locksmiths are skilled enough to enter your property without even breaking a lock! As part of a wider franchise, rest assured that even if you find yourself in difficult times far from Epping, there will always be a fellow Lockforce representative with whom we can direct your emergency enquiry.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call our Epping locksmiths today and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

Epping Locksmiths: Rapid Response

Locks and keys are a largely invisible yet integral part to the functioning of our everyday lives. So important, their instalment by master locksmiths cannot be delayed! That's why when choosing one of our locksmiths in the Epping region, we will guarantee to respond quickly to your enquiry. We will fix, upgrade locks, grilles and chains efficiently and at your convenience, all at incredibly reasonable prices. So for a Epping locksmith who will be at your service in as little as 60 minutes, why not call us today!

Call our Epping locksmiths today and we aim to be with you within 60 minutes.

Epping Security Lock Experts

With burglaries accounting for nearly a fifth of all recorded crimes in the Epping area, more and more residents are seeking the services of a reputable locksmith. Fortunately, our locksmiths are at the forefront of home fortification. Specialists in British Standard, 5-lever and shatterproof cylinder technology, our locksmiths will ensure that your home are proofed from break-ins as much as possible. When criminals are regularly breaking into homes in under 13 seconds, such expertise is invaluable! 

Similarly, if you are concerned about allowing a locksmith access to your property and the locks that protect it, you can rest assured that each of our locksmiths has been personally assessed to certify their reputability.

We do the worrying, so you don't have to!

Call our Epping locksmiths today for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Recent Jobs in Epping

Non destructive entry gain - CM16 - 14/03/2024

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out to a home who urgently needed a locksmith to gain entry back into their home. Their 2 year old daughter was locked in their home by herself after the front door accidently closed behind the mother. Due to severity of this situation, we managed to arrive within 15 minutes thanks to a booked customer being very understanding. We arrived and gained entry via rear door without damaging door or lock. Customer very grateful we dropped our booked job to save the day.

Stuck key removal - CM16 - 29/01/2024

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a local charity via google to help remove an incorrect key which was forced in a 5 lever British standard deadlock. We arrived within 20 minutes and shortly after the stuck key was removed. Luckily, a new lock wasn’t needed. Customer left a lovely review on google.

4 keyed alike locks for local golf club in Epping - 28/09/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in preciously by a customer who needed 4 new keyed alike locks for their business as a previous employee had spare keys. On a previous visit we measured the locks and ordered the new locks specifically for this company so all locks can be operated using just 1 key. We arrived at booked time once parts were in hand and arrived back to the business and installed the new locks. We also repaired the handles on one of their doors. 

Bathroom and bedroom lock replacement - CM5 - 19/09/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in by a customer who needed to repair their bedroom and bathroom door locks. On the bathroom door the latch had seized so was difficult to open the door. We replaced the latch like for like. The bedroom door had a 3 lever sashlock but customer had lost keys to it. We replaced the sashlock like for like. We also repaired the handles as they was very loose.

Nightlatch replacement - CM16 - 03/09/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in by a local residential building to repair the night latch latch on their communal door. Current night latch was completely broken so a like for like replacement was installed there and then.

Multiple house repairs - CM16 - 06/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in by a customer who had just moved into their new home. They had multiple things for me to look at. They needed a new nightlatch, they needed me to remove a snapped key in the window lock handle, they needed 2 doors unlocked due to not been given keys to them and lastly replace a lock on one of their doors. Customer didn't expect us to do this all on one visit however was delighted we managed to on a Sunday.

Gain entry via rear door - CM16 - 01/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a customer who was locked out their home. We arrived and attempted to gain entry via the front door however we noticed the rear door entrance would be easier. Few moments later we gained entry via the rear.

Seized lock in Epping - 17/07/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a customer who couldn’t turn their key on their door so unable to lock it. Luckily for the customer we arrived when we did as they needed to go out and was worried to leave door unlocked. We managed to remove the seized euro cylinder and replace it for a 3* euro cylinder.

4 new locks for new home - CM16 - 13/07/2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Epping was booked in by local customer who collected keys to their new home today and therefore wanted them changed straight away. We replaced all 4 locks for customer there and then. Each lock coming with 5 keys.

Lock replacement - CM16 - 29/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a customer who couldn't remove key after locking their door. As thought after a brief discussion on the phone the cam had slipped on the lock and therefore a like for like replacement was needed. Customer grateful we arrived so quickly and left a 5* review on CheckaTrade.

Non destructive entry gain - CM16 - 26/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a customer in urgent need to get back in their home. Luckily, we were very local and arrived in less than 10 minutes. Few minutes later customer was back in their home.

Dominos rear door latch replacement - Epping - 21/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in by a local dominos who we regularly do work for to repair a code lock on their rear door. The latch had become faulty so a like for like replacement was needed. 

Snapped key removal in Epping, CM16 - 04/06/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Epping was booked in by a family friend who snapped a key in their rear door. Luckily, the door was unlocked at the time so they could have access to their garden. We arrived within 30 minutes. We managed to remove the snapped key from the cylinder however customer opted to get a new cylinder installed as they had no other keys to the door. 

Ultion 3* plus lock upgrade in Epping, CM16 - 01/06/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Epping was booked in by a customer to upgrade their front door lock for a better quality and more secure cylinder. The customer had a basic lock with no anti snap feature as a minimum, so we suggested getting the Ultion 3* plus cylinder with anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-drill. Customer agreed and installed there and then. 

Snapped key removal, entry gain and lock upgrade - 31/03/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was booked in by customer to remove a snapped key in their lock and unlock the door. We first managed to unlock and open their rear door to let a very happy dog be in the garden. We then managed to remove the snapped key from the lock before identifying the cause of the snapped key. After identifying the cylinder was faulty we then replaced it with a 3* PLUS Ultion cylinder to be a slight improvement to their old 3* cylinder they had originally. Customer very happy with our service and left a lovely 5* review on checkatrade.

Lock replacement in Epping - 12/10/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Epping was called out by a local estate agent to attend a customer who was having trouble unlocking their front door. On arrival the customer luckily managed to gain entry themselves having tried a number of times. After inspecting the lock we knew the lock was the only fault and so a like for like replacement was all that was needed. On top of having a brand new anti snap cylinder, they also had the added benefit of having 5 keys to their new lock. 

Door cylinder replacement in Epping  - 06/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Epping was booked in by a family who had lost their spare key to their front door and was worried of who's hands they could fall in. Within 30 minutes we arrived to their door. 5 minutes later a replacement cylinder was installed with 5 keys. Customer was amazed at the speed of installation and vowed to recommend us to their close friends and family. 

Epping lock replacement, CM16 - 28/07/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Epping had the pleasure attending a house where the customer was struggling to open their door due to a faulty cylinder. Our local Epping locksmith replaced the cylinder for an anti snap thumbturn and all was solved for the customer.

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