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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Sawbridgeworth! 

Here are some of the services I provide:

  • Key cutting
  • Window security grilles, window handles and window casement stays
  • Door bolts and bars, door reinforcement, door chains, door viewers and door security grilles
  • Deadlocks, night latch, escape locks, digital locks, child safety locks, sash window locks, wood window locks, UPVC window locks, lock changes
  • Burglary repairs, burglary deterrents and crime prevention

Deadlocks are one of the most commonly used locks on front doors. A deadlock means an intruder cannot break an adjacent glass panel to open the door. They are key-operated, single bolt locks which are embedded into your doorframe. There are several types of deadlock, which all provide great protection from intruders because they are robust and difficult to force, manipulate or pick.

If you are an elderly or vulnerable person or do not feel safe answering your door, then why not get one of our unique door restrictor and security chain devices. This will allow you to answer the door and safely see who it is making you feel safer when visitors come to the door.

No matter the time of day, guaranteed to speak to a direct technician. We operate in a 24/7 service.

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Recent Jobs 

Gain entry, new lock and mechanism - CM21 - 21/11/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by a customer who couldn’t unlock their rear door to let the dogs out. We arrived shortly after the call and gained entry. After gaining entry we saw the mechanism and euro lock had become faulty. We replaced the lock and mechanism there and then and even adjusted the door for a smooth operation.

Gain entry and lock change - CM21 - 17/11/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a solicitors who needed myself to gain entry to a unoccupied property and replace the locks. We arrived at the property, gained entry non-destructively and replaced the lock like for like.

Non destructive entry gain - CM21 - 15/11/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a concerned son who needed a locksmith in the evening to gain entry to their mother’s home as the carers locked themselves out. We arrived at discussed time and met the carer. Few minutes later the carer had access to the home and could attend the elderly lady.

2 lock changes - CM21 - 29/10/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by local customer near me to replace their front door locks to their wooden door. They broke up with their partner who had spare keys. We arrived at booked time and replaced both the rim cylinder and deadlock. Customer now is the only one to have keys to their new locks.

Lock upgrades and mech replacement - CM21 - 27/10/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer who wanted the ability to only open their front door after it closes behind them by using a key and not just open using their handle. They also wanted some lock upgrades as I learnt they had been a victim of a burglary when they first moved in. We suggested upgrading their front door cylinder to a 3* plus cylinder and also installed some better quality handles. We also replaced the mechanism as they needed a split spindle mechanism. Customer very happy with work and service provided and left a stunning review.

Full mechanism replacement - CM21 - 20/10/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a local customer who had front door troubles. We arrived to find the full mechanism was faulty. Luckily we had the correct replacement in the van and therefore installed the new mech there and then.

New deadlock installed - CM21 - 18/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by customer who had troubles with their front door deadlock. It was playing up for a while and so customer rightly didn't want to risk it completely seizing up. We arrived and noticed the size of the old deadlock was smaller than newer deadlocks so we had to make adjustments in order for the new deadlock and faceplate to fit.

New gearbox - CM23 - 08/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by a customer who couldn’t lock their rear door. We arrived within 30 minutes to find the rear door mechanism had failed preventing door to lock. After removing and replacing the faulty part the door was back to perfect working order.

Gearbox replacement - CM21 - 08/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by a customer who had problems with their rear door. It was unable to lock. After a thorough clean and service lock was working fine however customer opted to replace it anyway in case of future issues. 

Gearbox replacement - CM21 - 06/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer who couldn't lock their front door. We arrived to find the gearbox had become faulty. We removed the gearbox and replaced with a temporary overnight lock as the mechanism that needed replacing was obsolete and therefore unable to require. Luckily we came couple of days later with an alternative mech. Door now in good locking order.

Balcony door repair - CM21 - 05/08/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer who couldn't unlock their rear door. Key kept spinning in the lock. When we arrived we noticed the mech had become faulty. Few moments later we unlocked the door successfully and repaired the faulty mechanism.

New gearbox - CM21 - 31/07/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer who wanted their rear door repaired. Gearbox had become faulty and so a straight replacement was needed. We removed old gearbox and replaced like for like there and then.

Key removal - CM21 - 03/07/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by a local coop store to remove a key from their front door key switch. A colleague had accidentally put the incorrect key in the key switch which managed to get stuck inside. A quick call to lockforce and we arrived and removed the stuck key before the store had closed. The key was removed with no damage caused to the key and key switch and therefore was still in working order.

Rim cylinder replacement - CM21 - 16/06/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer who needed their front door lock replaced as it had become faulty. We arrived and noticed the night latch had some loose screws internally which we tightened and found the tail of the cylinder partially snapped off preventing the lock from working. We replaced the rim cylinder like for like. 

Door mechanism replacement – CM21 - 05/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer to repair their front door. The door mech was faulty. Customer originally called the developers of the property as it’s only a 4-year-old house however they declined to help the home owners. Lucky for the customer we arrived when we did and replaced the door mech like for like. We also replaced the door handles and realigned the door as it was dragging on the floor. 

Key stuck in cylinder - CM21 - 31/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by a customer who got their key stuck in their lock after gaining entry to their home. We arrived within 15 minutes. The key unfortunately was bent during the process of unlocking their door so the key was caught in the pins. A new lock was needed so we replaced it there and then for the local customer.

Gearbox replacement - CM21 - 27/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a customer struggling to unlock their front door after it was problematic for over a month. Luckily, customer had a side entrance to their home. On arrival we noticed the bottom hook was faulty and keeping the door locked. We gained entry non-destructively. We took the door mech the door, serviced it and luckily the only part that needed replacing was the gearbox. Replacement installed there and then for customer.

5 lever deadlock replacement in Sawbridgeworth - 11/05/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out by an estate agent to help fix their front door which had been broken into in the early hours. We replaced their front door 5 lever deadlock like for like. Part of the door had been smashed in by the criminal, so we also helped repair it temporarily until a glass specialist was booked in to repair it permanently.

Night latch and sash lock replacement - CM21 - 27/04/2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out to a local Nursery today to fix 2 of their doors. On one door the night latch had failed so wouldn't lock. We replaced it like for like. Onto the next door and the sash lock had seen better days. Lock would only unlock from the outside and not internally, so we replaced the sash lock like for like there and then. 

Rim cylinder replacement in Sawbridgeworth - 22/03/2023

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in to replace the rim cylinder of a customer’s front door after they had misplaced one of their keys. Customer didn't want to take any chances and rightly so, so they done the right thing and called Lockforce to get their lock changed with new keys.

Entry gain - CM21 - 12/11/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was called out to an elderly woman's home who was locked out for over 3 hours. Luckily, the woman's daughter visited and noticed she was locked out and so called Lockforce. Even though we had a busy schedule we made sure to visit the home immediately due to circumstances. We arrived within 15 minutes of the call. We noticed the key was left on the internal and was told the daughter had a spare key. We managed to normalise the key in the internal to allow the spare key to be functional. No new lock needed as gained entry non-destructively.

2 entry gains - CM21 - 28/10/2022

Lockforce locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in early morning to visit a shop after previous tenants had vacated without leaving the keys. When we arrived and removed the handles, we noticed they had 5 lever British standard locks on both the front and rear doors. After successfully gaining entry to the rear door, we tackled the front door and unlocked that door also. We removed both locks and replaced like for like. Customer very happy and left a great 5* review on Trustist.

Door cylinder replacement in Sawbridgeworth - 06/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Sawbridgeworth was booked in by a family who had lost their spare key to their front door and was worried of who's hands they could fall in. Within 30 minutes we arrived to their door. 5 minutes later a replacement cylinder was installed with 5 keys. Customer was amazed at the speed of installation and vowed to recommend us to their close friends and family. 

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