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I am Alan Ayers, an expert Locksmith in Sudbury ready to serve you with highly reliable locksmith services.

Key Points:

  • DBS Checked
  • Insured to the sum of £5m
  • Duly qualified, highly experienced, and well-trained locksmith in Sudbury
  • Offering 24/7 locksmith services in Sudbury
  • My services are backed by a 1-Year guarantee
  • I will never ask you to pay any call out charges

Being a local, well trained locksmith in Sudbury, you can expect me anywhere nearby and can reach you quickly in the case of a lock emergency as being locked out is one of the most frustrating situations.

In addition, if your lock isn’t responding to the key, or if you have lost the key somewhere, there is no need to waste any further time.

You can also contact me for a free security assessment of your home or any commercial property. I will assist you with free professional advice.

We take pride in serving our customers with the latest locksmith tools, 100% commitment, up to date knowledge and highly efficient techniques to generate the best possible results.

3 time winner of the prestigious Customer Service award presented by the Forces Group Ltd (2020, 2021, 2022).

Our Services include:

  • Sudbury Lock Repair
  • Sudbury Lock Replacement
  • Mobile Key Cutting in Sudbury
  • uPVC Door Locks
  • Wood-door locks
  • Window Locks
  • Digital Door Locks
  • Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Re-securing
  • Evictions
  • Fire Escape Hardware
  • Post Burglary Repairs
  • Entry Gaining
  • Night Latch’s
  • Yale Locks
  • Window Boarding
  • Panic Hardware
  • Insurance Approved Locks
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith in Sudbury

Looking for a reliable and expert local Sudbury locksmith? Feel free to call me, Alan, your local Sudbury locksmith on 01787 339329.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury?

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury take pride in being highly transparent and we are always happy to reveal to you all legal documents including DBS check and insurance details whenever you ask. Allowing somebody to enter your property and work with locks is always a tricky undertaking and it is your right to first make sure that the service is duly registered and transparent. We carry our ID 24/7 so that you check our legitimacy.

Punctuality and reliability are the prime features of Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury. We keep you updated about our expected arrival. Our professional locksmiths will always arrive in the official Lockforce branded van, wearing Lockforce uniform so that you can be confident you are detail with our highly regarded and reputable brand. Our customers are our top priority. Our highly efficient locksmith services meet the required industry and legal standards. We will charge you only after our work entirely satisfies you. Lockforce Locksmith Sudbury provides a 1-year warranty and we will do not charge a call-out fee.

Feel free to contact Alan at Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury by dialing 01787 339329.

Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in Sudbury

It is more common thank you think to get locked out of your commercial or residential property. If it happens to you in Sudbury, Lockforce Locksmiths in Sudbury are there to facilitate you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to get you back inside your property without having to wait for too long. It is frustrating to find yourself locked out in Sudbury.

Our local 24-hour emergency locksmith service will make sure to reach you quickly and get you inside your property using non-destructive techniques. We use highly efficient techniques to open and even replace a lock if needed. I have always been committed to become the most reliable locksmith in Sudbury and this is why I never missed a chance to undertake comprehensive locksmith training on a regular basis. I always equip myself with latest techniques and tools.

If you are locked out in Sudbury and need my Sudbury 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services, contact Alan on 01787 339329.

Sudbury Mobile Key Cutting Service

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury always keeps latest locks, machinery, and tools inside the Lockforce branded van. It saves a lot of time because everything remains at our immediate disposal all the time.

If you are looking to have a new set of keys for your door, feel free to call us. We will arrive on time, cut the keys in front of you so that you can check that they are the exact match for the lock.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury now on 01787 339329 if you need key replacement or key cutting service.

Sudbury Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Lock replacement and lock repairing are two of the most common undertakings everyone has to deal with from time to time. Whether your lock is not functioning properly or you want to replace it for security reasons, tell us and we will be there with you at your suggested time.

Our van always carries an extensive variety of locks including child safety locks, digital locks, night latches, deadlocks and more. We can efficiently serve you with the best Sudbury lock replacement and lock repair solutions.

Looking for a reliable lock replacement service in Sudbury? Call Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury on 01787 339329 anytime you want, speak with Alan, your local Sudbury locksmith.

Lockforce Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths in Sudbury offer a variety of payment options including:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Contactless Card Payments
  • BACS

Recent Jobs

Realignment of door hinges in Long Meford, CO10 - 09/06/23

Lockforce Sudbury realigned this door on a long melford home after it had become too hard to close. It had dropped on the hinges and would not close anymore, it had been problematic for many months. This time they were lucky I could realign it before it collapsed.

Lockforce Sudbury trading standards approval 

Lockforce gained approval from Essex trading standards this month after passing their very stringent series of tests, checks and customer surveys. Lockforce gained approval after all these were satisfied. We are now proudly displaying the buy with confidence badge .

Composite door unlocked after being locked shut in Sudbury - 20/05/23

Lockforce Sudbury received a request for assistance in repairing a composite door that had locked itself solid. Upon arrival, the locksmith discovered that the door's locking mechanism had failed, which is common with multipoint locking mechanisms. The locksmith managed to open the door without causing any damage and replaced the gearbox whilst realigning the door to ensure it closes smoothly.

Door locked closed in Long Melford, CO10 - 12/05/23

Lockforce Sudbury had s call on a Friday morning 6am telling me they can't open their front door. the doors gearbox had failed making the door stick solid. I managed to gain non-evasive entry to this door and found the doors locking mechanism (gearbox) had failed. Very common if doors are not serviced once every 1 or 2 years. I realigned the door and serviced hinges and completely cleaned and oiled the mechanism Leaving it working perfectly.

Added security for Sudbury gate, CO10 - 09/04/23

Lockforce Sudbury were asked if it was possible to secure a solid wooden gate leading to a rear garden. This garden was a stunning piece of flower art, and the owner wanted to keep his 35 year long hard work damaging. So, I installed a key locking gate lock which would be near impossible for the average burglar to open. Keeping them safe & secure.

High st shop lost keys in Sudbury, CO10 - 02/04/23

Lockforce Sudbury we're called out early Sunday morning when a shop owner had lost their keys. I unlocked the door and changed the locks for security.

Long melford lost keys CO10 - 26/3/23

Lockforce Sudbury received a distressed call asking for help getting back into their home after they had lost the keys. I arrived at the property and picked the lock open it was a very worn out brass cylinder and as the keys were lost I advised changing all the locks as you will never know if they were stolen or lost. Cylinders changed new keys handed over leaving 2 very happy home owners. 

Long Melford Sudbury PVC door failing to open, CO10 - 18/03/23

Lockforce Sudbury's skill set was called into action when this door refused to open. The doors handle was hard to use for weeks, as I was told by the property owners. When the handle becomes hard to close/open it generally means the hooks/bolts are not engaging properly. This is what cause the gearbox to fail. Once the door is non destructively opened I was able to remove the broken gearbox and replace it with a new one at the same time realigning the doors hinges.

Fully serviced windows and doors for property in Sudbury, CO10 - 15/03/2023

Lockforce Sudbury were asked to give a whole house full of window and door locks the once over service. cleaned oiled and adjusted everything now working perfectly.

Window lock failed in Long Melford, CO10 - 02/03/23

Lockforce Sudbury were called in to help with three ground floor windows that could not lock. Luckily, they were top hung windows in a line along one side of the house making it very easy to work on. I found the locks were rusty so I oiled them all at first. Then one by one tried to work the locking mechanism. Two needed new handles the third was just loose rust so just needed oil. All three windows now lock keeping them safe & secure.

Gearbox failure in Sudbury, CO10 - 25/02/23

Lockforce Sudbury had a call from new home owners to come and advise on a set of doors that were very problematic. This was to be their forever home for this newly retired couple. The doors needed realignment and a new gearbox to the master door. The gearbox is the part that works the bolts and hooks along the doors edge. When this is put under constant pressure, as when the doors become harder to lock/unlock the gearbox will fail. Realigning the doors before this happens will save you many pounds.

Success in Sudbury, CO10 - 26/01/23 

Lockforce Sudbury had a call basically begging for help after this customer had already called out one local locksmith to get their door to open after the gearbox failed.  When I arrived, I could see that someone had drilled the handles off and had slightly damaged the doors frame and had drilled into the gearbox causing it to completely lock up. After some picking and levering the door opened. Allowing me to replace the gearbox and cylinder then to cure the cause which was to realign the doors hinges.

Sudbury lock out - 05/01/23

Lockforce Sudbury recieved a call late evening asking for help to get into a home as the owners had been out to watch a show in London, they arrived home to find they had lost the door key. I opened the door without damage and changed the lock because they did not know where the key had gone. Safety and security first.

Christmas Day Sudbury - 25/12/22

A very merry Christmas to all our Sudbury friends, catch you all up in the new year.

Frozen lock in Sudbury, CO10 - 19/12/22

Lockforce Sudbury were called to a house in Sudbury Town after the lock had become seized solid, it was a freezing cold day and night. After a shopping trip they had come home, and the doors lock was stiff. After opening the door, they squirted WD 40 into the cylinder hoping to ease it, the next morning they could not lock the door because it had frozen solid. I used a blow torch on the key to heat it up then inserted it into the lock to melt the ice it then opened and closed as it should. I then explained that wd40:is water based and would freeze in these temperatures.

New lock and handle for long Melford  Sudbury property 3/12/22

We had a call from a lady enquiring about new door handle and possible repair to the doors lock, As this was not an emergency, we arranged to view the job the next day, the doors handle was very worn and weak so I advised her to replace it also the doors cylinder (barrel) had worn making it hard to lock/unlock sometimes , she had to jiggle the key to get it to work, I advised her to change that also before it fails completely, job completed 

Farm door repair in Long melford, Sudbury - 21/11/22

When this call came in it was a strange one because 1stly it was an oak farmhouse door which needed Restoration.. when I asked what do you mean it needs restoring.. well replied the caller it's rubbing very heavily and hard to open or close, also the lock is intermittently working or not .. it's hard to use .. I just had to go and look at this 300:year old door, well it was awesome solid oak and 3ins thick.... the hinges had worn causing it to drop, the lock was worn causing it to fail intermittently, I replaced the hinges and restored the lock making the door work like new, this is the job I love because of this door’s history... probably made from old ships timbers.

Lock out in Long melford, Sudbury - 19/11/22

Lockforce Sudbury received an early morning call from an existing customer who had lost their keys whilst out late-night shopping, I arrived to open this door without damage and replaced the lock, supplied them with 5 new keys for them and other family members.. leaving one very happy family safe and secure.

Security Advice at school parents evening in Long Melford, Sudbury - 05/11/22

Lockforce Sudbury have been in the area giving free security advice at a local school parents evening. in the whole it was a very informative event we were ordering to go free of charge to the property owners’ home to check on security and insurance viability. the event was very successful and several home owners took up on our offer and are now feeling much safer and more secure.

Long Melford Sudbury door repair - 21/10/22 

Lockforce Sudbury had an email asking for a quotation to repair two doors on this customer's property, as we could not guess at what was needed we never quote over the phone or emails, but we are prepared to give free quotations and advice with no call out fees.. something that they took up on, I arrived on the day that they arranged worked out what  the problems where, i  gave options and prices, one of which was satisfactory to the property owners, so the problems were sorted out there and then. 

Locked out in Long Melford, Sudbury, CO10 - 15/10/22

Lockforce Sudbury were called out very early this morning to gain entry to a flat when the owner forgot to take he's key out with him when he popped out to the local corner shop for milk and a paper. I had the door opened within a few minutes and a very relieved home owner offered me a cuppa which I gladly accepted.

Sudbury servicing - 8/10/22

It's that time of year folks when the cold nights are drawing in, it's time for window and door servicing, making sure that door closes properly and is draught free, windows need the mechanism cleaned and oiled as do your doors, keeping them working better and lasting longer.

Sudbury French door repair - 25/09/22

The phone rung and the caller asked to speak to me asking for Alan directly, I answered Alan speaking, the caller then explained everywhere he looked on the internet for locksmiths my name kept coming up Alan Ayers lockforce, I asked did this not agree, with him he replied no just the opposite it gave me confidence to call you, he needed help with his french doors as they were sticking and hard to lock, I adjusted the hinges and realigned the keeps, leaving this pair of doors working perfectly.

New window locks in Sudbury - 15/9/22

Lockforce Sudbury  had a rather stressed caller asking for help with a ground floor window that would not lock , as they were going away  for the weekend the window needed locking, I turned up to find the mechanism had failed, I replaced the older style locking mechanism with an upgraded newer model to secure the window one very happy couple keeping safe&secure.

Extra security added to Sudbury door - 8/9/22

Lockforce Sudbury was asked for advice on upgrading a long melford customers front door, for me the answer was simple add a night latch,  which was agreed. I added a British standard night latch for maximum security , now the door is insurance company compliant as well.

New 3 star cylinders Sudbury home 2/9/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call enquiring about 3 star cylinders for multi point locking door systems, as we offer free advice and security surveys I arranged to meet and go over the property's window and doors locks , I found the windows had key locking handles which was good but two doors had standard cylinders which were easily snapped to gain entry, I advised 3=star Ultion cylinders for maximum security, advise which was taken up on , now they are safe and secure.

New hinges for Sudbury property - 26/8/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call asking for help with a door that would not shut properly, the door itself had a broken hinge and a damaged one. I asked if they had children the answer was no but my sister has three and they stayed here last week. This door had been hung on and the extra weight had broken one hinge and cracked another, hardly visible to an untrained eye. I duly replaced the hinges and realigned the door so it worked properly.

Sudbury locked out - 18/8/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a late night call from an elderly man who had lost his door keys while out at a neighbours house, it was only a short walk away and I walked back and forward with him and a torch looking for the keys, we could not find them it was a mystery, so I opened the door and changed two locks just incase someone had picked them up with malice in mind .

New door handles Sudbury - 11/08/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call asking for advice on  door furniture, this door was working well but as it faced direct sunlight for most of the day it began to look tired. I installed new handles letterbox and knocker, gave the door a good clean and left it looking like new.

Sudbury lock upgrade - 07/08/22

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of surveying a beautiful property in long melford for insurance purposes. I found only two locks that were not up to standard, which I changed for 3 star police&insurance company approved cylinders leaving them insurance company compliant.

Locked out in Sudbury - 28/7/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a stressed home owner call late in the day asking for help getting into their house, as they had left the keys inside and it was a self locking door, I arrived to open the door with out damage to the relief of two very stressed people.

Fresh fit mortice lock for Sudbury home 23/7/22

Lockforce Sudbury this day had a job adding insurance rated lock to an older style property with a beautiful oak front door, it was hard going cutting into this hard wood door, but with the use of modern equipment making it easier than using chisels, we had the British standard mortice sash lock installed to a very high standard within 90 mins. Keeping them safe & secure in Sudbury. 

Sudbury office lock opened and changed - 16/7/22

Lockforce Sudbury had an urgent call when a door to a main office failed to open. I arrived to find the doors tubular latch had failed. I opened the door without damage and changed the lock. Now working safely. 

Sudbury window lock - 10/7/22 

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for help getting a window locked, I arranged to meet them that afternoon, I arrived and saw straight away that the problem was the windows locking mechanism, which I had on my vans stock, mechanism replaced the window now works perfectly again. 

Keyed alike cylinders in Sudbury - 30/06/22

Lockforce Sudbury were called in to help with a door that had a locking problem. The cylinder had worn badly also the rear door had a similar problem. I advised an upgrade to the cylinders by installing keyed alike 3 star cylinders one key opens both doors.

Early morning lock out in Sudbury - 23/6/22

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for help at 6am to help the property owner get back into his home after walking out and closing door but forgetting the keys, I arrived to gain entry to pick up keys so that customer could drive to work 

Locked out of living room Sudbury - 4/6/22

A rather panicky call came in asking for help getting back into the living room as the doors latch stuck and the door wouldn't open.. the room had the tv in and the family wanted to watch the Queens jubilee on the tv, I arrived slipped the latch back replaced it with a new working one , leaving a very relieved family.

New door furniture for Sudbury home owners - 9/6/22

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury were called to repair a door on a property in Long Melford. This door was working ok but the mechanism needed a service and the letterbox and handles were very tired (they were 15 years old). Our Sudbury locksmith serviced the locks and changed the letterbox and handles, whilst also giving it a thorough clean, leaving them with a new looking door at a fraction of the price of a new door!

New mortice lock for Sudbury home owners - 28/5/22

Lockforce Sudbury received the call to help with extra security on a front door for a long melford property, when I saw the door I advised a mortice dead lock 5 lever British standard giving them maximum security.

Realigned door Sudbury - 20/5/22

We received a call from a lady asking for help with her door as she could not lock it, I arrived to find the door had dropped, an easy repair door realigned lock now working perfectly. 

Cylinder upgrade to Sudbury property - 13/05/22

I received a call from a Sudbury property owner asking how I could increase the doors security as the doors had 6 points of locking on them. They were very new composite doors and their insurance company wanted to know what locks they had. I turned up to find very nice doors with standard cylinders. I explained that they may have 6 locking points but the cylinder was just a standard B&Q, screw Fix type cylinder and are easily snapped or picked. I showed them the difference between standard and 3 star cylinders. They understood the difference and asked for them to be installed. 

3 star cylinder upgrade Sudbury - 05/05/22

Lockforce Sudbury was called to survey a Sudbury property for insurance purposes the only lock that needed upgrading was the front door cylinder we replaced the old standard one for a 3 star Ultion police&insurance company approved, 

Realigning doors for Sudbury property owners - 28/4/22

Lockforce Sudbury received the call to realign two pvc doors for a property that had doors fitted only a year previously, unfortunately the original installation company went bust so their guarantee was gone, I arrived and realigned both doors within 35 mins, leaving them working perfectly.

3 star cylinders for Sudbury home - 22/4/22

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of helping Sudbury home owners upgrade their property’s security by replacing the standard locks for 3 star Ultions police&insurance company approved, leaving the property safe&secure as well as insurance company compliant.

Sudbury extra security for solid wood door - 16/04/22 

Lockforce Sudbury had the job of adding extra security to a lovely farmhouse door today. The old lock was not British standard, so not insurance company compliant as well as making it virtually impossible for the average burglars to gain entry with out making considerable noise whilst breaking down door (which doesn’t happen) installed correctly British standard mortice locks are very hard, even for experienced locksmiths.

Ultion cylinder upgrade for PVC doors in Sudbury - 07/04/22

Lockforce Locksmith Sudbury received a call enquiring about upgrading security on their property. I arranged a free survey to assess the property’s security. I arrived to find pvc doors to the front side and rear all doors had standard cylinders. I advised the resident to changing the locks to 3 star Ultions that are police & insurance company approved. They agreed to install one to each of the doors keeping them safe & secure.


New cylinders for new home owners Sudbury - 01/04/22 

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of replacing the old Euro cylinders from two doors for new owners for 3 star police & insurance approved cylinders keeping them safe & secure.

Sudbury home owner locked out - 16/3/22

Lockforce recieved the emergency call at 7am one lovely wet rain soaked evening from a man that had lost his keys on the way home from work. I arrived gained access to the house and changed all the locks for security, as he did not know where he had lost them, now safe and secure.

Sudbury lock out - 06/03/22

The rather stressed call came in on Sunday morning after the gentleman had popped out to his local corner shop to but milk and a news paper, then realising he had left his keys indoors. Being single no one else was at home to let him back in. I arrived gained non evasive entry had a cup of tea and returned home leaving a very happy customer.

New 5 cylinder British standard locks for Sudbury customer - 25/2/22

Lockforce Sudbury had the job of securing the doors on an older style property in Claire near Sudbury, as the doors were wooden I suggested 5 lever British standard sash locks for maximum security and insurance company compliance, once installed the house was now safe&secure.

New 3 star cylinder for Sudbury newlyweds - 16/02/22

I had a lovely job in Sudbury last week when a newlywed couple had returned from honeymoon and think they had lost a key. I explained the difference between standard cylinders and the ones I install they opted for the best, the Ultion 3 star police &insurance company approved cylinders and as a wedding gesture I gave them a discount. 

Window locks in Sudbury - 11/02/22

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of replacing all the window locks to a property which had just been purchased by a 1st time buyer who wanted modern locking window handles to secure his home. We duly obliged supplying chrome handles for aesthetics as well as security.

New door furniture for Sudbury home - 05/02/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call to quote on a new set of door furniture including new cylinder. I advised on various products and they went for smart security handles and letterbox as well as matching knocker, including a 3 star Ultion cylinder for maximum security. 

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New window handles for Sudbury home - 27/1/22

Lockforce Locksmith Sudbury had the pleasure of replacing the window handles from standard non locking to key locking for security, the handles matched the interior doors chrome handles.

Insurance survey in Sudbury - 21/1/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call to visit a property in Sudbury to access its insurance needs for the locking systems, the windows all had key locking handles but the front side and rear doors had old mortice locks 3 lever, Euro cylinders which were not 3 star… after my advice they agreed to install British standard  5 lever dead. Locks to the side door and 3 star police&insurance company approved cylinders.. keeping them safe&secure as well as insurance company compliant.

Gain entry and new cylinders for new home owner Sudbury - 15/1/22

A new home owner had to call us out to gain entry to a new home as the estate agent lost the keys. I arrived managed to pick the front door lock and replace it with an antisnap secure cylinder. The patio doors lock also had to be picked and changed both doors are now working with new keys. Keeping them safe&secure 

New 3 star cylinder for Acton customers in CO10 - 06/01/22

Lockforce Sudbury had a call asking for a quotation on a insurance compliant cylinder for the front door. As I give free quotations as well as free insurance surveys I agreed to meet and show them what I could do for them. After showing the difference between a standard cylinder and a 3 star. I advised an Ultion 3 star police and insurance company approved cylinder which I consider to be the very best British made cylinder in the country. They wholeheartedly agreed to have one installed, now they can feel safe & secure.

Sudbury door failure - 01/01/22 

Lockforce Locksmith Sudbury  had an email early one morning asking for help with a front door that was not locking  the key turned but nothing was locking. I arrived later that morning to find the doors gearbox had failed, a replacement was installed the doors hinges were realigned and the door was working as it should once more.

Broken hinge on Sudbury door - 27/12/21 

I was very honoured to be called by an ex air vice Marshall to help with their broken hinge on their front door. It was a composite door very strong and well made but one of the hinges failed and dropped leaving the door very much out of alignment. I replaced the hinge and realigned the door servicing the locking mechanism as well leaving them again safe & secure.

New Cylinder for Sudbury Customer, CO10 17/12/21

The call came in asking for security 3 star cylinder to be added to their front door for insurance compliance, I advised the Ultion 3 star cylinder which is police and insurance company approved. After installing cylinder I had to apply to the manufacturer for 3 more keys as they needed 6 in total, these keys can only be cut by the manufacturer for security reasons

New door handle in Sudbury CO10 - 28/11/21

Lockforce received a call from a lovely Sudbury customer that had a broken front door handle.  I arrived to find the handle had snapped, which happens when they wear out the retaining clip which on the cheaper handles are made from nylon. I replaced then handles with 2 star burglar proof ones, sturdier and retaining clip is a cir-clip made of metal.

New mortice locks for lovely old wooden Sudbury doors - 18/11/21

We had the pleasure of replacing 5 mortice sash locks and dead locks on an old church in Sudbury, bringing them up to British standard for insurance purposes. Lockforce keeping you safe&secure 

Door not locking on property in Long Melford, Sudbury - 28/10/21

The call came in to help with a door that wouldn’t lock, and they needed it securing as they had a family visit planned that day. I replaced the gearbox and cylinder realigned the door and left it working perfectly. 

New window hinge Sudbury - 10/10/21

The call came in asking if it was possible to repair a window that wouldn’t open. When I arrived the windows handle just spun after a few minutes I ascertained that the windows locking mechanism had failed. I replaced the old one with a newer modern system that was guaranteed for 12 months .. now working perfectly. 

Keyed alike locks for Sudbury customers - 23/09/21

Lockforce Sudbury received the call enquiring if it would be possible to have their doors locks changed to use just one key to lock/unlock all of them , the answer is yes we can have cylinders made with matching keys.

New locking mechanism for Sudbury mans door - 18/9/21

Lockforce Sudbury we’re called to repair a door which was not locking , upon arrival I found the doors gearbox had failed, after replacing the gearbox I found that the door had dropped making it hard to lock and unlock, which was the reason that the door had failed , forcing the bolts into position puts pressure on the gearbox causing it to fail, a simple realignment was needed to make it work as new . 

Sudbury cellar door stuck fast - 04/09/21

Lockforce Sudbury received an unusual call to help open a cellar door which the keys were lost, it was two heavy wooden doors in an old public house that had been closed for years, I managed to pick the lock and open the doors , so that a surveyor could inspect the property.

New locks for new home owner, Sudbury - 19/7/21

A new home owner wanted to be safe when buying their new home by changing the locks as well as having more keys for the whole family, we changed all the locks for insurance rated 3 star cylinders police and insurance company approved 

Sudbury window lock failed - 10/7/21

Lockforce were called out early one morning to help with a ground floor window that will not lock ,leaving home owners feeling vulnerable, when I arrived it only took a few minutes to repair the lock .. leaving customers feeling safe and secure.

Door reallingment in Sudbury, CO10 - 2/7/21

We had the pleasure of realigning a door for an NHS worker when the door had dropped in the heat, PVC doors expand and contract lots in warm weather sometimes it puts the doors hinges out of alignment, this time it was a simple job to realign and as the owner was an NHS worker I did not charge.

Sudbury window lock repair - 24/6/21

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of replacing all the window locks on a 8 window property. Replacing the old non locking ones with key locking security handles, making the property much safer for the owners.

Sudbury mortice lock upgraded for British standard mortice - 17/6/21

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of upgrading an old out of date and worn out mortice lock on a 75 year old wooden door, the door was in perfect condition but the lock was old and failing, I made some changes to the doors handles and keeps adding a British standard 5 lever mortice lock, making the door safe&secure and insurance company compliant..

Long melford door repairs in Sudbury, CO10 - 11/6/21

When I arrived at the property as soon as I walked up the path and noticed that the door was out of alignment , I asked the property’s owners how long has this problem been going on , the answer was years… for me it was a simple realignment to get the door working properly . The customers were over the moon , they said it was like having a new door 

Sudbury garage door - 03/06/21

We arrived at this property to find the garage door had a broken key in it, it was so deep and tight I asked the owner if he had tried to remove it, the answer was yes but it is so stuck I couldn’t get it out...I could only drill it out and replace it .. if you break a key in a lock call me straight away I have the skills and tools to get a broken key out without damaging the lock. 

Sudbury window lock failure - 28/5/21

Whenever I get called to a failed window lock I nearly always find its the handle that’s the problem, this one was different the windows mechanism had failed, meaning a complete replacement would be required, as their are dozens of window locking systems and it’s not possible to hold everyone of them in stock, I use a new system that fits all Euro groove pvc windows, as well as most wooden windows with a multipoint locking system. Now working perfectly.

Sudbury lock upgrade - 20/5/21

When I arrived at the property I noticed that the front door was not in line ( dropped ) I mentioned to the customer, is this the door that is causing problems..no he says it’s a bit hard to lock and unlock but it’s the side door we use more nowadays, but it’s hard to lock... both doors needed realignment to keep the mechanism working smoothly i realigned both and left one very happy customer.

Lock out in Sudbury, CO10 - 14/5/21

A very early call came in to lockforce Sudbury asking for help getting back into their home as they had gone to the local shop for shopping and forgetting the key. I arrived to gain non evasive entry and get them back indoors.

Lock repair for Sudbury nursery, CO10 - 07/05/21

Lockforce Sudbury were called to a lovely nursery school to repair a lock to the exit on the schools rear doors as it had failed and wouldn’t lock stopping the children from staying safe, Lock changed to a British standard 5 lever mortice and new keys handed over, keeping them safe & secure.

Window locks repair in Sudbury, CO10 - 01/5/21

Lockforce Sudbury had the pleasure of repairing the window locks on a lovely house in long Melford the older style house had 13 windows that were not opening and closing as they should, a few needed new mechanisms and some needed new handles others just needed a clean and oil. 

Sudbury window locked fast - 22/4/21

I arrived at the property to find the window would not open, I managed to tale the handle off to find the gearbox had failed... the reason the window wouldn’t open, I managed to get to the cams that lock the window closed and opened it, I replaced the mechanism and handle with new parts now the window works like new.

Security Advice for Sudbury couple 16/4/21

A lovely young couple called lockforce Sudbury to ask for advice on what locks were best for security on the property they were looking at buying. As it was their first home they wanted to be sure they were safe&secure, as they had not bought the house yet I couldn’t go and look at the property to give a free security survey. I did advice them to make sure if the locks were mortice locks they they were 5 lever British standard, and if the locks were Euro cylinders that they were 3 star insurance & police approved.. I promised to give them free advice when they find their new home .. 

Door realigned in Sudbury - 07/04/21

Lockforce Sudbury received a call from a Sudbury lady worried about her door not locking properly, upon arrival,I found the door was very hard to lock which was putting pressure on the door# gearbox, a costly repair if it breaks down, luckily the door just needed realigning and it locked smoothly ... realigning a door costs a fraction of a new gearbox.

Insurance rated locks for Sudbury CO10 customers - 31/3/21

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for information on 3 star locks as their insurance company wanted which locks they had on their new property, they wanted 3 star locks... we advised the best way forward and gave a price to replace all the property’s locks for 3 star Ultion cylinders insurance company and police approved,  they are anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-snap.. making them virtually impossible for a burglar to enter through them, in fact the manufacturer gives a £2,000 guarantee that the property cannot be broken into through the cylinder... for all your locksmithing needs call Alan.

Secure lock for back garden gate in Sudbury - 23/3/21

It’s quite usual for people to want to secure their back gardens in this day and age especially as the amount of dog theft is growing countrywide. This lady wanted a secure lock with a key she thought a padlock would do the job. I advised on a key locking gate lock which could be locked and unlocked from both sides keeping her lovely dog safe & secure.

New deadbolt needed Sudbury, CO10 - 18/3/21

Lockforce Sudbury received the call to help secure their front door from burglars, I arrived to advise them that on a wooden door the best security for them was a deadlock mortice British standard 5 lever , as it was insurance rated .. 

New locks for CO10 customers - 26/02/21

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for advice on which locks to have fitted on their wooden doors, I asked to visit free of charge as I have no call out fees and I do not charge for quotations.. I arrived to find they had just had beautiful new oak doors fitted to the front of the house, i advised 5 lever British standard mortice sash locks with brass handles which they agreed to have installed 2 hours later they had new locks and very high security.

Serviced windows and doors, CO10 - 19/02/21

Window and door lock, hinge and adjustments / realignment, this is the time of year to get all those stiff noises and tough to open close windows and doors, a service now could save lots if a locking mechanism fails when the door locks and will not open, apart from the cost of opening the door ( without damage) there will be the cost of replacing broken mechanisms. Call Alan for more information.

New locks for CO10 customers - 11/02/21

Lockforce Sudbury received the call from new property owners needing new locks for their homes doors, I arrived and asked if their insurance company requested 3star cylinders, they did not think they did, I showed them as I explained the difference between the 3 star and antisnap cylinders, they wisely picked the 3 star police&insurance approved Ultion cylinders for maximum security.

New locks for Sudbury shop, Co10 - 02/02/21 

Lockforce Sudbury received a call early on the morning of the 2nd of  feb asking to help with a lock problem on a shop that was still working through this lockdown. I arrived to find the lock had failed, and set about picking it open.. it took a while but eventually I got the door open the lock was changed and keys were handed over to the shops manager. Lockforce to the rescue again. For all your locksmithing needs call Alan 07771628277

New key safe in Sudbury, CO10 - 15/01/2021

Lockforce Sudbury received a call enquiring about a way to keep a key to the front door somewhere safe for the carers . I advised fitting a wall mounted key safe with a code to open it, a simple combination code is used to open the safe storing the key safety.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Back to work for 2021 

Hoping all my customers had a brilliant Christmas and New years (fingers crossed we are COVID-19 free by the end of this year). I am now back to work from a brief fortnight off work to recharge the batteries and carry out some repairs to the van. Please give me a call for all your locksmithing needs. All the best Alan! 

Locked out in Sudbury - 20/12/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received the call from a stressed lady asking for help getting into her house after she had left her keys at home while Christmas shopping, I arrived to find the lady standing outside the front door with two very heavy looking bags, she had walked the 2.5 miles to her local Sainsbury’s to get Christmas shopping done,  I non evasively opened the door for a much relieved shopper.

Locked out of home in Sudbury - 10/12/2020

Lockforce Sudbury were called out to help a lady who had left home without her keys, I arrived opened the door and helped her in with her shopping. Another happy customer. 

Patio door not opening - 06/12/2020

Lockforce Sudbury had a call from a customer needing help with their sliding patio door which would not open. 1 hour later we arrived to find the doors locking mechanism had failed. The cylinder had a broken key in it and the door had been forced causing it to fail and not open. It took a while but eventually I managed to open the door without damage only to fins the doors lock had failed. I had to replace the complete locking system .. at least now they have a door that works as it should and it’s secure..

Doors locking mechanism failed - 02/12/2020

A call came into,our Sudbury office asking for help with their front door as it was not locking. I arranged an early meeting as a non locking door could cause security problems,  arrived to find the doors gearbox had failed. New gearbox, a service of the mechanism and it now locks and works as new. Another very happy Sudbury customer.. 

Sudbury window jammed - 26/11/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for help unlocking their windows. I arrived to find that tree windows were stuck fast , the locks had failed they just would not turn to open. I managed to get them open and installed three new handles with locking keys. Leaving a very happy couple.

New home new locks - 20/11/2020

Lockforce Sudbury co10 received a call asking for help changing the locks on their new home, I arrived at the house with at the agreed time and made a few suggestions, it just happens their insurance company was asking for 3 star locks of which I carry  I changed all three doors cylinders to 3 star Ultions police and insurance company approved. Keeping them safe&secure.

New Euro mortice - 11/11/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call from a CO10 customer needing more security on their gate, I arrived to find the door ( gate) was a divider between the house and garage, so needed a secure lock, it already had a mortice lock on it but they had lost the key. I rerouted the lock and replaced it with a Euro mortice cylinder with 5/keys, now the door was secure and smart.

Upgrade my doors lock - 06/11/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received the call asking I& it were possible to upgrade the locks on their wooden door. I gave them various options, night latch, sash lock, dead lock ..... they wisely opted for the dead lock mortice lock a solid 5 lever 3 star British standard lock, which I duly fitted for them , now the door is as solid as a rock.

New home, new locks - 03/11/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call asking for new locks on a new home. I arrived to find the new home had cheap non antisnap  non 3 star insurance rated cylinders,  The new home owners wanted the best security so opted for Ultions 3 star police&insurance company approved. The best for discerning customers.

Shop door locked - 28/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call from asking for help to get their door open I arrived to find the door had been slightly damaged by the owner having had tried to gain entry before calling lockforce. I managed to pick the locks open and changed the locks because the keys were lost, I finished the door and left the shop owner feeling very relieved..

Door lock would not open - 26/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call, can you help me was the first question, my reply was of course I can what is the problem.... my door will not lock and I’m worried about going to bed with the door not locking. I arrived stripped the mechanism out from the door to find the gearbox had failed ( that’s the part that works the mechanism) , I replaced the gearbox for an updated new one and realigned the hinges and serviced the mechanism...leaving the door working and looking like new. 

Sudbury lost key - 24/10/2020

We from time to time lose things but losing your house key must be amongst the worst loss. A lovely Sudbury couple called us to ask if we could get them back indoors as they had lost their keys, both sets of keys were in her handbag and she had left the handbag in a coffee shop. They returned to find the bag had gone, rather worried they cancelled their cards and called me to help get them back in doors, I arrived picked the door open and as a precaution changed both  doors locks, after a cup of tea I left them feeling safe&secure.

Sudbury sash window - 19/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury recieved a call asking for help with their sliding window as it was not closing fully, I arrived to find the spring on one side had come away from the frame. I reconnected the spring and cleaned the window... now working perfectly.

Broken door - 16/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury recieved a call from a co10 customer asking if I could help them with a door problem. I drove over there and found that the doors locking mechanism had failed. I changed the mechanisms gearbox and realigned the door, the door is now working properly and keeping them safe and secure.

Sudbury lockout - 10/10/2020

Call came in  asking for help getting back into their home, they had been out shopping but forgot the keys. I arrived and gained non evasive entry and explained that just closing the door without locking it was dangerous, as a burglar could easily get in always lock the door when you go out.

Door realignment in Sudbury - 07/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury recieved a call from a lady in Sudbury worried that her door would not lock. Lockforce Sudbury always diligent when it comes to the elderly, rushed over to her and realised within minutes that the door had dropped. A very common thing with PVC doors, we realigned the door and it now locks .. another relieved Sudbury customer.

Broken key in door in Sudbury - 05/10/2020

Call came in  from a Sudbury customer asking for help as they had broken key in the door. I arrived within 20 mins and picked the broken key out of the lock , unfortunately the broken key had damaged the lock, so picking was hard , but I eventually got the door open.. if your key is worn or getting loose in the lock. Get it changed ,mostly worn keys break.

Yale code lock advice - 03/10/2020

Lockforce Sudbury recieved a call from lady from Sudbury co10 asking my advice on locks for her bedrooms in her house as she wants to let them as an income, we went through various scenarios and decided to fit the Yale code locks to 4 of her bedrooms they can be changed every day, week, or have multiple codes. As her Lettings would be mainly weekly and weekends we decided this was more appropriate.. 

Sudbury grocery store - 01/10/2020

Call came in from Sudbury co10 customers, can you come out and help with our cash door it’s not locking. I arrived to find the doors locking mechanism had failed, I replaced the lock with a new one this time with a British standard 5 lever lock .

Sudbury lock out - 28/09/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a very panicky call on the 24th sep, it was beginning to rain and they had lost their keys to the house, I arrived before the rain started and well just as I got the door open the heavens opened, it really hammered down,  just got them in their home in time. Again more happy Sudbury customers 

New locks for new home owner - 16/09/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call enquiring about new locks on a newly purchased property. I arrived and went through various locks and the different price scales, as they were new to the home buyers market they decided on Ultion cylinders on their pvc doors front and back keyed alike for ease of only needing one set of keys to open both doors. The locks were fitted and I left one very happy and secure pair of home owners.

Sudbury patio door repair - 15/09/2020

Call came in asking for help to open their sliding doors, when I arrived I found the door had not been serviced EVER. I started with realignment of the doors then opening them, I cleaned the tracks, mechanism and lock fitting a new cylinder as the old one was worn badly, I cleaned the whole doors frame and all... leaving a perfectly working 25 year old set of doors ...many two very happy customers. 

Sticking door - 06/09/2020

Lockforce Sudbury CO10 received a call enquiring about their front door which had become hard to open/close. We made arrangement to meet to give free advice . Upon arrival it took me seconds to ascertain that the door had dropped from its hinges, a simple adjustment and the door was working like new again leaving a very happy Sudbury customer.

Mortice lock failed - 02/09/2020

Call came from co10 Sudbury customers on the 2/9 asking for my help with their front door which they had lost the only key to, when I arrived they explained they only had one key, which now they realised that was a silly thing to have only one... anyway I managed to open the mortice lock and changed it for a British standard 5 lever sash lock for maximum security as well as being insurance compliant.. leaving a very happy couple.

Sudbury lock out - 30/08/2020

Customers in Sudbury called to ask if I could get them back in their home after they had lost the keys, I arrived within 30 mins. Anyway as I arrived the man and he’s wife were standing close to the wall of the house because it was raining quite heavily, jump into my van I said it’s warm and dry ... they were soon getting warm as I picked at their locks.. within 20 mins I had both locks open on the front door I had to mention about the lost keys and advised they changed at least one of their locks just in case someone has got their keys... they asked me to change both, which I thought was prudent. Again Lockforce Sudbury to the rescue.

Patio door repair- 22/08/2020

Lockforce Recieved a call from a Sudbury CO10 customer asking if I could help with their sliding doors, when I arrived I noticed straight away that one door was not level, the first thing I did was to adjust the door to label it out, then I serviced to locking system and made sure everything worked as it should .. leaving a very happy customer.

New window hinge - 13/08/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call enquiring about their window not closing properly. I arranged a meeting and arrived to find the windows hinge had broken, after a cup of tea I replaced the broken hinge and oiled both hinges and locking mechanism.. I advised that all working metal mechanisms needed oiling once a year with oil not wd40 ... happily they agreed to do this to keep the windows working properly. 

I can’t open my door - 08/08/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call from a rather panicked lady saying that she could not open her front door and the rear gate was locked with a padlock because it was never used and the key was lost.. so she was stuck indoors. We arrived to find the door had dropped, probably because of this extremely hot weather 34deg, I managed to open the door without damage and realigned the door on the frame... now safe and secure.

Sudbury security lock in Sudbury - 07/08/2020

A Sudbury customer called to enquire about upgrading their locks to 3 star for insurance purposes, we made an appointment for the next day and I arrived to find the front door was old and tired. I advised that the mechanism should come out and have a good clean the handles needed replacing as well as the letterbox, we worked out a price for the whole job including a 3 star cylinder for the ultimate security. After I had done all the work I cleaned the door with pvc cleaners and oiled the mechanism fitting new handles and letterbox made the door look like new as well as working like new again. Very happy Sudbury customers.

Window and door repair in Sudbury - 04/08/2020

Lockforce Sudbury received a call enquiring about having a window hinge repaired also a door that will not lock properly. I arrived to find the window hinge needed changing which I did straight away, replacing the hinge from stock I carry on my van, the door was out of alignment, basically it had dropped, I adjusted the hinges to make the door open and close perfectly I cleaned the door as well as oiling the mechanism leaving one very happy customer.

Sudbury heat - 30/07/2020

Call came in today from a Sudbury customer asking why there door has stuck. Upon chatting about this problem, I ascertained that it was the 30deg heat that had expanded the door. It was not an emergency because they had a back door. I arranged to carry out a realignment a couple of days later.

Angels locked out in Sudbury, CO10 - 19/07/2020

Call came in on from a Sudbury customer. I can I help get the door to the angel cottage open as they had lost key. I arrived to find doors locked and no extra keys. I opened door using non evasive tactics and changed lock. Angels are now very happy.

Door repair in Sudbury - 05/07/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury received a call from Sudbury man asking if it was possible to replace his door lock as it was only working now and again. I arrived to find the lock was breaking down because of wear and tear. It was 30 years old, I replaced the lock with a modern one with 5 levers and 3 star British standard.

Door stuck in Sudbury, CO10 - 28/06/2020

Call came in after customer worried about the front door that was sticking. I arrived and found the door had dropped after I had adjusted the hinges and cleaned the locking mechanism it worked perfectly... another very happy customer.

Contact from Sudbury, CO10 - 26/06/2020

A call came in from an isolation customer from Sudbury. He was worried about his rear door that was locked but was stiff to unlock. Not a priority but was worried if he uses it it would break and not lock or unlock. He was enquiring if I could help in two weeks time which I agreed. 

New cylinder in Sudbury - 01/06/20

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury received a call from a man worried about his doors locking capabilities. I arrived to find that the doors cylinder had failed, changed cylinder and had a cuppa and a chat with a great guy with an awesome past ... one very happy locksmith.

Window repair in Sudbury, CO10 - 27/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury received a call from a furloughed worker. He explained that his bedroom windows were not locking, I arrived to find both windows locking mechanisms were old and worn out, I replaced the mechanisms and adjusted the windows to operate properly cleaned the frames leaving them looking and working like new. Another happy Sudbury customer 

Window stuck in Sudbury, CO10 - 22/05/2020

Lockforce received a call from a customer enquiring if inept I could help,him with a window that was stuck closed... ?? I duly obliged and drove to Sudbury to help. On arrival he showed me the window, and yes it was firmly stuck.. after utilising my skills I opened the window and spotted the problem ..broken window gearbox, which I replaced cleaned the hinges and cleaned the window leaving it looking like new  

Key cut for Sudbury customers, CO10 - 14/05/2020

Lockforce received a call from customers enquiring if I was able to cut keys to their property. They were in my area so it was quite a simple job to do. They came to me and I duly cut 3 new keys. After the job was done they asked if it was possible to give them a lock check survey, I was happy to provide the service at no cost and they booked me for the 20th. More satisfied lockforce customers.

Secure door frame in Sudbury, CO10 - 06/05/2020

For the 2nd time I was called back to the post office to secure a door frame. Which had been damaged while being burgled, I had two lengths of steel plate made to reinforce the door frame, which I screwed to the frame making it secure and solid. The staff and owner were very relieved now that the door frame was fixed. 

Post office door frame repair in Sudbury, CO10 - 28/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths had a call from a regular customer in Claire. The door frame had been damaged in a burglary some weeks ago, The owner decided to reinforce the framework with steel making it solid. I measured up the framework and ordered steel bars from a local steel stockholder. I duly fitted them making the post office safer& much more secure

Door failing to lock in Sudbury, CO19 - 23/04/20

Received a call from a customer in Sudbury where their rear door would not lock. I arrived that morning within 20 mins to find a lovely elderly couple who were panicking about not being able to lock the door, I quickly calmed them down letting them know I can fix this problem... a cup of tea later 8 diagnosed the problem... door had dropped so the locking mechanism would not engage.. I rectified the problem serviced the mechanism and made two very lovely people very happy, leaving them safe and secure. 

Adjusting door in Sudbury, CO10 - 4th February 2020

Lockforce had a call from customer wanting some help with front door which was not closing properly. Upon arrival I realised the door had dropped, I realigned the door serviced the locking mechanism and cleaned the door leaving two very happy customers. 

Severely ill man needed door fixing - CO10, 30th November 2019

I received a call from a man in Sudbury Suffolk on Friday morning , saying he’s door won’t close. I turned up to find an old obsolete flag hinge had broken . Luckily enough I had two second hand ones on my mobile workshop. I replaced two hinges and realigned the door .. no charge just a cup of tea.  Mr Simon’s is suffering with type 1 diabetes and has careers looking after him,  one very happy customer 

Door dropped can't open in Sudbury - CO10, Sudbury, 24th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sudbury recieved a call early this morning after a customer couldn't close their front door. I turned up to find a hinge had broken, I managed to close the door “keeping him safe and secure". I’ll be back Tuesday with a new hinge to repair door. Customer very happy!

Front Door Stuck in Sudbury, Lockforce to the Rescue - CO10, Sudbury, 4th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sudbury received a call from a gentleman who's front door was stuck and the carers could not get in. We promptly drove to Sudbury and found the front door in quite a bad way. It had dropped on its hinge and was very tight. The locking mechanism had almost seized and would not open. We gained entry, realigned the door and changed the mechanism for a modern new one with new cylinder. I'm pleased to say it's now operating like new, and the customer is now one happy chap!

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