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If you have any problem with your locks, keys, doors and windows then give us a call.

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Lockforce manchester Locksmith Services

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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Manchester. My Name is Damon Smith and I'm your Local Locksmith technician for Manchester and Trafford. I own and run this branch of Lockforce and take enormous pride in going that extra mile for my customers. When you call, you will speak with me directly and not be put through to a call centre! I carry ID at all times, personal liability insurance and I am DBS checked for your piece of mind.  I'm actually based and live in central Manchester so am able to act fast in the case of any emergencies

As a Locksmith in Manchester its important to act fast in case of Emergencies so I'm only ever 45 minutes away whatever the Emergency or lock issue.

Here are some of the other Locksmith services I provide;

•   Business LocksmithLockforce Locksmiths in Manchester

•   Commercial Lockouts

•   Residential Lockouts

•   Door bolts, bars and Latches

•   Non-Destructive Entry

•   Lock repairs

•   Lock Replacement

•   Security upgrades including the fitting of;

•   Anti snap and Snap-safe locks

•   Sash jammers and Mortice Locks

•   UPVC door and Window lock repairs and Adjustments

•   Anti Pick, Anti Drill and Anti Bump Lock Replacements

•   Snapped Lock Replacement

•   Broken Key Extraction

•   Eviction Services

•   Master Key Sets

•   Mobile Locksmith

•   British Standard Locks (as a basic Standard)

•   24/7 Emergency call-out Locksmith Service

•   Window Lock Replacements and Repairs

•   Door and Window Handle Replacements

•   Locksmith Manchester City Centre

Some other points to note;

1. As a standard I also provide a 12 month guarantee on all work carried out with no call out fee for arranged visits.

2. For your piece of mind I'm fully DBS checked by the police and carry public Liability insurance to the sum of 5 million.

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24 Hour Service

Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester offer a 24-hour emergency call our service where we aim to be with you within 45 minutes to get you back into your home or business causing as little disruption as possible. As a local locksmith we also carry the equipment to secure most of the local properties and business the same day no matter what the time is.

If you are having issues with your door locking at the most inconvenient time, then you have come to the right place as no matter the time Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester will be with you in no time as all and have you safe and secure the same day.

We are 24 hour a day with no call Centre’s so every time you call Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester you will always speak direct to your local expert locksmith whom knows the city and surrounding villages. I pride myself on ways answering the phone when you require my Locksmith’s services in Manchester.

For a round-the-clock response, Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester on 0161 4100 651 Your local Emergency locksmith in Greater Manchester.

Mortice lock are usually found on wooden doors Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester supply and fit Mortice locks so weather you require a new lock or a replacement lock we can do this for you the same day.

All our external door locks are 5 lever British standards locks which are to the requirements set by insurance companies.

We supply and fit all sizes of Mortice locks both sash locks and dead locks Lockforce Locksmith’s can help secure or increase your home security.

If you have a preferred colour to meet the previous furniture on the door we fit brass and statin locks to meet the desired look you require we also supply handles of all shapes, sizes and colours of handle to increase the fresh look of your door.

For more information on our Mortice locks contact Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester on 0161 4100 651

uPVC Door Repairs

uPVC doors usually have the following faults which we can have rectified the same day.

Lock Repair - Faulty Euro cylinder 

This is usually identified by the key no longer turning or turning but not locking or unlocking the door. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Manchester can change euro cylinders and gain entry day or night.  They can then replace your lock with an anti-snap lock as standard.

When it comes to a problem with locks it is not usually viable to carry out a lock repair. Instead of carryng out a lock repair it is easier to fit a new lock. This also serves as a lock upgrade as the latest lcoks that we fit are more superior that a standard euro cylinder lock.

Gear box failed.

This can be identified in the following ways. Handle spins round, handle moves but door does not lock, door doesn’t hold close when door is closed also when the handle is depressed but the door will not open. This part can be replaced by Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester the same day 90% of the time allowing you to safely enter and lock your door safely. Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester also carries temporary strips should we not stock your gearbox to last until the next working day when we will come and replace the defective part.

If you are having problems with your uPVC door contact Lockforce locksmiths 24 hours a day on 0161 4100 651

Locks we use 

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester, we believe in providing our customers with as much information as possible about the locks we stock, so they can learn about how best to protect their homes and business from the threat of burglary and Crime.

And indeed, when choosing a Local Locksmith in Manchester, having the knowledge that your locksmith fits locks that’s quality approved to the British Trading Standards goes a long way!

So at Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester, your local locksmith expert in Manchester can guarantee to fit locks and keys from a number of select suppliers authorised by the national brand to which he belongs, whose models have been deemed of a quality high enough for Lockforce’s valued customers.

One such supplier is Brisant, a lock provider with a large national standing! Their launch of the TS007 lock is their latest addition to their stock portfolio and offers Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester’s customers the ultimate protection from break-in, scoring a perfect 3-star security rating from the Master Locksmith Association!

This locks also comes with a 10 year warranty and a £1000 anti-burglary guarantee

Its 11 pins protect from

-  Drilling

-  Picking

-  Snapping

-  And the bumping of locks (a kind of lock picking technique used by seasoned criminals)

Brands lockforce locksmiths in Machester use

Emergency Locksmith in Manchester

Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester are a 24-hour emergency locksmith service who cater for both commercial and domestic customers. If you have an issue with locks of security day or night, we will come to your aid with our 24 hour fast response. As a local locksmith we are aware of all the back roads and how we can get to you the quickest when you need us most. Lockforce locksmiths in Manchester are experts in all things security so if you have an issue with your house door locks, CCTV, Alarms or even a commercials grade lock we can come sort out your issue fast.

Being 24 hours, this allows you to have a locksmith that will cause you the least disruptions by either getting you open or back in your home again or changing your locks as a time which suits you best we can do this for you. We work with several local community groups the council and even the police to issue that our local knowledge of crime and how we can prevent it is outstanding. Allowing you to spend the least to get the highest level of security.

If you need an Emergency Locksmith in Manchester day or night then call us on 0161 4100 651 24/7 for a free quote and a rapid response.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester accepts;

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal Transactions

Lockforce Locksmiths in Manchester Recent Jobs

Trafford Park Locksmith M17 required - A locksmith was needed for trafford park and fast as one of the commercial businesses had an internal door that wouldn't lock. Lockforce Locksmith Manchester arrived within the hour and repaired the lock to the utility room.

Door won't open in Ancoates, central Manchester M4 - A customer telephoned Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester after they couldn't open their UPVC door. As a central Manchester locksmith I was there within 30 minutes of getting the call and I diagnosed a faulty gearbox. The door was opened using our exceptional locksmith techniques and the gearbox replaced.

Door won't lock in Clayton manchester M11 - I received a call from a lady who lives in Clayton at around 9pm who was worried as she couldn't lock her door.  I wasn't going to leave her like this or take advantage like some other locksmith companies would. I arrived within 25 minutes and replaced the faulty euro cylinder lock and upgraded it to an anti snap (No call out fee).

Local Locksmith needed Fast in Middleton Manchester - A commercial Letting agency needed a Locksmith fast to attend a property in Middleton where squatters had forced entry using Lock Snapping techniques.

On Arrival Lockforce Locksmith Manchester fitted Anti snap locks to both the front and back doors and also reinforced the back doors with Sash jammers. The letting agency were pleased the property had been secured.

Mechanical Digi Lock needed for a school in Hulme - I attended a primary school in Hulme, Central Manchester where they needed a Locksmith to fit a Mechanical Digi lock to a supply room. This was completed and the passcode was reset to the customers wishes. Lockforce Locksmith Manchester is well trusted with both Commercial and Domestic customers and are fully DBS checked.

Broken Gearbox In Openshaw Manchester - This unfortunate couple had already been visited by a so called Local Manchester Locksmith who turned up in a car and was a subcontractor. He had wanted to remove the MPL by grinding it off however that was the final straw for this couple who then telephoned Lockforce Locksmith Manchester. I arrived and removed the old gearbox (without grinding it off or damaging the door) and supplied and fitted a new one. Then for good measure I readjusted the UPVC door for free as it was catching when closing.

Upgrading to Anti Snap Lock in New Moston - Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester received a phone call from a distraught lady requesting an Emergency Manchester Locksmith to change the locks as there had been a disagreement with the builder who had keys to the property. Solution: I responded quickly and was there within 30 minutes, I supplied and fitted two new Anti snap Euro cylinders and the customer was very happy and felt safe and secure again.

Upgrading standard Night Latch to a British standard high secure Night Latch - A music teacher in Didsbury telephoned Lockforce Locksmith Manchester requesting a free security assessment which was then completed. It was identified that she had a standard Night latch (Yale lock) fitted which provide very little security. Solution: I supplied and fitted a new high security british standard Night latch to her front door. The customer was happy with the new lock and commented that it was nice to have a local manchester Locksmith who she could trust.

Upgrading a basic factory fit lock - I had a call from a customer in Failsworth, they had two new patio doors with basic factory fitted locks and wanted a local Manchester Locksmith to upgrade them.

Solution: After the free security assessment I supplied and fitted two Anti snap locks to the patio doors which were also keyed alike (the same key opens both locks) at no extra charge.

Working on a roof in Central Manchester City Centre! - A site manager telephoned and advised he was after a Local Locksmith as they needed 8 Rim cylinders (Yale locks) opening on a roof asap and also replacing! 

Solution: I arrived at the Hotel which is currently being built and after putting on the appropriate safety equipment, was shown to the roof. I then systematically opened all 8 cylinders, removed them and fitted new ones. I also numbered the keys for the workers.

Security entrance so secure it wouldn't open! - Today Lockforce Manchester were called by the resident of a flat in Withington, as the security entrance door knob failed to open.

Solution: I arrived promptly at the arranged time (the customer wanted to drop her child off at her brothers first), I then gained entry for the customer after just 15 minutes. Once I had gained entry, I supplied and fitted a New lock and the customer was very happy.

Burglary in Manchester! - Today Lockforce Locksmiths were contacted by an unhappy family in Manchester following a burglary and they asked if I could come down and assess the locks and security of thir home. They mentioned that they had chosen me as they had read the reviews on my site and that it was important to them that I was a local Manchester Locksmith and not a subcontracted one. On arrival I identified that they had gained entry by flexing the door and lifting the upvc door off it's hinges. I then fitted a sash lock to avoid this happening again, tightened up the hinges and fitted a British Standard Anti snap lock. This was also done to the front of the property following the free security assessment.

Urgent lock change required in Failsworth! 

Lockforce Locksmiths were called by a customer as their wallet was stolen whilst at the gym, including his driving licence and work, car and house keys.

Solution: I immediately went round to his home and changed the UPVC door lock to an anti snap. I then drove the customer to Manchester Town centre and changed two locks on his business to make sure it was secure before dropping him at his car (with the spare key he brought from home). Lockforce Locksmith Manchester pride ourselves in treating all of our suctomers like family!!

New lock in Withington! 

I had a call from a customer who wanted the lock in their new build home changing. Solution: As arranged by this customer I promptly turned up at the agreed time on a saturday evening and changed the locks for the upvc doors, front back and side. The locks were upgraded to anti snap and this couple were very happy with the service.

14/09/2018 Job: Broken Door Handle on Patio Door

Customer had an internal sliding patio door which unfortunately had a broken  handle. On completing a security assessment of the Locks (which Manchester Locksmith Lockforce always do) I also recommend getting an anti snap lock fitted to the back door.

Solution: A new handle was supplied and fitted and a new anti snap lock on the back UPVC Door for better security.

13/09/2018 Job: Security Survey and Lock Upgrade in Urmston

I attended a customer in Urmston who wanted our free Locksmith security survey of his property. After the discussion the customer advised he did have content insurance but he didnt have british standard locks which a lot of insurance companies have in the small print.

Solution: Two new British standard Insurance approved Euro cylinder's fitted to the back and front doors.

11/09/2018 Job: Patio Door Lock fix in Chorlton

A customer in Chorlton telephoned in the evening stating her back patio doors wont lock. Lockforce Locksmith Manchester arrived within 40 minutes and diagnosed that the gearbox in the MPL had failed.

Solution: A new gearbox and anti snap lock was supplied and fitted and the door was adjusted due to the customer forcing the door open earlier  and warping it. 

10/09/2018 Job: Locked Out In Manchester

Lockforce Locksmith Manchester was called to a lockout where the customer had left his keys inside and the door had closed.

Solution: We arrived within the hour and picked the lock using non destructive techniques (which saves money for the customer). 

01/09/2018 Job: UPVC Door Failed to Open in Manchester Domestic

I was called to a job in Eccles where the UPVC door had failed to open and the customer had been using the side (kitchen) entrance for two weeks. He advised he had called other Locksmiths in Manchester but they had either let him down by not turning up or quoting him "silly money". 

Solution: After explaining the reason for the door failure and how much it would cost (with no hidden charges) I set to work and opened the door and changed the gearbox. I also upgraded his lock to an anti snap and adjusted it for a better fit for good measure. The customer was very happy and said he would recommend Lockforce Locksmith to his friends and family.

05/09/2018 Job: Fast Response to Manchester Landlord with Lock Problem

A Manchester Landlord telephoned Locksmith Manchester advising a tenants front  door wouldn't open. We made arrangements for my visit that day when the tenant would be home as the job needed doing as soon as possible.

Solution: I attended the property and it was a british standard sashlock which had failed. I managed to open the door using Locksmith techniques and then changed the Lock to a 5 lever British standard insurance approved sashlock. Afterwards I spoke with the Manchester Landlord who thanked me and said Manchester Locksmith Lockforce was the only company who had phoned her back and been professional. 

06/09/2018 Job: Lock Repair in Gorton

A customer in Gorton advised his back UPVC door was unlockable and a Locksmith was needed urgently.

Solution: I arrived at the customers home within the hour and the customer advised the door has not locked for around a year (he had been using sash locks to keep it closed which are poor security by themselves for a door). The door was warped and in bad condition however the doors gearbox and a new anti snap lock was fitted. The doors MPL then had to be readjusted due to the doors warping.

The customer was very happy at the end due to not having to buy a new door. 

02/08/2018 Job: Replacing Lost Kets for Commercial Business in Manchester

Lockforce Locksmith Manchester was called to a commercial property in Manchester Town centre where they had lost the keys to a communal letter box. 

Solution: The letterbox was picked open using Locksmith techniques and a new one was installed.

18/07/2018 - Job: A customer telephoned Lockforce Manchester to say that they were having to use their back door for access due to the failure of the night latch on the front door. 

Solution: The night latch was not a British Standard so does not surprise me it had failed and was left stuck in the locked position. I used a non destructive technique to open the door and fitted a new British Standard, insurance approved night latch.

16/07/2018 - Job: A customer's key snapped in the door this morning stopping her from getting back in. Lockforce Manchester was there within the hour to assist.

Solution: The lock was identified as a Yale British Standard Nightlatch, a non destructive technique was used to gain entry. A temporary night latch was fitted so the customer could go about her day without further delay and I returned the next day to fit a new British Standard Nightlatch leaving a very happy customer.

16/07/2018 - Job: A customer contacted Lockforce Manchester through our facebook page advising that the door wouldn't lock, so I was there within the hour.

Solution: The UPVC door was inspected and the gearbox on the Multi Point Locking system had failed. A new one was supplied and fitted with the addition of a lock upgrade to an Anti snap Euro Cylinder, leaving a happy customer safe and secure in their home.

13/06/2018 - Job: A customer contacted me though facebook following a bout of burglaries in their area so was keen to get their home security checked and upgraded if required, before it was too late.

Solution: I carried out a free home security check on their locks and after some discussion and advise, the customer decided to upgrade both the front and back UPVC doors to anti-snap locks. The customer was very happy with this and now feels much safer in the knowledge that they have greatly increased the security of their home.

With this long spell of warmer weather I am not surprised to have been getting lots of calls regarding difficulty opening and closing UPVC doors and windows. This is not only a huge inconvenience in this weather but a real security risk. This fab weather is of course great news for most of us but not so much when your UPVC windows and doors are struggling to open due to the increase in temperature and your literally cooking in your home like a sausage on a grill. UPVC doors are great cost effective material which a lot of us have in our homes however they are prone to expand in the heat. When the temperature cools in colder weather the UPVC will return to its original form (in most cases), however this is not helpful if it’s a warm summer night and you need to secure your property before going to bed or out to work. Fortunately there is an easy solution. You can either wait until the winter when hopefully they should return back to normal or you can have them professionally adjusted.

Here at Lockforce Manchester we will come and adjust your doors or windows and also show you how to do this for the future as part of the service. Give us a ring or message us through facebook for further advise.

Unfortunately in May 2018 around 8 flats were all broken into due to poor locks in these modern city living apartments. The criminals bypassed the concierge to gain entry to the block and used only their shoulders to gain entry to all of the flats. These doors are like taking candy from a baby! Lockforce Manchester was called out quickly and after discussing extra security with some of the residents, flats were supplied and fitted with 5 Lever Deadlock for added security. The Deadlocks meet british insurance standards which means there insurance approved and provide that little extra piece of mind when you're not home. For a free no obligation check of your security and locks call or email Lockforce Manchester or message us through facebook. Have a great weekend guys.

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