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Hi I'm Damon and welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden.

I'm truly your local Droylsden and Tameside Locksmith after being born and bred here on Sunnyside Road.

I'm your local, professional, trusted and honestly reviewed Droylsden Locksmith.

Please feel free looking through my page, or contacting me for any Locksmith related issues or questions however below are some key points which may be relevant;

Key Points:

  • Born and raised in Tameside - Local Locksmith
  • Free Call outs
  • Anti Snap locks fitted
  • 3 Years Guarantee for work carried out
  • Different ways to pay - Bank Transfer/card/cash

Checkatrade information for Lockforce Locksmith Tameside

Our Locksmith Services in Droylsden 

Please see a list of our services below:

  • Emergency Manchester Lockouts
  • Lock Change
  • Lock Repair
  • New Lock Installation
  • Anti-Snap Locks supplied and Fitted
  • British Standard Locks bs3621
  • High Security 2** UPVC Door Handles
  • UPVC Handle Replacement/Repair
  • Door Realignment
  • Video Doorbells
  • Window Handle Repair/Replacements
  • Letting Agency Locksmith work on Contract or individually
  • Evictions

For Any Locksmith issues in Droylsden And Manchester Call Damon Smith on 07464755943

Why Choose Lockforce Droylsden

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden are committed to be the most trusted and professional Locksmith company in Manchester, Tameside and Greater Manchester. As I previously worked in the NHS, I'm aware of the concern loved ones can have for their elderly family members or any vulnerable adults they may have. I've worked in the past with Mental Health patients and I'm aware of safeguarding issues and how to provide support in these difficult situations, whether it be an Elderly parent with Dementia or a recent break up and the lock needs changing in an Emergency. All staff at Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden wear a uniform, Carry ID and have signed Vans so you know when we arrive. We are also one of the best reviewed Locksmiths by the public and proud members of Checkatrade.

Most Trusted Locksmith In Droylsden And Manchester 07464755943

Locked out in Droylsden

As an Emergency Locksmith in Droylsden Ive attended many Lock outs and some Lock ins. The customers are usually very anxious not only to get back into their homes but also about the Locksmith who is attending. Many people hear horror stories about Locksmiths charging excessive amounts or causing more issues than before they arrived. As previously mentioned as a local Locksmith in Droylsden I'm reviewed by the public and im not a nameless national company who will send unqualified individuals. On arrival at an Emergency Lockout the Locksmith will always try to gain entry none destructively so not to cause extra damage or incur more costs to the customer. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden will always provide a full quote before commencing any work and will keep the customer involved in the process from start to finish

For an Emergency Droylsden Locksmith In Tamside And Manchester Call Damon on 07464755943

Droylsden Key Cutting

At Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden, we provide a mobile Key cutting service which makes it easier for our customers to provide key for their family or if its a commercial property it makes it easier as we can drive to site and then provide the Commercial properties keys. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden carry the relevant equipment in the back of the van to make life easier for customers and ourselves.

Mobile Key Cutting In Droylsden, Call Damon Smith on 07464755943

Droylsden Lock Repair and Upgrade

Do you need a Droylsden lock repair, lock replacement or upgrade? As the saying goes, "Nothing lasts forever" especially with locks as they see a lot of action throughout their lifetime depending on the amount of traffic a household has.

Where possible as a professional Locksmith we will always try to repair the lock however if it has broken or if you simply want it upgrading to an Anti snap cylinder for example we can provide different levels of security such as;
•    Standard Ant Snap Cylinders
•    1* British Standard Anti Snap Cylinders
•    3*** High Security Anti Snap cylinders

Other reasons that you may want to replace the locks are that you may have moved into a new home or are renting a new house or flat. At Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden we always recommend changing the locks in these circumstances as you don't know who may have kept a key from a previous tenancy and its better for piece of mind. We’re also fully trained to fit window locks, door locks, childproof locks, and countless others.

For a Lock Repair call Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden on 07464755943

Common Lock Problems

As a Local Locksmith in Droylsden and Manchester we get a lot of similar issues and questions when customers contact us so we find by listing some of the common lock issues we get on a day to day basis it may help the customer identify or answer the problem.

My Key is Turning But Nothing Happens? This can happen with both Euro Cylinders and Mortise Deadbolts. When customers have this issue with Euro Cylinders it is usually because the cam is faulty or has become loose so is not engaging with the multi point locking mechanism. This is usually fixed by replacing the Euro cylinder and at Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden we advise to use Anti snap cylinders as a standard. If its a sash lock or Mortise Deadbolt and the key is just turning it is usually because the mechanism has come loose and its not engaging with the levers inside. Again this could possibly be repaired but on most occasions Id advise to replace the lock.

Do Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden Charge a Call Out Fee? No, Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden never charge a call out fee and only charge customers for work completed. We also always provide a full quote before commencing any work and never add extra charges on such as labour. If a locksmith tries to charge you a call out fee or labour charges your best avoiding these companies.

My door is Hard to Lock can a Droylsden Locksmith help? This is a common issue I get however most people leave it to late until they force the handle one to many times and it breaks the gearbox (Multi point locking mechanism).

The symptoms are the upvc door is usually hard to lift up the handle (Sometimes having to hold the handle to lock the door) or difficult when opening and you need to use force to push the handle down. The cause is usually the Multi point locking mechanism is out of alignment with the frame and reeds realigning. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden usually do alignments when fitting new Anti snap locks

The handle is loose and the door wont open on My UPVC Door? This usually follows on from the above issue. The customer has usually forced the handle up or down and heard a cracking sound and the handle has now gone limp/loose. This is usually because the gearbox has broken and depending on the mechanism either the gearbox or the full MPL will need replacing.

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden have emergency overnight locks on the van and also carry gearboxes as were a mobile Locksmith so any issues or advise give us a ring

Any Lock issues or problems call Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden for Advise Or Support 07464755943

Door Lock Identification in Droylsden

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden speak daily with customer in Droylsden, Tameside and Manchester and as this is our full time job sometimes we forget that not everyone knows the names of common locks or sometimes gets them confused so below we though we would add some photos and common lock descriptions to help customers identify their lock;

Euro Cylinders In Droylsden
As a local Droylsden Locksmith I find euro cylinders as on of the most common cylinders in Manchester, Tameside and Greater Manchester. The Euro cylinder is usually a key and key or a key and Thumb turn (which are fitted to flats). They are typically fitted into UPVC and composite doors and the majority of cylinders are prone to a technique burglars use called Lock-snapping. This can be avoided by using Anti snap locks.

Mortise Locks In Droylsden
Mortise/Mortice Locks are found mostly in wooden doors and on some mettle doors and containers. They typically consist of a single bolt that extends from the middle of the door into the door frame. This is an old style of lock as its effective and what makes it easy to identify is that the mortise is fitted internally to the wooden door and the keyhole is hidden unlike the euro cylinder which is visible. Mortise Locks can come in 2, 3 and 5 Lever variations and if you have one fitted to your Front and Back doors they should be British Standard for insurance purposes. 

Night Latch - Yale Lock In Droylsden
Another common Lock I see around Droylsden, and almost always fitted to wooden doors is the Night latch. This lock is commonly refereed to as a "Yale Lock" however that is the brand and not the actual locks name. On the inside of the door will be the casing which usually has a quick release handle and snib to hold the latch back or lock it into place. On the outside of the door is a round faceplate like a clock where you insert the key. The front section of the Night-latch can also come in a British Standard High Security Version of the Night Latch.
The most common types of Night-latches;
* Double Locking Night Latch
* Auto Deadlocking Night Latch
* Deadlocking Night latch
* standard Night latch (none-deadlocking)

As a local Droylsden Locksmith I have many Emergency Locksmith calls after customer are locked out due to forgetting their keys or sometimes, they walk outside and the wind blows the door shut. 

How Safe Are pvc Doors?

As a Locksmith in Droylsden Tameside I often conduct free security assessments of people's homes, looking at easy access points for would be thieves and Burglars.

A lot of the people I speak with often believe having a composite or PVC door provides a good level of protection. The reality is that the doors have Multi point locking mechanism which are very secure however the locks (Euro Cylinders) are the weak spot on the door, and if you have a standard lock fitted, they can be removed from the door using a technique called Lock-Snapping. Once the lock has been snapped from your door the thieves can open the door and gain entry within 20 seconds, and its usually not that loud. As a local Locksmith in Droylsden and Tameside I've visited many homes after the locks have been snapped and usually the cars have been stollen.

There is an easy way to prevent this, by having Anti-Snap locks fitted to all the external doors on your home or business by a professional Locksmith. The Anti-snap locks strengthen the weak spot on the PVC and composite doors making gaining entry incredibly hard and meaning in the majority of times the Burglars will try an easier target.

Always have Anti-Snap Locks fitted by a professional Locksmith In Droylsden & Tameside! For A Free Assessment call today!

Moving Home In Droylsden Or Renting a New Property

At Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden we often are asked to change the locks of new homeowners, usually on the day they move into the new home. New Homeowners want to have piece of mind that they are the only people with access to their home.

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden not only advise New homeowners to change the locks but also when renting a new flat or moving into a new business. The main issue is that due to possible traffic through rented properties its impossible to keep track of who may still have keys, even after new tenants move in.

When buying your new home or renting your new flat, apart from changing the locks, its also advisable to make sure your locks meet the home insurance requirements such as being British standard or having window handles that Lock. 

You can often find the full list of requirements to meet home content insurance in your policy booklets. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden can provide a free security assessment of your property and also a free quote for upgrading or changing your locks to meet the insurance requirements.

Call Damon At Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden For a Free Quote For Changing Your Locks On Your New Home On 0161 410 1245

Checkatrade Locksmith in Droylsden

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden are proud members of Checkatrade as we believe with more and more "bad Locksmiths" applying their trade around Manchester with no experience and charging extortionate prices, Checkatrade are another way for customers to find trusted and honest Locksmiths in Droylsden and Greater Manchester. Not only is Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden vetted and members of Checkatrade were also reviewed by the public which a tradesman should always strive to be. Checkatrade will not let anybody who claims to be a Locksmith join them, they also run stringent checks after applying which include getting 5 previous customers to provide feedback, checking your websites, prices and insurance details. 

Get in touch with Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden  for professional support and advice you can count on us..

Locksmith near me in Droylsden

Does typing "Locksmith Near Me" help? The short answer is yes, as maybe you live in Droylsden and using this term uses google maps to show you Locksmiths in your vicinity which sometimes helps you locate real local Locksmiths rather than national companies who may have paid to get to the top of google. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden are just that, a local Droylsden Locksmith Near me, as were based in the area and are only ever 25 minutes away from the rest of Manchester or Greater Manchester.

If you need a Local and Professional Droylsden Locksmith service - Near Me - call  

Are You A LOCAL Locksmith?

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden is not only restricted to one area, we can provide Locksmith services not only for Tameside but also Manchester, Greater Manchester, and beyond. As a Local Droylsden Locksmith the location makes it easy to get to most places in Manchester anywhere between 5 minutes and 35 minutes which is always an advantage for our customers especially if they require an Emergency Locksmith.

If you need a Local Droylsden And Manchester Locksmith  - call  0161 4101245

Local Locksmith in Droylsden

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden is a real Local Locksmith and is based in Droylsden Tameside which means we cover the whole of Tameside and can be there in an emergency within 15 minutes in most instances. Many of my customers have advised that having a local resident who grew up in the area provides some reassurance as National Locksmith companies generally seem cold and less efficient not providing that personal touch that Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden provide. We always treat our customers as we would our family and friends and always go that extra mile. In Tameside we provide services for the following areas;  

If you need a Local Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside Locksmith Call Damon 24/7  0161 4101245

Emergency Locksmith In Tameside

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden are based in Tameside so we are able in most cases to get to Emergency Locksmith issues, including Audenshaw, Ashton, Denton, Dukinfield, Hyde and Droylsden within 10 to 15 minutes. As a local Locksmith born and raised in Droylsden I'm aware of current events around Tameside and the continuing chess match between burglars, Crime Watchers, the Police and the public. I always advise tameside, and my Manchester customers tht it's better to proactive rather than reactive to possible crime. Its no-good fitting Anti snap locks after the crime has happened when fitting them before may prevent the intrusion.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden I always offer a free security assessment of people's homes, paying particular attention to Locks (if they are anti-snap) and windows, are they able to close and lock into place. If you need a local and trusted Locksmith in an emergency for commercial and domestic properties feel free contacting us anytime, evenings and weekends. 

Most Trusted Locksmith In Tameside on 0161 4101245

Broken Gearbox Or Multi Point Locking Mechanism in Droylsden

In winter, multi-point locking mechanisms may face challenges due to extreme temperatures and environmental factors. Cold weather can cause metal components to contract, leading to increased friction and stress within the locking system.

This heightened resistance can result in wear and tear, making the mechanism more prone to breakage. Moisture and ice accumulation further contribute to operational issues. 

To prevent these problems, it is crucial to implement regular maintenance and proper care, including lubrication and weatherproofing. Another major issue in both the summer and winter is the mechanism being out of alignment with the keeps on the door frame. This is usually identified by difficulty pushing the handle up, the resistance against the mechanism makes locking difficult and pressure may be needed to force the handle up. A quick realignment is only needed at this point!

By addressing these concerns above, one can enhance the resilience of multi-point locking mechanisms during winter, ensuring optimal functionality and minimizing the risk of breakage or failure in cold weather conditions.

To realign your Multi Point locking mechanism and avoid broken gearboxes call Damon at Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden

Recent Jobs

Window unable to open in bathroom, Failsworth, M35, 4th May 2024

I was called to help open and repair a window in a bathroom in Failsworth as the customer needed to be able to ventilate the room as the steam was causing mold and dampness. A broken gearbox was identified and after the window was opened a new unit was fitted and the window was realigned to make the locking and opening smoother. The Failsworth couple thanked me for being a professional locksmith and making the service easy from start to finish . 

Lock Change For A New Home, Failsworth, M35, 1st May 2024

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden were booked to attend a home in Failsworth to fit new anti snap locks to make the new home owner more secure in the knowledge that nobody else has keys to there new home. As a professional and local Locksmith in Failsworth we had previously been contacted via Checkatrade and discussed the different levels of security. On arrival at the home M35, new anti snap locks were fitted to front, side and back door and also a new window handle was fitted as the old one was unable to lock. The Failsworth couple thanked Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden for the service and we wished them good luck for the future.

New Anti-Snap Locks Fitted To Front And Back Door, Droylsden, Tameside, M43 - 25th April 2024

I was on Sunnyside road in Droylsden fitting some new anti Snap 1* Euro cylinders to the front and back doors in Droylsden for the tameside resident. The customer had read my website after speaking with a neighbour who I had already fitted some high security handles and locks. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden are always happy to help our local community

Attempted Burglary In Droylsden, Lock Snapped From Door, Droylsden, Tameside, M43 - 20th April 2024

I was contacted via messenger and a very worried lady advised she had woken up and her handle was broken and half the lock snapped from the back door. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden was at the property within 20 minutes and identified that the Burglar had attempted to gain entry (probably to steal the BMW parked on the drive). The standard lock had been snapped however luckily the door was thick meaning the burglar wasn't able to unlock the door as they were amateurs.  I then provided a new 3*** High security Ultion (which is anti snap, anti drill and comes with 2k guarantee). I also replaced the handles and realigned the door so it opens and locks more smoothly. The Droylsden customer was very happy with the service and the added security and Visual deterrent of the Ultion.  Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden often advise customers to make sure their locks are Anti snap as a standard to prevent this kind of easy entry for Burglars and thieves.

Key Wont Turn And Is Stuck, Droylsden, M43 - 16th March 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden were called to a home on Lumb Lane, Littlemoss In Droylsden. The customer had tried to lock his door when leaving the property and the key had become stuck while being turned and now it was jammed. This is a fairly common issue when people force the handle up and turn the key before the mechanism is completley set into the locked position. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden then removed the old jammed lock, opened the door and fitted a new Anti-snap lock. The door was indeed difficult to lock and lift the handle and the littlemoss reisdent advised its been like that for a while. Lockforce locksmith Droylsden then realigned the door within 10 minutes and had it opening and locking smoothly without having to put pressure to the delight of the Lumb Lane resident.

Front Door Wont Open, Failsworth, M35 - 1st March 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden were called by a very distraught customer in Failsworth (0161) who needed a local Emergency Locksmith near Failsworth when her door wouldn't open. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden arrived within 25 minutes and used the lock pick to open the back door none destructively to get the customer back into her home. A faulty broken gearbox was identified and after the door was opened the mechanism in the Failsworth home was replaced. The door was realigned and the mechanism was lubricated to make it easy to open and lock the door in the future. I got talking to the customer on Roman road (M35) and strangely enough she knew my Grandma who lived close by on Grimshaw Avenue. I explained I grew up in-between Droylsden and Failsworth so I am actually a local Locksmith compared to many others who pretend.

Door Wont Lock, Audenshaw, Tameside, M34 - 11th February 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden were in Audenshaw (M34) Tameside today (Sunday) after a customer rang to advise they couldnt lock the front door. On arrival I identified a faulty gearbox after removing it from the door. It was simply the case of wear and tear and the springs had gone causing the gearbox on the multi point locking mechanism to be faulty. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden then fitted an overnight lock so the Audenshaw customer can lock and unlock the door as as normal while the part is ordered which usually takes 24hrs. Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden usually carry the locks, gearboxes, door mchanisms and other parts in the van but sometimes we need to order. We always put customer safety first however and make sure the door can be secured.  The following day the lock was rreplaced and fitted to the Audenshaw home by Lockforce Locksmith Droylden.

New Locks, New Home, Droylsden, Tameside, M43 - 5th February 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden was near Edge Lane again today fitting some new Anti snap locks to a home and completing some simple door adjustments to make it easier to lock and open. The new resident to Droylsden is excited about purchasing the new home and advised they read it was important to fit new locks to a home when moving in. I agreed and said its better as you never know whos still got keys from previous tenants. After the lock change in Droylsden I then completed a free security assessment of the home and gave some general advsise which included getting the pvc window handles repaired.

New home for a family who also want new locks fitting for piece of mind, Droylsden, Tameside, M43 -  19/01/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Droylsden were asked by a tenant living on Hamilton Road to change the locks as they have just moved into the home and want piece of mind nobody else has a key to their new home. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden fitted some keyed alike anti-snap locks to the french doors and a new Rim cylinder to the Yale Nightlatch and Also a new 5 Lever British Standard Mortise Sashlock. The Droylsden and Tameside couple wanted a local and trusted Locksmith and thats why the contacted us after speaking with local residents and finding out the local Locksmith is Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden.

Broken Lock And Door Wont Open, Locksmith Needed In Audenshaw, Tameside M34 - 08/1/2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were called to a home in Audenshaw after the customers home failed to open and they had to use the back door to come and go. On arrival it appeared the front door was a composite and had a multi-point locking mechanism which was unique. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden opened the Audenshaw homes door non-destructively and after fitting a temporary lock ordered the replacement part. This was then fitted and the Composite Door was realigned with the locks to make the locking and unlocking smooth to prevent any damage to the new Locking mechanism. A new Anti snap lock was also fitted to the Audenshaw home by Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden.

Door Wont Lock Audenshaw, M34, Tameside - 07/10/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were contacted via Checkatrade after a customer in Audenshaw attempted to lock her door and it wouldn't engage. I was at the property after I finished a previous lock repair for another customer in Droylsden before attending. The multi point locking mechanism had broken and on a closer examination it appeared the actual top hook was also broken. A temporary Night latch was fitted so the customer in Audenshaw could lock and unlock the door while I ordered the new parts. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden then fitted a new Locking Mechanism and also some new White Upvc handles and a new Anti-Snap Thumb turn cylinder.

Bathroom Window Wont Open, Audenshaw, Tameside - M34 - 11/09/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were visited a home in Audenshaw, Tameside after the customer advised she wasnt able to open her bedroom window. The elderly Audenshaw customer stated she didn't know Locksmiths repaired handles and I laughed and said most people didnt and think its only locks. The handle was opened and replaced none destructively and the window was realigned so it can open and close smoothly. The customer asked if I was a local locksmith in Audenshaw and I advised I was as I live in Ashton Under Lyne now but grew up in Droylsden so both sides to Audenshaw. We then discussed how sad it was that the Queen has passed and I told the Audenshaw customer that she had reminded me of my Grandma  and the older generation were made of stronger stuff.

Window Wont Open - Audenshaw, M34 - 31/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were called to a house in Audenshaw as the kitchen window wouldn't open and the customer was struggling due to cooking for the family and also the heat as it was south facing. Were a local Locksmith in Audenshaw so I was with the customer within 10 minutes and I idented a faulty handle and broken window gearbox. After quoting and explaining the issue, the customer was happy as she thought they may have had to replace the whole window. This was then repaired and the window readjusted to make it open smoothly. For any Locksmith issues, call Lockforce Locksmiths in Audenshaw

Broken Gearbox On Multi Point Locking Mechanism - Droylsden, M43 - 13/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden attended a home near Greenside Lane Cemetary after one of the Droylsden residents advised his door had been open all night as they couldnt lock the back door after letting the dog outside. The lovely couple advised they had been watching the Manchester evening news on television and discussing how the cost of living was getting worse around Manchester and everywhere else and on cue the back door broke. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden then diagnosed a faulty gearbox and door alignment issue. The mechanism was removed from the door and new parts fitted before the door was realigned so the door could be opened smoothly again. Once Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden had compledted the lock repair, I was asked to repair a upvc Window handle that was locked and the key had been lost. We provide window repairs to Taameside and Droylsden so the lock was picked open and a new upvc Window handle was supplied and fitted with a new handle. The droylsden and Tameside couple thanked me for attending so soon and I adviised Im a local Tameside Locksmith so if their was any issues in the future to call Lockforce Locksmiths Droylden and Id be happy to help.

Windows Won't Open - Droylsden, M43 - 13/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden attended a home on York Street in Droylsden as the customer couldn't open the upstairs windows in two bedrooms and as were in a heatwave at the moment they were really struggling with the heat. I identified one broken handle and one faulty gearbox in the window, These were then repaired and the windows adjusted to make it smooth when opening and locking. The Droylsden resident was very happy to get some breeze into the bedrooms.

Professional Or Cheap Droylsden Locksmith - Droylsden, M43 - 01/07/2022

I received a phone call from a customer in Droylsden asking if Lockforce Locksmiths was Cheap and I advised were professional and provide fair prices and also a reduced cost to people in Droylsden, Clayton and Audenshaw as this is my Local area and Im a genuine Local Droylsden Locksmith and resident. The customer on Buxton Lane advised they wanted a new Euro Cylinder fitting as the old one was turning but the door wouldn't open. I explained what the issues may be and offered some possible quotes and costs and the customer said they would call back. A few hours later the customer called me and advised they had called a "cheap Manchester Locksmith" who had called and tried to charge them 3x the price I had initially quoted and they had turned up in jeans and t-shirt and hardly spoke English. I advised you always need to use professional Locksmiths with reviews and who are members of checkatrade like Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden. I then changed the lock and upgraded it to a new Anti snap cylinder and serviced the mechanism free of charge.

Lock Change in Droylsden, Manchester, M43 - 24/06/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were called to a home on York road after a tenant couldn't remove the key from the door. The tenant was from eastern Europe and struggled speaking English but with a little perseverance I managed to explain the issue with the Euro cylinder and that it had become damaged from keys being jammed inside the lock while another key internally was already present. I then spoke with the landlord over the phone and after a little discussion moved forward with replacing the lock with a new anti-snap Thumb turn cylinder to prevent this happening again. I then attended Market Street in Droylsden to assess a local shop for some new high security locks before finishing off the visit with a pasty from Greggs.

Lock Change, Droylsden, M43 - 10/06/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were asked to change a lock on St Georges Road after the homeowner was unable to lock it from the outside which was obviously an issue and inconvenience. As a local Droylsden Locksmith I was there within 15 minutes as I was in-between jobs. I identified a faulty euro cylinder and replaced and upgraded it with a 1-star British Standard Anti-Snap lock. I then got into a conversation about local Burglary's in the area and how the thieves are gaining entry via snapping the locks to steal people's cars in most instances. Droylsden has always been a place where the community is strong and people watch out for their neighbours so it was good to hear the home watch is patrolling and people are watching for thieves and using social media like Facebook and Wat sap to keep each other informed.

Lock Change And Lock Upgrade in Droylsden, M43 - 04/06/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden were asked to change the front and back door locks for a lady living near Fairfield Estate in Droylsden following a messy breakup with her ex-partner. The Droylsden customer also advised she wanted the anti-snap locks fitted as there had been a few Burglaries recently in the local area with cars being stolen and she advised she really needs her car for work and also the thought of someone breaking in in the night was horrifying. I explained the different types of security lock and ratings such as Diamond secured, TS007 and Standard Anti Snap locks. The Fairfield resident eventually requested a 3*** high security Ultion fitting to both the front and back door. I noticed the back door was also very stiff to locks you needed to really lift the handle to make it close properly, which the homeowner advised has been like that for about 2 years. I then realigned the back door so it was easier to lock and unlock and advised her that the door had just dropped a few millimetres however sometimes that's enough to cause UPVC doors to become out of alignment between the locks and keeps in the door frame. Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden didn't charge any additional fees for this service and the customer was happy with the added bonus of an easy door to open and lock for her little Furry friend.

New Gearbox Fitted in Droylsden, M43 - 21/05/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden had a call after the customers front door failed to open on Sunnyside Road (Droylsden, Manchester). They wanted a local Tameside Locksmith and as we are based in the area so we got the call and were at the property within 20 minutes. The door gearbox had failed which had the typical signs such as the door handle was loose and when lifting it up or pushing it down there was no resistance. The key would turn in the euro cylinder and you can hear the lock locking and unlocking but the multi point locking mechanism is still engaged so the door won't open. We then used none destructive techniques which any decent locksmith should use to get entry without causing issues to the door or damage. Once the composite door was opened on the Droylsden home the MPL unit was removed and inspected. The gearbox had broken however this was a full unit so the full Multi Point Locking mechanism had to be replaced. This was done on site and a new Anti-snap lock was also fitted for the Droylsden home. The Composite door was also realigned to make the locking and opening smoother and to reduce the risk of pressure on the new gearbox and to give it a longer life.

New Lock Change And New UPVC Handles - Droylsden, M43 - 12/05/2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Droylsden attended a new job after a customer's lock just span but wouldn't lock the door. On arrival I removed the lock and found a faulty Euro Cylinder in the Droylsden home. A new Locks was supplied and fitted and the handles were very worn so after chatting with the homeowner Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester then fitted some New UPVC door handles. 

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