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We are continuing to deliver all services to customer following all guidance from the government. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Locksmith Dunstable - Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith in Dunstable

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Dunstable Locksmith

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Dunstable Locksmiths

Dunstable Locksmiths

by Lockforce Locksmiths in Dunstable

Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Dunstable. My name is Tyrone Smit, and I’m your local, highly experienced locksmith. I have the training, skill and experience you need to help keep our home and business secure… or help you out when you’re in a tight spot. Whether you’re making sure that your home or business premises is as secure as it can be, or getting help gaining access to your home or car after you’ve been locked out, you need a locksmith you can trust.

And you know that you can always trust a Lockforce locksmith!

As a proud Lockforce locksmith in Dunstable, nothing is more important to me than your peace of mind. As such, here are some useful and potentially important things you need to know about me. I am...

  • Fully DBS checked (formerly known as CRB check)
  • Fully insured (up to the sum of £5m)
  • Highly trained, fully qualified and very experienced locksmith in Dunstable
  • A wide range of locksmith services provided across Dunstable, 24/7
  • All the work I carry out comes with a 12-month guarantee
  • I will never charge call out fees… ever!
Get in touch with your local Dunstable locksmith by calling 01582 935 068 and speak to me Tyrone.

Dunstable Locksmith Services

I am proud to serve homes and businesses all over Dunstable, as your local locksmith. I understand that when emergencies occur, you need a locksmith that’s always close by and can be with you at lightning speed. Whatever your locksmith Dunstable needs, I will endeavour to be with you as soon as possible to deliver effective, competitively-priced solutions that leave you feeling safe and reassured.

Whether you need an emergency locksmith because you’re locked out of your home late at night, or you’re simply getting frustrated wrestling with a stiff or sticky lock, it’s my pleasure to provide the professional support you need from a qualified locksmith in Dunstable.

I am proud to provide a full range of locksmith services all over Dunstable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t believe in charging hefty call-out fees or charging people for my thoughts. Which is why I am happy to provide free advice, and carry out a full security assessment of your property, completely free of charge. It’s little things like that that I feel make the Lockforce difference!

I pride myself on my locksmith knowledge and expertise. I am committed to using the latest tools and techniques, using only the highest standards of locks and parts for every job. Your home or business security is no place to cut corners!

Here are some of the Dunstable locksmith services I provide:

  • 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Dunstable
  • Mobile key cutting throughout Dunstable
  • Dunstable lock repair and replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • Alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Re-securing
  • Evictions
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Fitting insurance-approved locks
  • Gaining entry
  • Fitting Yale locks
  • Fitting night latches
  • Window boarding
Whatever your Dunstable locksmith needs call me, Tyrone, your local Dunstable locksmith any time on 01582 935 068.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable?

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable are a trusted name in the field of home security. We are a fully vetted business. As such, we are very happy to provide all of our insurance details and police DBS check information to you prior to arriving with you on-site. We always carry this information and identification so you know you’re dealing with the genuine article.

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable are proud to deliver the outstanding golden national standard set by Lockforce, locally in Dunstable. Across our websites and social channels, the Lockforce network has over 4,000 reviews, averaging 4.9 out of 5. So you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting a service that’s trusted by real people just like you.

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable understand the importance of punctuality. Especially in emergency situations. I will always arrive on time and keep you updated on our arrival time when we are 20-30 minutes away from you.

Needless to say, I’ll be wearing my Lockforce uniform and driving a Lockforce branded van so that you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Everything I do is designed to put you, the customer, in the driving seat. Like all Lockforce locksmiths, my goal is to deliver the kind of outstanding customer service and quality of work that inspire trust, confidence and peace of mind.

I’ll never take a single penny from you until you’re happy with the quality of the work carried out, and everything I do is covered by a 12-month warranty. And if you need me to resolve a problem with a lock I’ve fitted you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll never be charged a call-out fee. Ever.

For more information or to contact Tyrone at Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable, remember to call 01582 935 068, any time.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in Dunstable

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your Dunstable home or business premises. As a Lockforce Locksmith in Dunstable, I am available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get indoors and back to normal as quickly as possible.

As a local Dunstable locksmith, I understand stressful it can be to get locked out of your home or workplace. Which is why I take great pride in getting you safely back indoors using sophisticated non-destructive techniques that cause no damage to your property.

However, I can also change your locks if you prefer.

I’m seriously committed to being the best locksmith in Dunstable, which is why I undergo regular and comprehensive locksmith training, so I can leverage the latest locksmithing tools and techniques to get you back inside as fast as possible. I’ll even make sure any mess made is tidied up before I leave.

Getting locked out in Dunstable needn’t be stressful. Just use our Dunstable 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service. Contact Tyrone on 01582 935 068.

Dunstable Mobile Key Cutting Service

I keep my Lockforce Locksmith van packed full of the latest tools and machinery, allowing me to cut keys on the go, anywhere in Dunstable!

Need a set of keys cut at your door? No problem! Just give us a call.

Our Mobile Key Cutting Service also allows me to test the keys fully in their target locks, to make sure that they work just right.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable today on 01582 935 068 if you need us to cut or repair a set of keys.

Dunstable Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

There are many reasons why a customer might want us to repair or, more commonly, replace a lock in Dunstable. Whether your lock is no longer functioning properly, you’ve snapped a key in the lock or you need to keep someone out of the property for security reasons, I can be with you quickly to carry out comprehensive lock repair and replacement services.

Whatever the reason for the repair or replacement, I provide a wide range of locks, including digital locks, deadlocks, night latches, child safety locks and much more.

Whatever your lock repair or replacement needs, call Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable on 01582 935 068 today and talk to Tyrone, your local Dunstable locksmith.

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths in Dunstable are happy to offer a wide range of payment options for your convenience. You can pay us using any of the following methods:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal

Whatever your locksmith Dunstable needs, make Lockforce and Tyrone your one-stop-shop solution!

Whenever you need our locksmith Dunstable services, get in touch 24/7 on 01582 935 068 and we'll get to you as fast as our van will carry us.

recent jobs

Lock Repairs on Office Building – Kensworth, Dunstable, LU6 – 16/10/2020

Today we received a call from a company that managed an office building for a commercial customer. Their customer had a set of bi-folding doors on which the lock had failed and the doors could not be secured. Our technician was able to remove and identify the faulty lock from the doors. An overnight lock was fitted while the new parts were ordered for the repairs. The following day the new parts were fitted to the doors. The doors are now working as they should and the customer is able to secure the building once again.

Faulty Multipoint Lock Replacement – Kensworth, Dunstable, LU6 – 10/10/2020

Today we received a call out request via Checkatrade from a customer who was unable to lock and secure their front door. We were able to attend to the problem the same day and a technician was on site within a couple of hours. Once on site we found that the front door was a UPVC door with a MPL (multipoint lock) system. The lock had failed and would not allow the home owner to lock the door. An overnight lock was fitted while the correct parts were ordered, so the customer could secure the door until the new MPL arrived. The following day we were back at the home with the new parts and the door was fitted with the new locking system. The door is now working as it should and the customer was very happy with the quick service she had received from Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable.

Lost Garage Door Keys – Fancott, Dunstable, LU5 – 30/09/2020

We received a call this morning from a customer who had lost his garage door keys and was unable to gain access into to his garage. We attended to his call out request and were onsite shortly after his call. We were able to gain entry into the garage with no damage to the door and replace the lock with a new anti snap high security euro cylinder lock. The home owner was very glad to be able to use his garage again.

Front Door Lock Issues For Home Owner – Holywell, Dunstable, LU6 – 18/09/2020

We were contacted by a customer in Holywell this morning after he was having trouble locking his front door. He requested we come out and repair the lock. Once on site our technician found that the problematic lock was a night latch (Yale Lock) that was not aligned correctly with the keep in the frame. The keep was repositioned in the frame to allow for the night latch to line up correctly. The lock itself was then removed and serviced to ensure smooth operation. The customer was very happy with the locksmith service he had received from us.

Failed Lock for new home owner – Edlesborough, Dunstable, LU6 – 13/09/2020

We received a call this morning from a customer who had just moved into her new home. She had tried to lock the door and the key had become stuck in the lock and wouldn’t turn. Our technician was able to attend and was on site in 35 minutes. The uPVC door multipoint lock gearbox had failed which was causing the cylinder to not release the key or turn. We were able to extract the lock and replace the gearbox. Due to the wide range of spares carried on hand we were able to carry out all the repairs in a single visit. The door sustained no damage with the repairs carried out and was working like new once again. The customer was very pleased with the service she had received from our Dunstable Locksmith services.

New Locks after Eviction – Bidwell, Dunstable, LU5 – 11/09/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable received a call from a landlord that had recently had a tenant evicted. The tenant had left and not returned the keys. We were able to attend and gain entry for the landlord. The method of entry was non destructive so there was no damage to the door. New Locks were fitted to the door before the new tenants moved in. The customer was very happy with the service he had received from our locksmith service.

New Lock Install to Front Door – Eaton Bray, Dunstable, LU6 – 30/08/2020

Today we received a request to come out to a property in Dunstable where the customer wanted an additional lock fitted to their front door. We were happy to attend to this request and were on site within an hour. After speaking with the customer we found that she wanted an additional lock fitted to her front door that would lock if the door was pushed close, so she didn’t always have to physically lock the door by key every time. Our recommendation was to fit a night latch (Yale Lock) which fit her requirements exactly. The customer agreed and our technician fitted the lock to her front door. The customer was more than satisfied with her new lock and added security to her front door.

Shop Door Unable to Open – Chalgrave, Dunstable, LU5 – 26/08/2020

This morning we received a call out request from a high street shop who was unable to open one of the double doors of the shop. Once on site we found that the bottom lock of the glass door had failed and the key would not turn in the lock. The lock was removed from the door and a new euro cylinder was fitted and the lock serviced and oiled. The lock was reinstalled and is working as it should allowing the door to be opened. The shop manager was so happy to have both doors to the shop working again.

Late Night Call Out – Harlington, Dunstable, LU5 – 17/08/2020

We received a call in the early hours of this morning from a customer who had come home and broken the handle off their front door. We attended to the call out as the customer could not secure their property with the broken handle. Once at the property we replaced the handles on the composite door so the customer could lock up for the night. The customer was very pleased with the locksmith service he had received from Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable.

Lost Garage Door Key – Fancott, Dunstable, LU5 – 15/08/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Dunstable received a call from a customer who had lost his garage door key whilst out cycling. As this was the only key to the garage door, and the door was locked, he wanted a new lock fitted. We were able to attend to the customer at a time he had requested. The old lock was drilled out and removed with now damage to the garage door. A new anti snap lock was fitted and 5 new keys were supplied ensuring the same situation would not happen again if one of the keys were misplaced. The customer was very happy with the quick response he received from our Dunstable locksmith service.

New locks after burglary – Thorn, Dunstable, LU5 – 07/08/2020

We received a call this evening from a landlord who uses Lockforce Dunstable for all the properties in his portfolio. He explained to us that one of his tenants had been burgled and that the porch door had been damaged. We met with the landlord at the house to discuss what he wanted us to do to secure the property. As the porch door was damaged he was getting a new door fitted by the insurance company. He wanted new locks fitted to the main door to ensure the tenants would be safe and secure until a new porch door was fitted. A brand new British Standards 5 lever mortice lock was fitted to the door. The tenants, as well as the landlord were very happy with the new lock and impressed by how quick and responsive our technician was to sort out their security issue.

Security Upgrade after Attempted Burglary – Harlington, Dunstable, LU5 – 03/08/2020

We received a call this afternoon from a customer who requested we come out and do a security survey with regards to the security of her doors. Once at the property we were able to speak with the customer and inspect the locks. She told us that her neighbor had been the victim of an attempted burglary and that the lock on their door had been snapped. After hearing her concerns we recommended she install high security anti snap locks on her doors which could not be snapped in an attempt to break in. She agreed that she wanted the high security locks. We were able to fit the locks within the first visit as we had the correct sizes on hand. The customer was extremely happy with her new locks knowing that her home was secure from any burglars looking to break in.

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