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Are you locked out? Or perhaps you’ve been broken into or have encountered a faulty lock?  

Well, whatever your lock problem, I’m here to help!

My name’s Ricky and I’m your local, fully trained locksmith for Brough and the surrounding area.

As standard, I provide the people of Brough with…

  • A first-rate locksmith service that’s local to them and quality assured.
  • A 24/7 emergency service that goes direct to my mobile. At Lockforce, we won’t put you through a call centre!…meaning when you’re in lock bother, you are transferred straight through to me!
  • The assurance that they are contracting the service of a trained professional who works within the fold of a trusted national brand, with a reputation for customer excellence.
  • The service of a technician who is CRB checked and public liability insured to the tune of £5million. 

CITB & CSCS Accredited

Lock Identificaton

Types of Locks we fit:

Night Latch cylinders - These are usually called Yale locks, but Yale is a brand no a type of lock. These locks are commonly fitted to internal doors in Multiple occupancy homes or as additional security on external door locks. These locks are made of two parts the cylinder and lock unit on the rear. The main features are that it locks as the door shuts so there is no need to turn the key to lock every time the door shuts.

Euro Cylinder - These Locks are the most common lock fitted to home now. They are usually fitted to uPVC and composite doors. They are identified by the shape of the lock these come in many security standards from no level to 3-star B/S.

Mortise locks - Mortise locks are fitted to wooden doors and are an older style of lock but are required to be to a set standard on all external doors this is a British standard this lock is identified by the keyway or the style of the key.

Lock and Burglary Repairs

When a lock breaks, it doesn’t just hold up your door but also your whole routine – so essential are locks to our everyday lives…and quite often we don’t realise this until they fail! Likewise, when a burglary occurs the damage that’s caused can have a reverberating effect upon our daily lives. I find all of my customers are keen to get back to normal (and to a level of heightened home security) as soon as possible. This is a service I can certainly provide, offering the deployment of the tried-and-tested best practice lock work. 

For more information on how I can help, don’t hesitate to call me today on 01482 530470

24/7 Emergency Callouts for Customers in Brough

Regardless if you are locked out of your home at 3pm or 3am, I am here to help you- since I am a local locksmith in Brough, I am never far away from where you call. What’s more, is that I am always immediately contactable as all emergency lockout calls come direct to me, so you can rely on 24/7 communication with a qualified, local locksmith. If you require an emergency locksmith in Brough, call me today on 01482 530470

Call 01482 530470 for 24/7, unrivalled emergency locksmith services in Brough

Home Security Consultations

As a lock security expert, I can tell you that the locks you have fitted on you home have a massive effect on the chance of you getting burgled. Simply put, the better type of lock, the longer it will take for a criminal to break into your property…reducing the chance of its occurrence. Fortunately, when using Lockforce you can rest assured that I am fitting the best locks available to you on the home security market, from a list of authorised suppliers that are audited regularly by the national brand I represent. One such stock supplier is Brisant, whose collection of anti-snap devices are protecting property owners up and down the country from the endemic threat of lock snap attack! If you’re interested in seeing how these locks work, take a look at the video below.

To the residents of Brough, I can provide a free home security consultation where I conduct an in depth review of your current home protection devices, suggesting improvements where appropriate. Call 01482 530470 today to find out more. 

Locked Out?

When you’re locked out of your house, it’s essential that you can reach a trusted tradesman fast who can get you back safely into your property. When using me, you are guaranteed the service of a locksmith who is local to Brough – which allows me to deliver on speedy response times. Operating around the clock and from an emergency phone line that feeds straight to me, I provide a top-class emergency lock out service when you need it. 

So don’t take the risk in an emergency, play it safe and call me, your local trusted technician, today. Call 01482 530470 or why not save my number on your phone for safe keeping...you never know when you might need it! 

Home and Business Security Upgrades In Brough

From implementing sash-jammers for your home in Brough, or installing and configuring CCTV security systems for your business- Lockforce Brough have the solutions for you. I take pride in offering light security solutions across Brough to make all of my customers’ properties- be it their homes, offices or business facilities- as safe and secure as they can be. For more information about the high quality security systems Lockforce Brough can install, call 01482 530470 today.

Call 01482 530470 to understand the light security installation services Lockforce Brough can provide your home or business.

Mobile Key Cutting 

Cutting keys is also one of my core service that I provide to the people of Brough. And while traditionally you would expect to travel to your local workshop in order to have your keys made, Lockforce’s investment in some of the latest key cutting software allows me to duplicate your keys on site, whether that’s at your home, work or on the roadside. 

So for a service that works around you, call me, Ricky Burt, at Lockforce on 01482 530470

Window Boarding Service in Brough

Whether you are a homeowner in Brough or a business owner in Brough, broken windows are an easy access point for burglars if left alone and untreated. Fortunately, I have helped many customers who required broken window boarding in Brough to ensure their properties are left unfazed. With my window boarding service, you can rest assured your property will be protected until the replacement glass arrives. For more information on my Window Boarding services, call 01482 530470

For a quick, affordable window boarding service in Brough, call me, Ricky Burt, at Lockforce on 01482 530470

Recent Jobs

Brough - New Homeowner Locks Changed - 14/04/2024

In Brough, a new homeowner received only one key for all six uPVC doors of his property and was concerned about who else might have copies of the keys. Our team arrived and efficiently changed all the locks during the moving process, minimizing disruption and providing the homeowner with five new keys for enhanced security.

1 Key 3 Locks Service (19/03/2024)

We received a call from a new homeowner in Brough, expressing concerns over the uncertainty of who else might possess keys to their property. Upon arrival, we conducted a comprehensive review of the current locking systems and presented our range of high-quality locks along with the pricing details. Understanding the customer’s need for enhanced security and convenience, we proposed a solution where all locks could be operated using a single key set. The customer opted for the installation of the Ultion 3-star euro cylinders on their uPVC door, known for their robust security features. We placed the order promptly and executed the fitting seamlessly the following day, ensuring the homeowner’s peace of mind in their new residence.

Faulty door in Brough – 05/02/2024

To a house in Brough, after our customer couldn’t open their door any longer. We assessed the door and found out that the doors UPVC mechanism was no longer working. We got the door open and replace the mechanism. The customer said that Door had never worked so well and was very happy with the work carried out even left us a five-star review.

Enhanced Home Security Installation in Brough - 30/10/2023

A recent acquisition of a premium vehicle prompted a Brough homeowner to contact Lockforce for an upgrade to their home security system. The homeowner's request for high-security locks and surveillance solutions was promptly addressed by our expert team. On the same day, we installed Ultion high-security locks on all five doors, offering unmatched protection and peace of mind. Additionally, we provided a comprehensive quote for a state-of-the-art CCTV system, which is set to be installed by our seasoned security specialists the following week. Our swift and reliable service ensures that our customers' security is enhanced to protect their valuable assets effectively.

Digital Door locks for local business in Brough - 13/12/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Brough were called to a new business in north cave to fit digital door locks too two of the office doors. We stock these so was able to fit them the same day. Both locks were fitted and set to the codes requested by the owner of the company. Digital door locks are a great was to restrict access to areas for both staff and employees.  

Electrical gate in Brough 09/11/2019

We were called to an electrical gate that was no longer working and we were asked if it could be fixed. It was found that the remote-control unit was unserviceable due to weathering. Also, the gates control settings have been edited. The setting where removed and they where reset to the correct settings the same day. Then a new remote-control unit and 10 fobs where supplied to the customer and fitted and then our deep service of the system was carried out replacing all old and warn parts.

Be smart safe and secure

Lockforce locksmiths in Brough where call to a local home to help re-secure their home following a burglary on Friday 29th March 2019. We attended that morning and discussed with the customer what they would like us to... their reply was make me and my family feel safe again please with your knowledge.’ I sat down with the family and showed them all the security options we had available from Door chains to CCTV. We discussed how they managed to get it so this was the first problem to deal with, so we changed the door lock which had been snapped to a high security Ultion ts007 lock and fitted these to the remaining locks on their home. The next thing they would like was Cctv so we discussed what would best meet their need so we fitted motion detection cameras which would record and notify the family on there smart phones. All these devices will prevent burglary they then wished to have a wireless alarm system fitted which can be set remotely and notify them should of go off anywhere in the world. This was fitted the next day. The family where informed that alarms are a great additional security measure but they will only go off once it is too late. Most burglary’s happen in seconds so an alarm will only inform you when the burglary has happened but the customers still wanted this so it was fitted. We will never miss sell any security to our customers we always inform correctly and leave the decision making up-to you our customers.

CCTV, Alarms and High Security locks.

This week  11/02/2018 Following 3 burglars in the village this week a number of customer have upgraded their security. We have been fitting high security locks to numerous home and even some alarms and CCTV to increase the security further. There are many low cost ways to protect your home we offer a free security survey for all our local residents in our Village. 

Dentist door would not lock in Brough

Lockforce Locksmiths in Brough was called to a dentist in brough on an evening when the staff had tried to lock up and the door would not lock. We was in the middle of another job but once finished we head straight over there as the manager made us aware there young child was with them. After waiting 3 hours for the previous locksmith whom never turned up. We then investigated the problem and showed the manager the issue that they was having. We then went on to replace the faulty part the same evening and the manager was impressed saying the door has never closed and locked so easy before. We was then able to take a card payment for the work done and provide and invoice on completion.  The dentist even posted on there Facebook page and left us a very nice review saying how proud they was of our service this is available view on the reviews part of the page below. If you ever need us in a hurry we are bases in North Cave so we can get to you fast day or night.

Job 1 I was called to attend a house which had recently been purchased, because the new owners had been sent a list of requirement from their insurance company. I attended the property and went thought the list with the owners, where we found that none of the wooden doors had British Standard locks. This ultimately made their insurance void! The owner called their insurance company who told them would have 21 days to action this list othewise any claim they made would not be honoured. Solution: All 4 doors on the main property and the 2 on the garage were fitted with keyed alike British Standard locks, complying to BS3621:2007. The customer also required more keys, which where cut on site at the time of fitting the locks. The customer also requested remote controls for the electric garage doors. These again was fitted and supplied with two fobs, as the customer required.

Job 2 I was called to Brough golf club to repair a faulty door on the ground manager’s home. Upon attending the door was locked shut. Solution: The door was opened by removing the lock and disengaging the locking points. It was found that the MPL had failed due to wear and tear. The MPL was in stock and replaced on site. The customer also requested new handles as the previous one had been damaged when they tried to leave the property. After learning about the criminal craze of ‘locksnapping’ on Breaking Britain, the customer was also keen to request 2 anti snap locks for the property, to provide him with piece of mind. These were all fitted in the same visit so the Grounds Manager could continue tending to the club as soon as possible.

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