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Lockforce Locksmiths Salford and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) 23/03/20

I attended a home in Salford when they needed an emergency Locksmith as an elderly couple were unable to lock the door. They also advised me they were concerned nobody would attend due to the Corona Virus lock down when I arrived. I advised them Lockforce Locksmiths Salford are attending emergency work only as advised. I identified that the door was out of alignment and the bolt was unable to slide into the keep in the door frame. I wiped down the area using my antibacterial wipes and commenced to realign the lock and door. After the lock repair was finished I wiped down the area again and sent an invoice to the customer to avoid interaction as much as possible for there safeguarding. Gloves and masks were used throughout the visit. 

Salford Central Locksmith for Window repair and door lock repair - 10/03/20

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended a home in Central Salford when the window handle had broken off on the UPVC window and the door lock was sticking and the tenant was unable to take the key out of the euro cylinder.  Lockforce Locksmiths Salford repaired the window handle and replaced the euro cylinder with a anti snap Thumb-turn as the old one had become worn on the cam. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford also realigned the UPVC door as it was catching on the bottom of the door frame.

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended a flat in Sale M6 for a free security Assessment - 08/03/20

At Lockforce Locksmiths Salford we don't charge a call out fee and only charge for work completed, unlike a lot of cowboy Locksmith companies or these national Locksmith's who charge labour, call out fees and equipment supplied. We attended this home near Salford Town centre and following a free security assessment Lockforce Locksmiths Sale fitted a new Euro sash lock to the flat door for added security for the tenant.

Emergency Salford Locksmith needed following a break in, car keys stolen - 09/03/20

Unfortunatly as a Locksmith in Salford the practice of breaking and entering to steal car keys is becoming more and more common. The tenants back door locks were snapped (lock snapping) to gain entry and the mini cooper was taken. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended within the hour and provided some new UPVC door handles and upgraded the locks to Anti snap cylinders. 

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford upgrading security for this Salford family 03/03/20

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended to carry out a free security assessment for this Salford family after moving into a new home. Lockforce locksmiths Salford have no call out  fee and after some discussion upgraded all the locks to British standard (bs3621) anti snap ultions which are diamond approved anti snap, anti pick anti drill euro cylinders.

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended a home in Prestwich to install a deadbolt - 05/03/20

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended this home in Prestwich after the residents neighbour was broken into via the front door where they only had a simple night-latch (Yale lock). The thief had forced the door open in this Salford home as they don't provide much security and the intruder must have known most wooden doors on this Salford street have this type of lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford fitted a 5 lever British standard mortise Deadbolt onto the front door which meets insurance standards bs3621 and will definitely make it very difficult for any would be intruder.

Locksmith needed for Salford Quays - December 2019

I attended a shared flat in Salford and the customer wanted a Yale Digital connected keyless nightlatch fitting onto his bedroom door. This was then completed and also a y3 Nightlatch was fitted. The tenant was very happy and his roommates were jealous which made me smile.

Lockout in Salford Quays, Michigan Point - November 2019

I was contacted by Airsorted who manage this Air B&B in Salford Quays after the previous guest lost the keys. It was an emergency Lockout as the next guest was due in the afternoon and the cleaners needed access.  Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended and picked open the door before replacing the lock with a new Anti snap Thumbturn cylinder. The keys were left in the Lockbox as advised and the new guest would have no problems.

M6 Salford Locksmith wanted for a Lock Repair - November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended a property in Pendleston when a customer advised me they had been looking for a cheap Salford Locksmith for a lock replacement. The "cheap Locksmith" had then damaged his door and the new night-latch Yale lock was barely able to lock. Lock-force Locksmiths Salford then did some alterations and fitted the keep in the correct way so the lock was smooth and without issues.

Lockout in Eccles, Salford - October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended a house share when a student requested an urgent Locksmith when the Mortise Deadbolt failed in her door. I attended the property and after diagnosing the issue the lock was opened using Locksmith techniques. A new Mortise Sashlock was then supplied and fitted for the customer

Change of Locks after Burglary In Pendleton, Salford - October 2019

Attending burglary's as a Locksmith is always hard, seeing the emotional stress and devastation it leaves. At Lockforce Locksmiths Salford we pride ourselves on making these calls a priority as piece of mind goes a long way for homeowners. The intruders had gained entry using via the back and a lock snapping technique was used which exploited the cylinders weakness. I then completed a security check and it was agreed that new anti snap locks would be fitted to the front and back door. This was carried out immediately and a new door handle was also supplied and fitted due to the damage on the old one. 

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock - October 2019

I attended a business in Salford Town centre who wanted a Locksmith to fit a Yale Keyless connected Smart door Lock to make it easier for their staff to come and go from the office without the concern of having keys and also to make sure the door is secured at all times. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended and after some measurements the lock was supplied and fitted with a new Y3 Yale Night Latch.

Emergency Salford Locksmith needed for care home - 26th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford were called to a care home in the centre of Salford when the back door failed to lock and the handles went loose/floppy on the Upvc door. The staff were concerned about security as they needed to be able to secure the door over night. As a local and trusted Locksmith in Salford I was telephoned and was their within the hour. The internal gearbox had malfunctioned and after I got the door opened I replaced the broken gearbox, realigned the door and had it like new again.

M5 Professional Locksmith needed - 26th August 2019

On arrival I met with the landlord who advised me the window mechanism was supposed to be fixed by another "local Salford Locksmith" who had taken the mechanism away but never returned. The window was being kept closed by a small piece of Plastic which obviously was causing both her and the tenant concern. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford then fitted a new window Multi point Locking Mechanism and a new handle and the window was like new again. The Landlord was very happy with being able to secure the window again.

Salford Locksmith needed for the M1 postcode to repair a UPVC window - 12th July 2019

A previous salford Locksmith had attended an removed the mechanism out of the window when it failed and never returned it. Lockforce Locksmith Salford took the measurements and ordered a new parts. These were then fitted and the window was good as new again.

Salford Quays M50 Locksmith needed for additional security on a flat door - 8th July 2019

I spoke with a customer who had a flat on Salford Quays and he wanted Lockforce Locksmith Salford to advise him on how best to secure his front door. After a free security assessment, we agreed to change the euro cylinder to an anti snap and I also supplied and fitted a new Night latch/Yale lock.

Central Salford Locksmith Needed For Security Assessment - 18th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Salford were asked by a local resident if they could complete a free security assessment following some local crime and burglaries. The home had basic cylinders installed in the back doors and the front door had a 3 lever Mortise deadbolt which are usually found on internal doors. The back doors were upgraded to Anti snap and a 5 Lever British standard Mortise Dead bolt was fitted to the front door complying with insurance standards. The customer advised they felt a lot more secure and safe after the visit and advised its nice to have a local Salford Locksmith rather than dealing with National companies

Rapid Locksmith needed in Salford - 10th June 2019

A customer in Salford Quays was locked out and needed an emergency Locksmith fast. Lockforce Locksmith Salford arrived within 35 minutes due to being a Local Locksmith and had the customer back inside within 15 minutes. The customer then advised she didn't want to miss the TV show Love Island which was funny.

Lockforce Locksmith Salford needed for door that wont lock in Pendleton - 2nd June 2019

This customers door handle was loose and the door wouldnt lock on a Sunday evening. Lockforce Locksmith Salford are 24/7 so acted fast. On arrival the gearbox was replaced and the door could be locked again. The cylinders were also upgraded to Anti snap both front and the back and the customer was happy and able to relax.

Tenant locked out of property - Weaste, Salford – May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Salford attended an urgent call out for a tenant that had been locked out of their house. The tenant explained that the Yale lock kept spinning, but the door would not open. I used locksmith techniques to open the door and repaired the lock to resolve the problem. 

Security upgrade for tenant - Deansgate, Manchester - May 2019

A tenant in Deansgate wanted to upgrade the security within her flat. I installed a British Standard Nightlatch/Yale Lock and also upgraded the thumb turn to an anti-snap. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford fit anti-snap cylinders as standard.

Customer unable to lock door – Cheetwood – May 2019

The customer's multi point locking mechanism had malfunctioned due to a faulty gearbox. The handles were loose on the door and the customer was worried that she would not be able to lock the door for the night. Lockforce Locksmiths Salford replaced the gearbox and had the door fully operational within the hour.

Locksmith needed in Pendleton, Salford for lock upgrade

A customer telephoned requesting a local locksmith to upgrade his locks in Pendleton M6. The customer already had his locks and just wanted them fitting as he wanted to keep the costs down. Lockforce Locksmith Salford are a family run business so I was happy to oblige this request. The night latch and mortice Deadlock were upgraded to British standard and the customer was happy and felt more secure.

Emergency Locksmith needed for Blackfriars, Salford M3

I received a call from a customer who was locked out of her flat after the door closed behind her locking her out. She had telephoned a few so-called local locksmiths however they were asking extortionate prices. Lockforce Locksmith Salford arrived within 30 minutes and using th latest locksmith techniques had the customer back inside within 10 minutes non destructively. For a trustworthy locksmith in Salford give us a ring anytime for advise on lock upgrades, lock repairs, meeting insurance standards etc. 

Night Latch (Yale Lock) needed for a Home in Salford

A lovely lady in Salford needed an Emergency Locksmith as fast as possible as her Night Latch had broken meaning she couldn't secure the door for the night.

Lockforce Locksmith Salford arrived withing 40 minutes and after diagnosing the issue supplied and fitted a new Standard Night Latch to her home.

Full House Lock upgrade in Salford M27

I attended a property in Swinton where the customer advised this was a new home and wanted all the locks changing and also upgrading as one of his friends had been broken into using Lock snapping. I explained that sadly the locks fitted on new homes are just not up to scratch, usually using cheap and easily snapped locks to keep costs down.

Solution: I upgraded all the doors to Anti snap locks and also readjusted 2 doors which were not closing properly for free. Lockforce Locksmith Salford always go that extra mile to help their customers.

Salford Quays Locksmith required for Lock out

This customer had lost their keys and was locked out in the Salford Quays area. 

Solution: I attended the property and let the customer sit in the van while I worked on the door. I used the latest Locksmith techniques to gain entry, then replaced the Euro cylinder for the customer.


Outstanding service. Available to help at v short notice, good product installed and v good follow up



Great service, Damon was very helpful, polite and did a good job.



Damon's service was amazing, he was very trustworthy and efficient. Would highly recommend.


Jamie Taylor

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Salford is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews.

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