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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool.

My name is Tom Lyons and I am a local trusted locksmith covering Liverpool and surrounding areas near me. 

I have helped hundreds of people in and around Liverpool with their lock problems.

More recently, I have proudly hit 350+ customer reviews.

Key Points:

  • Based in Liverpool (with you in 30 mins)
  • Fully Trained and Experienced 
  • Residential and Commercial services
  • DBS Checked (ID Carried)
  • Fully Insured (value £5 million)
  • FREE Home Security Surveys
  • Van Security Locks

  • Unavailable for autolocksmithing (no cars or car keys)

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If you would like a trusted locksmith in liverpool, whom is  Police DBS Checked, Carries ID and is Vetted give us a call today on 0151 380 0215

Liverpool Lock Repairs

When a lock brakes, it doesn’t just hold up your door but also your whole routine – so I will get to you and get your lock back functioning how it should do within 45 minutes. I use the latest technique allowing us to open your door without causing any damage. I am used to repairing broken lock and are adequately trained to do the same.

So if your locks not working I can help you get this working in the correct way again in no time with little disruption. I work using the latest equipment, training and tools to make sure as a locksmith company I am trained to deal with all lock problems giving a simple and quick solution.

For more information on how we can help, don’t hesitate to call us today on 0151 380 0215

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Liverpool

Regardless if you are locked out of your home at 1pm or 1am, we are here to help you - as a local locksmith in Liverpool, I am never far away. My emegency call-out prices are very competitive and I will get to you where ever you are in Liverpool in under 45 minutes to fix your lock problems. Allowing you, the customer, to get safely back into your home with no fuss. 

Call we on 0151 380 0215 for 24/7, unrivalled emergency locksmith services in Liverpool

Alarm System Installation Liverpool

We work with all security devices so if you would like an alarm fitted to the highest standard by a reputable locksmiths in Liverpool with a good knowledge of security call us today. As locksmiths we see how entry is most commonly gained and the weak points on a standard home / building. We use this knowledge to secure them weaker areas thereby reducing the cost for unwanted security devices.

At Lockforce we are experts in alarm installation with years of experience in this field. We will also carry out a free home / business security check to identify the areas to concentrate on. With you the customers input we will make your home or business safe as at LockForce locksmiths in Liverpool we always have and will put our customers first. Please read our reviews to see what our other customers have said about us.

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool offer a free no obligation quote. As locksmiths we can also advise you of our areas such and locks, security lighting and CCTV. So why call 3 Security Company’s to secure your home or company when we can do all this for you with the high works man-ship we deliver and the Warranty to go with that. 

For more Advice from a locksmith in Liverpool, Call Tom on 0151 380 0215

Lock Changes in Liverpool

When moving into a new property it is recommended that you change your locks, if you’re unsure of any keys being with anyone else. So one of the first things you should do is change your locks to ensure all your property remains safe whilst moving in.Due to the high number of rented properties there may be multiple key which have been cut and stored. So by installing new locks you can rest a sure you are the only people with keys and that your locks meet insurance regulations. All window must also be lockable so ensure you get the window keys from the previous owners.

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Liverpool we can change your locks causing no or little disruption as part of your moving in process. Your local locksmiths will arrange a time which best suits your needs. You can also buy the locks and fit them yourself. However you need to make sure you get the right locks and the tools to fit them. As professional locksmiths we can help you with this should you choose to do so. We do however recommend you use a qualified Vetted Locksmith. As a Local Locksmith company in Liverpool we want to increase security and in turn reduce crime as this is our City too.

To the residents of Liverpool, I can provide a free home security consultation where we conduct an in depth review of your current home protection devices, suggesting improvements where appropriate. Call 0151 380 0215 today to find out more. 

Digital Lock Installation in Liverpool

Digital door locks are fitted to door where access is to be restricted. These locks come in various styles and designs to meet the customer’s needs from Low to medium traffic digital door locks to High Security Door Locks. The types we offer are Low to Medium Traffic, High Traffic, High Security, By-pass override locks (where a key can also be used) and Electronic Locks. We use a number of makes and models to meet the needs required such as ERA and Codelock.

Others are also available and can be ordered when required. Digital door locks are commonly used in business to separate Customer and staff areas allowing the staff to simply type in a code to access the area they require and easy leave the area from the other side by engaging the latch. These are also used in homes for such tasks and making and office more secure or reducing access. These Locks have a hold open system where the lock can be locked open when traffic is allowed to flow freely stopping the need for the code to be entered every time.

Business would normally opt for a door closers to make sure the door locks shut as people pass through the door. Increasing the security and fire safety should this be required. Lockforce Locksmiths in Liverpool stock numerous digital door lock and can order new locks and fit them the next day should this be required.

 Lockforce Locksmiths in Liverpool Stock Numerous Digital Door Locks. If you require more advice or a free quote on these locks from a local Locksmiths in Liverpool give me a Call 0151 380 0215

Locked Out in Liverpool

When you’re locked out of your house or business, it’s essential that you can reach a trusted tradesman fast who can get you back safely into your property or your business open again.

When using us, you are guaranteed the service of a locksmith who is local to Liverpool – which allows us to deliver on speedy response times.  From implementing sash-jammers and door chains for your home in Liverpool, or installing and configuring CCTV security systems for your business- Lockforce Liverpool have the solutions for you. I take pride in offering light security solutions across Liverpool to make all of our customers’ properties - be it their homes, offices or business facilities - as safe and secure as they can be using the years of experience we have.

Call 0151 380 0215 to understand the light security installation services Lockforce Liverpool can provide your home or business.

Liverpool Key Cutting Services

Cutting keys is also one of my core service that we provide to the people of Liverpool. And while traditionally you would expect to travel to your local workshop in order to have your keys made, Lockforce’s investment in some of the latest key cutting software allows us to duplicate your keys on site, whether that’s at your home, work or on the roadside. 

So for a service that works around you, call me, Your Local Locksmiths at Lockforce on 0151 380 0215

Liverpool Window Boarding Services

Whether you are a homeowner in Liverpool or a business owner in Liverpool, broken windows are an easy access point for burglars if left alone and untreated. Fortunately, I have helped many customers who required broken window boarding in Liverpool to ensure their properties are left unfazed. With my window boarding service, you can rest assured your property will be protected until the replacement glass arrives. 

For a quick, affordable window boarding service in Liverpool, call me, Your Local Locksmiths, at Lockforce on 0151 380 0215

Liverpool Van Locks

We fit a range of van locks across Liverpool. These include:

  • Van dead/hook locks - The hook/dead locks is a mechanical lock operating independently from the manufacturers’ locking system. A dead or hook lock engages into its opposing body section. Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver. These can be fitted to any door on the rear or cab of the van.

  • Slam lock - The Slam lock is primarily designed for couriers, multi-drop delivery drivers and any operations where a driver may be regularly in and out of a loading area throughout the day. The Slam lock safeguards against the driver forgetting to lock the doors. Once the door is shut it locks automatically and can only be opened using the key, reducing the chances of theft.

  • Rep Lock - We often find that Ford driver door locks are easily overcome by picking or forcing the cylinder. The Replacement Lock for Ford is a high-security replacement barrel and bezel that has been designed to reduce the risk of these types of attack.

For a quick, affordable window boarding service in Liverpool, call me, Your Local Locksmiths, at Lockforce on 0151 380 0215

Types of Door Locks

Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinders are fitted commonly to UPVC door and Composite doors. These are usually the week point on these doors as most lock provide little protection against Burglary, in the form of lock snapping or Drilling. To prevent this is we always recommend you fit at least an anti-snap, anti-pick and anti-drill lock. As Locksmiths we stock these in a range of sizes to meet the requirements of your door.  The Locks come in a range of sizes and the key point is to make sure that the lock is not protruding the handle more than 5mm. Lockforce Locksmiths in Liverpool stock these locks in all sizes which will make your lock meet these requirements.

If you need a Euro Cylinder or some advice about your cylinder give us a call as your local locksmith will help you make sure your lock is suitable for your home or business. As Locksmiths we can give expert advice on the levels of security that would suit you best whether this is upgrading your locks or even your handle which can provide extra protection. Sash Jammers are also and alternative security measure but these can only be locked and unlocked from the inside.

If you’re looking for extra security we recommend TS007 locks from 1 star, these locks go up in security to a 3 Star locks which our locksmiths can fit for you the same day. (Subject to availability) the 3 Star provides the Ultimate security we at Lockforce Locksmiths in Liverpool recommend the ULTION Ts007 3 Star Lock with diamond standard. Which is made and tested by Locksmiths. Sash jammers are usually fitted to patio door where the door are not in regular use. Or windows and door when the police believe you’re at a heighten level of threat and these are an extra level of security.

Yale Locks / Night Latch

These are the most common lock for customers to be locked out from the night latch is commonly referred to by the well-known brand Yale. But is actually called a night latch. These locks work on the principle that as soon as you shut the door it will become locked. Due to this method of locking it is very common people get locked out of there room or home, if you become locked out of one of these night latches give Lockforce locksmiths in Liverpool a call our expert locksmith will get you back in and your keys back to you in no time at all. These locks also are available in a British standard version which meets insurance regulations should this be your main lock on an external Door.

British Standard night latches are commonly Yale or ERA branded and are a lot bulker than a standard night latch. These provide a much higher level of security these can be locked from the inside stopping the latch being depress though a letter box of a broken window. These are the locks which insurance companies require and locksmiths recommend. So If you want to see which night latch would be meet your needs for your home or business then give me your local locksmith a call now my advice is free.

Ultion Locks

As an Expert in Lock security, I can tell you that the locks you have fitted on you home have a massive effect on the chance of how easy it is for you to be getting burgled. Simply put, the better type of lock, the longer it will take for a criminal to break into your property or even stopping them…reducing the chance of its occurrence.

Fortunately, when using Lockforce you can rest assured that I am fitting the best locks available to you on the home security market. From anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick locks to the ultimate protection of the Ultion TS007 3* from a list of authorised suppliers that are audited regularly by the national brand I represent. One such stock supplier is Brisant, whose collection of anti-snap devices are protecting property owners up and down the country from the endemic threat of lock snap attack! 

For more Advice from a locksmith in Liverpool, About Night Latch's Give Your Local Locksmiths a Call, at Lockforce on 0151 380 0215

Recent Jobs

Opening door shut on the latch in Kirkby, Liverpool, L33 – 22nd November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool received a call from a lady mid day who had left the house without her keys wich caused the door to be shut on the latch. We arrived at the address within 30 mins and quickly gained entry.

Entry gain after losing keys in Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 – 12th November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool received a call late out of hours from a customer in desperate need of a locksmith. After calling us we arrived at the address within 25 minutes of the call, customer lost keys whilst out in town, gained non-destructive entry and replaced the lock with 5 keys supplied.

Locked out of shared living property in Kensington, Liverpool, L7 – 5th November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a customer living in a shared accommodation unfortunately lost his key whilst out near his home, wich left him locked out of his room. He gave us a call and within 30 mins we arrived at the address, gaining access to his room safely.

Night latch repair in Childwall, Liverpool, L16 – 30th October 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool received a call from a customer in need of locksmith to come out and assess a faulty night latch. We arrived at the address within 20 minutes, after a thorough service of the night latch, tightened and lubricated keyway, then adjusted to a safe standard. The customer’s property was now secure.

Lost keys after night out in Garston, Liverpool, L19 - 25th October 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a customer returning from night out had lost apartment keys at 3am. We were able to attend and get them quickly back in and change the locks with 5 x additional keys.

Student accomodation flat lost keys in Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 - 2nd October 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called to a student accommodation block who were getting ready for the new term and had lost the keys for student's room. We were able to gain entry and replace thumb turn euro cylinder with new keys just in time for the new term.

UPVC door handle fallen off door in Dovcote, Liverpool, L14 - 13th September 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a customer who had returned home from work when her UPVC door handle had fallen off while entering the property. She called us after being recommended by her friend and was worried the landlord would not be able to resolve the problem quickly enough. We were able to attend and fix the problem within one hour.

Mortice sash lock not locking on home in Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 - 6th September 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool had a text from a customer who was struggling to lock their door. On arrival we noticed that the customer had a 3-lever mortice sash lock that did not meet insurance requirements. After explaining to the customer, we upgraded the lock to a BS3621:2007 mortice sash lock. Not only was this more secure it also meant they met the small print in their insurance requirements.

Click to see more recent jobs.

New door lock fitted to care centre in Kirby, Liverpool, L32 - 30th August 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool attended a local centre helping patients with dementia. They had called as the rear door would not lock and staff was worried of patients escaping and being unsafe. We quickly arrived on site and was able to replace the failed upvc door mechanism with stock carried on our van.

New high security van locks fitted to builder’s van in Liverpool, L3 – 22th August 2022

A builder working away from home was worried about the security of his tools being left in the van outside the hotel. We were able to order some van locks and fit them on the building site the next morning meaning he could have peace of mind why working away from home.

Door handle snapped off door in Broadgreen, Liverpool, L14 - 18th August 2022

Tennants of a property had returned home from work when the handle snapped of when they were opening the door. We arrived within one hour of the phone call and diagnosed the issue to be with the alignment of the door. We were able to realign the door and replace the handle leaving the door locking like new.

Entry gain for local lady locked out in Orrel Park, L9 - 12th August 2022

Customer left keys inside property and called us after searching for a locksmith in Liverpool on Google. We were able to attend and get her back into the property after 30 minutes of her callout. 

Securing back door at a Dementia care centre in Kirby, Liverpool, L32 – 8th August 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a local dementia care centre who had a problem with the rear garden door not locking and was worried the patients could wounder out of the building. We were able to attend within 30 minutes of the phone call and source the part the same day keeping the buisness running safely.

Forgetting the house keys when leaving and being caught locked out in Prescot, Liverpool, L34 – 28th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool had a call from a lady after her son had come out the property why leaving the keys inside. I attended within 20 minutes of the phone call and had them back into the property without causing any damage meaning they could use the existing keys so no additional lock charges.

Keys left inside calls for non-destructive entry services in Walton, Liverpool, L5 - 7th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool had a call from a customer who had left keys inside their property. I attended within 20 minutes and gained non destructive entry. The lady was back in her home within 20 minutes. 

Deadlocks fitted to local plumbing company van in bowring Park, huyton, Liverpool, L16 - 29th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a local plumbing company who had a new van and wanted the some dead locks on the rear doors to secure there tools while on jobs. I was able to book them in and attend the site they was working on to fit them so they could continue with there working day.

Entry gain for tenant locked on a bank holiday in Everton, Liverpool, L5 - 16th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called out by a customer who was locked out on a bank holiday. He couldn’t get hold of his estate agents so they searched on Google for Liverpool locksmith 24 hours. We were contacted and came out straight away. The door mechanism had failed however we were able to gain entry to the property without causing any damage. From here we replaced the multi point mechanism and realigned the door. A full invoice was given to the tenant to hopefully be reimburse for their troubles.

Lock upgrade with 1 year guranatee in Huntscross, Liverpool, L25 - 9th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a customer who had a brand new door fitted with a cheap cylinder. The euro cylinder had stopped working in under 2 months of the door being fitted and the door company would not help. We were able to attend the same day as the original phone call and replace the cylinder with an ultion 1 star cylinder and 3 shiny new keys with a 1 year guarantee.

Emergency call out to gain entry and change lock to basement room in Sefton Park, Liverpool, L17 - 2nd May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a customer who needed an emergency locksmith as their key would no longer work for their basement door. We were able to attend quickly to open the door and replace the night latch/ yale lock with 3 new keys. The job was completed within 1 hour of the initial phone call which the customer was very impressed by.

Securing property and changing locks for landlord in Kirby, Liverpool, L33 - 12th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called out by a landlord who needed his property securing after finding out his tennant had moved out without warning. The landlord needed the locks replacing the same day to secure the property.  We were able to attend and meet the landlord the same day at the agreed time. We changed all 4 doors locks with new keys to prevent any unwelcome visitors. 

Digital lock repair in Toxteth Liverpool, L8 - 21st March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool took a call from a property management company that had electricians changing fittings in some flats when the digital lock had failed. The code would no longer type in. We were able to gain entry without causing any damage and replace the lock with the original code on the same visit.

New cylinder for landlord's property in Tuebrook, Liverpool, L13 -  4th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called out by a regular customer who has many properties around the Liverpool area and says am his go to locksmith for any lock needs. His tenant had left his property and when he was inserting the key into the cylinder it was sliding out of the door. I was able to replace the cylinder and secure it with new retaining screw supplying landlord with 5 new keys.

Worker snapped key in shutter lock, in Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 - 25th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called out to help a worker who had snapped a key in a shutter lock. We attended within the hour and removed the key. We were then able to pick the lock and open the shutter without causing damage bolt. The company had spared keys so we avoided having to replace the lock much to the worker's relief.

Front door jammed shut in Kirby, Liverpool, L33 - 11th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Liverpool were called by a customer who was locked inside his property and was unable to open his front door. We attended as soon as we could and was able to gain entry. We then replaced the failed multi point mechanism and realigned his door. Gladly helping getting the customer on his way to work within 2 hours of his first phone call.

Police damaged door - L4, Everton Valley - 28th May 2021

Elderly customer called to report her door had been damaged by police gaining entry as neighbours was concerned for her welfare as she could not hear the door due to being hard of hearing. Police left the door damaged and said she would need to replace the door and call for someone to board the door, we were able to fix the door by replacing the mechanism, realigning door and cutting her extra keys to prevent this happening again in the future saving her a costly expense of replacing the whole door. Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool, Keeping you safe.

Liverpool Locks Replacement and Door Malfunctioning - L15, Wavertree, Liverpool - 18th March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were called this morning by a customer in Wavertree who had recently moved into a new property but the door mechanism was not working. We inspected the door and was able to fix the mechanism on the same visit. He also asked us to replace the front and rear door locks for peace of mind as he did not know how many other people had keys for his property. Again, we were able to complete this on the same visit and left the customer very happy with our Liverpool locksmith service.

Door Handle Not Working After Customer Tried To Fix It Themselves - L19, Garston, Liverpool - 26th February 2020

We visited a customer today in Garston who had tried to open his door after the mechanism failed, which caused more damage to mechanism. As trained locksmith professionals, we never advise people to attempt to DIY a lock unless you know what you're doing. On attendance, we inspected the lock and discovered the customer had unintentionally damaged the spindle part of the mechanism after using a grinder to remove his handles. We were able to work around this and get the customer and his family back into the property and out of the cold. We replaced his mechanism and handles and secured their property all within one visit. They were delighted with our comprehensive Liverpool locksmith service, and we were happy to help.

Door Handle and Lock Failed - L18, Liverpool - 12th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool received a call from a customer whose flat door lock inside the door knob had failed. We were able to replace this malfunctioning lock and handle with three new keys and added assurance with a 1 year guarantee. The customer also decided to replace her main door with an Ultion 3 star WXM euro cylinder which we were able to do at the same visit. She was incredibly impressed with the speed and efficiency of our local Liverpool locksmith service and has recommended Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool to her friends already!

Sliding Bolt Key Lock Failed in Liverpool - L17, Aigburth, Liverpool - 6th February 2020

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool and said his key would no longer work on his sliding gate lock. We inspected the lock and was able to repair the lock, meaning customer could keep the same key. The customer was happy with the work Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool had carried out and asked us about the security of his other locks on the property. He then wisely upgraded his sliding door to an Ultion 3 Star WXM euro cylinder and his other door to an Ultion rim cylinder; both with £1000 guarantee against lock snapping, commonly used by burglars.

Liverpool Lock Replacement After Key Not Turning Barrel - L10, Fazakerley, Liverpool - 3rd February 2020

This evening Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool received a call from a customer who could not lock his door on his way to work. The door had an auto locking mechanism, so he decided to go ahead for his day's work and worry about opening the lock upon his return home. When Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool arrived, we noticed the key would not turn the barrel. We went around the back of the property and gained entry through the back door and managed to get the door open through the inside of the lock. We then changed both the front and back door locks to Ultion 3 star WXM euro cylinder locks. The customer was very pleased we were able to help him in his time of need and was reassured by the improvement to his home security.

Ultion High Security Lock Upgrade in Liverpool - L23, Crosby, Liverpool - 29th January 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were called by a customer who's keys were jamming in faulty high security euro cylinder. Thankfully for him, we offer a comprehensive locksmith service in Liverpool and have the tools and experience to tackle any lock problem. We were able to remove the cylinder and replace it with an Ultion TS007 3 Star cylinder which comes with a £1000 manufacturers guarantee. A job well done, and one very happy customer.

Rapid Response Liverpool Locksmith After Keys Left in Flat - L6, Kenginston, Liverpool - 23rd January 2020

Today was a superhero / mission impossible challenge as we received a call from a gentleman who was racing against the clock. He had left his keys inside his flat and was unable to get spare keys from the landlord in time for a meeting he had to attend within the next hour, but first needed to retrieve some important documents from inside the flat! Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were able to attend within 20 minutes of the call and gained non destructive entry to the flat meaning customer could continue using his original keys. We're delighted to say it was mission successful. The customer was very impressed with the speed of our rapid response Liverpool locksmith service.

Lock Replacement After Landlord Evicts Tenants - L6, Tuebrook, Liverpool - 17th January 2020

Today we were called to a property in Tuebrook, inner city Liverpool, which was being rented out. The landlord had previous the previous tenants evicted and was worried they would return to the property. He instructed Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool to changed his euro cylinders to high security anti snap euro cylinders. This provided added security for the next tenant and also meant the previous tenants could not return. The landlord was very pleased with our quick locksmith service in Liverpool.

High Security Lock Upgrade After Keys Stolen - L25, Woolton, Liverpool - 10th January 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were called by a customer who returned from a night out leaving his keys in the front door over night. When he woke the next morning he discovered someone had stolen the keys. Concerned about the security of his home may now be compromised, he decided to get his front and back door euro cylinders changed while also upgrading them to anti snap cylinders to provide the highest security for his home. He was very impressed with our knowledge of the various lock types and options on the market and was pleased with our advice. If you need a locksmith in Liverpool, be sure to give us a call.

Unable to Lock Front Door - L4, Anfield, Liverpool - 19th December 2019

Today we received a call from a customer who was unable to lock their front door. They were based in Anfield, Liverpool and wanted us to get over as soon as possible. We were not too far from them at the time and made it over to them in less than 30 minutes and immediately identified a failed gear box and trapped hook. We had the necessary parts in our van to get the lock functioning as normal again. The customer was very happy with our service and has booked for us to return in the new year to install high security locks. If you're interested in upgrading your locks to high security locks, give Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool a call.

Security Lock Upgrade After Burglary - L16, Chillwall, Liverpool - 13th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool received a call from a customer yesterday who were victims of a burglary where they had stolen 2 cars and their house keys! The customer was concerned about their home security and wanted to fit the best, most secure locks onto their property. We discussed the options available and they opted for Ultion 3 Star euro cylinders, which were keyed alike to rear patio doors. They also opted for an Ultion rim cylinder and 5 lever BS 3621 mortice dead lock to their front door. We had to order these which arrived today and they have now been fitted, giving the customer peace of mind and assurance that their property is now secure with what we regard as the most secure locks on the market.

Locks fitted incorrect in Kirby - 17th November 2019

Problem: Customer had recently had 3 x euro cylinders fitted by another locksmith company, but when called by the customer after barrel had came loose within the door the locksmith was unable to come and sort there problem leaving the property insecure.

Solution: after inspection I noticed the locks the previous locksmith had fitted were cheap non anti snap cylinders and also wasnt fitted correct, after a discussion with the customer they then decided they no longer wanted the previous locksmiths locks to be fitted to there properly and upgraded there locks to anti snap cylinders which we fit as standard, and was also fitted correctly leaving customer feeling more secure and there doors fully functioning again.

Failed Multi point mechanism in Dovecot - 1st November 2019

Job: Customer was unable to lock his patio doors, on closer inspection the customer had been pulling the handle up with force (This indicates that there was a problem with the door alignment) which caused the mechanism to to have unessasery wear over time causing the mechanism to eventually fail.

Solution: We were able to remove the old mechanism which was a discontinued mechanism, we were able to find and fit a replacement mechanism the same day, while also fitting the customer with 3 star anti snap euro cylinders with a lockdown mode and £1000 guarantee against burglaries. (If the customer had of called us when the door handle started to get stiff we could of sourced the problem sooner and possibly saved the customer money on replacing the mechanism)

Worried about security after burglaries in local area - 15th October 2019

Job: Customer was concerned if there property was secure enough after neighbour's property was burgled. We offered the customer are free home security check were we found the rear patio doors over sized cylinders leaving them exposed to burglars.

Solution: We explained the diffrent locks that we supplied, the customer wisley chosen to upgrade all 4 doors to are 3 star cylinders with lockdown mode if snapped with £1000 guarantee if a burglar enters there home by snapping the lock, all the rear 3 rear doors was keyed alike meaning the same key could open all 3 rear doors and useing a separate key for the front door.

Burglary attempt in Huyton - 15th September 2019.

Job: Customer had woken up to find there back door handles damaged and there lock snapped, and unable to open there back door.

Solution: We was able to remove the rest of the damaged lock what was left inside there mechanism and after a discussion with the customer they decided to upgraded their lock to anti snap cylinder, and have there damaged handles replaced, Lockforce Liverpool Keeping you safe.

Worker lost keys in Kirby - 5th September 2019

Job: Worker called he had lost keys for office in kirby industrial eastate with the only spare set inside the office, he told me that he had to pay for the door/lock to be opened out of own money because he was the last worker to have the keys.

Solution: We were able to pick open the 5 lever mortice lock without causing damage to the door or lock, saving the customer money while he was able to use the original lock with the spare set of keys from inside the office.

Door handle not working in Mossley Hill - 22nd August 2019

Job: Customer returned home and was unable to open there front door, the key would turn but handle would not work.

Solution: We were able to gain entry without causing any damage to the door and identify the problem as a failed multi point locking mechanism which we were able to replace useing stock from are van all the first visit to the property.

Lost keys in Whiston - 6th August 2019

Job: Customer returned home from holiday and realised they had lost their keys.

Solution: We were able to pick the customers lock getting them into the property were they had a spare set of keys meaning the lock did not have to be replaced.

Customer lost garage keys l10 - Aintree 27th July 2019

Job: Customer had lost the keys to their garage and needed to get access to their belongings for a bbq later that day.

Solution: We were able to attend and gain access to the garage within 1 hour of first call and replace the lock leaving the customer with 5 new keys and a working garage door.

Customer needed new locks after builders misplaced old keys in l12 - West Derby 5th July 2019

Job: Customer called worried about the security of their property after builders lost a set of keys for their property.

Solution:  Customer wisely choose are 3 star anti snap locks with a lockdown mode for all his doors on there property, all locks were specially ordered to work off the same key.

Busy restaurant needed same day lock change in Liverpool city centre, L1 - 26th June 2019

Job: Manager left busy restaurant in Liverpool city centre on bad terms without returning the keys.

Solution: We were able to attend the same day and replace the main door locks, ensuring the old manager was unable to return. We also upgraded the locks to anti snap locks to give the restaurant added security (Lockforce Keeping you safe).

Problem with Motice lock in Gatacare, Liverpool, L19 - 10th June 2019

Job: Customer called as the lock was stiff and causing difficulty opening the door.

Solution: Attended the customers property on scheduled visit. Inspected the door to find a faulty mortice lock which was also below the required insurance standard of British Standard. Replace and upgraded the lock to a British Standard 5 lever mortice deadlock to meet insurance requirements and to keep the customer safe. (Lockforce - Keeping You Safe).

British Standard sash mortice lock - Gateacre, Liverpool, L25 – 9 May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool attended a call from a customer who needed two 5 lever sash mortice locks upgrading to British Standard versions. The request was made to meet the requirements of the customer’s insurance company. The new locks were immediately fitted as Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were holding the stock in their van.

Patio door handles replaced - Stockbridge Village, Liverpool, L28 – April 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool after they had pulled the handle of a ‘tilt and slide’ patio door and were unable to open it.  I attended the call on the same day, opened the door and replaced the handles. Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool.

Change of locks for new house – Crosby, L23 – April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were contacted by a customer in Crosby that had brought a new house and was unsure who had keys to the property. I was able to attend the job on the day the customer moved into the house and fitted a British standard night latch and a British standard 5 lever dead lock to the front door of the property. The customer was left with three new keys to each lock.

Back door promptly unlocked - Aintree, L9 11 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were called to a job to unlock a back door that could not be opened. I attended the job on the day of the call and immediately identified the reason for the issue. The door was opened in a non-destructive manner and after replacing the gear box I left another satisfied customer.

Snapped key in Kirby, Liverpool, L33 - 8th March 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Liverpool were called by a lady as she had snapped her keys in the lock. Prior to calling us, she had called another Locksmith out, however they were unable to open the door and completely destroyed the lock (COWBOY)! If she had of called Lockforce Liverpool first she would of saved herself money and been in the house out of the cold a lot sooner. We were able to gain access to the property via her rear door and deal with the destroyed lock from inside the property and without causing any further damage.

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