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At lockforce all our keys are made by professional locksmiths to a great standard! We don't just make keys we also help with home security. We can fit special locks for doors and windows. So if you have problems with...

  • losing your keys ?
  • forgetting to lock doors ?
  • needing more keys ?
  • Child safety ?




Losing your keys!

If you are always losing your keys give lockforce a call. We will gain you access to your home in rapid time. We can then cut you a new key for your home if needed.

Forgetting to lock doors

If you fall asleep without locking your door it is a BIG problem. Anyone could walk into your home! If your alert lockforce to this problem we can fit a night latch. This automatically locks the door behind you and has a special key to be opened (which is provided).

Need more keys!

If you have children that are going to start walking home or you are going on holiday and someone needs to feed your pet(s) lock force will be able to help. We will cut you a new key for your home in no time but still at a good standard.

Child safety!

Do your children lean out of the window and threaten there safety? Well waste no time, give lockforce a call and they could fit a restrictor. This only allows the window to open 75mm so children or adults will not be able to fall of the window!

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Lockforce Lockforce Stafford Located at
, ST19

TapClick number to contact:

01782 367 621

01782 367621

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