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Locked Out? Broken entry? Need a lock upgrade? Call our Ricky on our 24/7 number today 01482 530106.

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Beverley is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 22 customer reviews.

Locksmiths in Beverley 

by Lockforce Beverley

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Hello and thanks for visiting my Lockforce Beverley page. My name’s Ricky Burt and I’m your local locksmith in Beverley and the wider East Yorkshire area. If you have a problem with the locks on your home or business premises in Beverley – I’m your man! Here’s a snapshot of the expert locksmith service I provide to my local community

  • Lockouts
  • Lock Repairs
  • Safe work
  • Door Replacements
  • Emergency Entry
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Window Lock-work
  • Window Boarding
  • Grilles, Sash-jammers and other Security Devices
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Key Cutting
  • Lock Insallation
  • Home Security 
  • Lock Changes
  • Master Key

However, if your problem doesn’t feature on my list, then not to worry! Please call as I may still be able to help.

I’m only 10 - 45 minutes away from any one call out, so for more information on my services or to book me in (for a scheduled or emergency service) call today on 01482 530106

Beverley Lock Security

When experiencing a problem with your locks, it’s perfectly natural to feel vulnerable. So when you’re feeling exposed without adequate security, you need to make sure you have access to a technician who you can trust to get you back into your property. When calling me therefore at, Lockforce Beverley your local locksmith in Beverley. Tou can rest assured that you’re in the capable hands of a locksmith who has been police DBS checked and screened by the national brand he represents. I will always wear my Lockforce uniform and carry an ID badge for easy identification…and if you need of any further convincing, my details can be found printed across the Lockforce-branded van I drive. 

For a technician you can trust in your hour of need, call Ricky today on 01482 530106. Your local Residential and Commercail locksmith in Beverley.

Debbie Daisy Hopkins
Great service. I managed to lock myself out by losing my keys. Rang Ricky I can't fault his service, arranged to come when I finished work, he was on time and sorted my door out really quickly. Fast friendly service, and fair prices. I'll definitely be calling him if my key to the front door doesn't show up soon. Thanks again Ricky, you're a star.
Lauren Brownlee
We rang Lockforce Hull (Ricky) on the Bank Holiday weekend as our patio doors wouldn't close, he was round within 10 minutes of me calling him, extremely polite young man, could see we had young children (one disabled) and fixed the problem there and then. We would and already have recommended Ricky to our friends and family and wouldn't hesitate to call him out if we had any other problems. Thankyou again Ricky.
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24/7 Emergency Response

When a lock emergency strikes, you want to know that a trained professional can be on the scene of your home of business premises as quickly as possible. Fortunately, as I’m local to Beverley, I can be with you within 10 - 45 minutes, whatever time of day (or night!) you need me. What’s more, unlike larger lock outfits who shut their call centres come 6pm, I can guarantee that you will phone through to my direct line – meaning access to the trained technician Ricky, who can provide solutions in real time, is only a phone call away. 

For a round-the-clock response, call Ricky today on 01482 530106Your local Emergency locksmith in Beverley.

Home owners of Beverley, take heed! For having a decent lock fitted on your door won’t only minimise your risk of burglary…it may also save you a nasty fall-out with your insurers in the event of a break in! Indeed for the small print of many insurance policies will often state how a burglary claim will only be valid if locks that meet British Standard's of Security are fitted on the claimant’s property. While it makes sense that insurance providers are only prepared to pay out on a claim if measures have been taken by the homeowner to protect their property with proper locks, I often find that many people haven’t realised that their locks fail to meet the mark!

Look out therefore for the kitemark sign present on all British Standard Locks. They’re fitted by me, Ricky Burt at Lockforce Beverley, and will give you the peace of mind that a good quality lock is fitted on your property.  

The British standard kite mark is a UK product and service quality certification mark. This is issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI Group). The symbol shows that the product of matches that of which is required for the product to operate safely and efficiently doing the job that it is intended for.  The British standard kite mark is a heart shaped symbol, as seen on this ERA Sash Lock.

British Standard Mortise Lock Fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths in Beverley

If you're unsure as to what locks you have fitted on your property and whether they're offering an adequate level of protection, give me a call today your local Expert Locksmith in Beverley on 01482 530106  for lock security advice. 

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Installation


Are you considering increasing security on your property with the use of CCTV (Video Surveillance)? At Lockforce Beverley, Ricky fits the highest level of CCTV to meet your needs.

I fit Full HD CCTV with all the parts and requirements which will allow you to view and record the footage at full HD 1080DP. The live footage as well as the recorded footage can be watched remotely from a Tablet or mobile phone using apps available in the app or android stores. This Level of images make the quality of recording high enough to notice facial features from a distance and even at night. Unlike a lot of imaged of CCTV that we see on the news and Crime watch, where the person is hard to identify even if you had or do see them. Additionally, the cameras also pick up car registration plates as they drive past which is ideal if you have a car park with a lot of moving traffic or a property or business set back from the main road.

CCTV is a proven and effective way to reduce crime there have been seen to reduce crime in car parks by 51%. CCTV is also one of the first things the police will look to see if available once a crime is committed in any location. So not only do the HD CCTV camera work as a Deterrent but they also work great if need to be used in court or even for identification purposes.

CCTV Fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths in Beverley

For more Information on HDCCTV and the Effects of reducing crime, Contact Ricky at Lockforce Locksmiths in Beverley today on 01482 530106. Together we will reduce crime.

Beverley Security Lights


Security lighting is used to as a preventive measure against criminal activity. Security lighting may be provided to aid in the detection of intruders, to deter intruders, or in some cases simply to increase the feeling of safety. Security lighting is integral to crime prevention. Security lights come in two main types, with and without a PIR. PIR is used to turn on (activate) the Light upon detection of movement.

Here at Lockforce local locksmith in Beverley we can fit security lights all carried out by a fully qualified electrician. Here at Lockforce your local locksmith in Beverley we advise customers to fit LED lighting this not only reduces the use of Electricity. But provides bright white light which can easily be directed as not cause light pollution.

Security lights fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths in Beverley

For more options on Security lights and a free no obligation quote contact your local locksmith in Beverley Ricky on 01482 530106

Lock Identification

There are 3 main types of locks fitted to properties in the UK. These are:

Euro Cylinder Locksmiths in beverleyEuro Cylinder identified by the shape of the lock. These are commonly fitted into MPL’s in both UPVC door and composite doors. But can also be found in some Mortice locks in wooded doors. These are now the most common house hold lock in the UK. Although these all appear the same from the front there are many standards. Standard Euro Cylinder, Anti snap locks, British Standards locks in 3 levels of security TS007 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. Currently a TS007 3 Star is the highest rating of Euro cylinder lock more information on these can be found below in the locks we use section... Here at Lockforce your Local Locksmith in Beverley we stock and fit These Locks on 01482 530106 Euro Cylinders work by the pin being alinged into place by the correct key upon insertion then the cam the part in the middle of the lock will rotate allowing the lock to disengage the locking system in the MPL or mortice lock. There is also a oval cylinder the only difference is the shape is an oval surposed to the common euro cylinder shape.

Sash Lock Locksmiths in beverleyMortice locks these are found in wooden door as from the outside the key hole is the best for of identification. There are two common types of mortice locks a sash lock and a dead lock the main difference being a sash lock retains the door then the lock is not engaged (The bolt is extended) and a handle is used to open the door. A dead lock use solely a bolt which is engaged when the key is turned. Mortice locks are required to be British standard by insurance company’s. This standard is normally BS3621 this can be identified by the British standard kite mark on the face plate (Where the bolt and sash come out of the door. Normally a brass or chrome plate) for more information see our locks and home insurance section. Or Call Lockforce your Locksmith in Beverley on 01482 530106. British standard mortice locks are normally 5 leavers when the key is inserted these align then a curtain within the lock is allowed to spin then the bolt is retracted.

Cylinder Lock on a Night Latch or Yale Lock, by lockforce locksmiths in beverleyNight latch these are commonly missed call by the common brand a Yale lock. The lock from the exterior is identified commonly by the round lock face (rim cylinder). These locks are used for additional security and multiple occupancy households. These again are most common on wooden doors, they work by when the door is closed the latch catches in the keep attached to the frame. Meaning there is no need to physically turn a key to lock the door. Benefits to this type of lock are they can be open from the inside easily without a key (on non-British standard locks) allow easy exit if multiple people are inside the property. For more information on these locks and if they are suitable for your self contact lockforce, local locksmith in Beverley. Down side are unless British standard you then need a British standard lock as well on the door for insurance purposes (unless interior doors have additional locks). Also if you shut the door and leave the keys inside you are locked out of your property. The principle of these locks to open is the same as the Euro cylinder where the key moves the pins into alignment but then instead of moving a cam in moves a Shaft the turn the night latch mechanism therefore opening the door.

For a professional opinion on lock variants and unrivaled locksmith expertise- call your local Locksmith in Beverley on 01482 530106 and speak with Ricky of Lockforce locksmiths in Beverley regarding your domestic or commercial security.

Keen to know what locks we use?

As a locksmith I can tell you that the type of locks fitted onto your property will make a huge difference in deterring burglars from breaking and entering your home. For indeed, not all locks are created equal! That’s why I stock locks from a list of select suppliers, upon whose high quality you can rely to keep you safe.

One such lock I stock is from my trusted supplier Brisant, whose TS007 model offers the maximum protection to homeowners up and down the country. The lock has 11 pins with an incredible 64,000 potential combinations – preventing an easy picking for burglars! Have a look at the vimeo below for a demonstration as to how the locking mechanism works… 

Having a high quality lock such as the TS007 is really important against protecting yourself against burglary…especially at a time when crooks up and down East Yorkshire are getting savvier at breaking into homes through a technique known as lock-snapping. Having worked out that a large proportion of UK homeowners have an intrinsic weakness in the lock cylinders fitted on their uPVC doors, simply by using a few commonplace tools, criminals can break into your home without as much as a sound…all I might add within 13 seconds! Look at the video below to see lock snapping in action and how a good quality lock, fitted by a trained technician and from a trusted supplier, can protect your home from intruders. 

Brands lockforce locksmiths in beverley use

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Lockforce Beverley accepts;

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  • Debit Cards
  • Cheques
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal Transactions

Not based in Beverley? Why not check out the other areas in which you can find my locksmith services, including...


Yorkshire, 15th June 2015

New locks fitted to my mother's house - “I called for some advise really as I didn't know what to do. My Mother is 84 and she kept leaving her key in the inside of the lock which prevented myself and carers from unlocking the door with a key from the outside. Ricky was very professional and polite and his advise was to fit a Thumbtun lock. What a super star he is my Mother loves her new lock and now we can get in to the property with the special key. Fantastic a huge weight from my shoulders. Thank you Ricky.”


Hornsea, 15th June, 2015

Locked Myself Out - "Excellent All Round Service"


Recent Jobs

Dont Leave the Keys in Burglary

I was called on Wednesday 30th August to a home in Beverley which had been burgled. The home had a window forced open and then they put their arm thought the window to open the door as the keys where left on the inside.  

This customer said straight away they would like all their locks changed as keys had been taken. They also requested and alarm and CCTV. This was all fitted in a 24-hour period their locks are now the most secure locks on the market and with the added alarm and CCTV there security is dramatically increased.

If you lock your doors do not leave the keys in them yes this may stop someone using a key from the outside but this also makes it so much easier to break in this goes for both uPVC door and Wooden doors.

Job 1

I received a call from a local dentist who had all new doors fitted to his home but was unsure about the security of the locks on them - after having seen 'Breaking Britain' and how easy lock snapping was.

Upon attending the property, it was clear the doors were to a high security having composite reinforced doors. However the locks that were fitted were standard EURO cylinders. Moreover, when looking at all the doors and the customer informed me one of them was not functioning correctly. This doors MPL was not aligned correctly, so this was rectified straight away. 

After discussing lock snapping in more detail and showing the customer how easily this is done. Even letting the customer do this on his own door. We discussed all the anti snap options and their costs. The customer required the highest security locks Brisant ULTIONs to the standard of TS007 3* (highest available at present). Also, the customer was informed of the one key opens all doors option, with this being a large property this suited the customer's needs. All doors on the home and the out-building were fitted with the same key code and the highest security locks from Brisant.

Job 2

I was called to a commercial property following a break in. Upon attending I was shown around to find the metal fire escape door had been forced open with a Crow bar. Upon inspection it was clear to see the bolts on the release button where not fully extending into the retaining slots. 

Then a security survey was conducted of the other entry point and it was clear to see all of the fire escapes on the property were not fully engage. Some did not even move at all!

Solution: All new bolts have been fitted. Extra bolts were likewise fitted to secure the door at more points, with longer bolts when the building is unoccupied. 

Job 3

Problem: Was called to a house where 2 UPVC windows where locked open when then new home owner moved in and there was no keys left.

Solution: Both handles where locked open and was not part of a master suit. The old handles was removed and replaced with 2 new handles with the same keys. Also supplied with 4 keys. These handles was selected by the customer to meet there design and colour needs.

Job 4 - Entry gained into a home mortice lock Beverley

I was called to a house in Beverley at 2300 where a customer was locked out of their home. Where the customer had lost their keys the mortice lock was opened using non-destructive entry methods.

The Customer was back into their home within 30 minutes of calling LockForce locksmiths in Hull out of the rain. Then the lock was replaced with a British Standard Mortice lock which complies with insurance requirement. These locks come with 2 keys and the customer required an additional 2 keys which were cut on site.

Job 5 - Faulty door Lock in molescroft

I was called by a customer in molescroft in Beverley, where their door wouldn’t lock and unlock.

I arrived within 30 minutes and could see that the MPL was faulty so the replacement MPL was ordered and the door locked shut again until the MPL arrived the next day and was fitted that day. Also the customer upgraded their locks to anti snap.


A speedy arrival from Ricky after calling him to arrange an appointment, the same morning he arrived. A friendly and most importantly, honest assessment of the work that needed doing and quick as a flash it was fixed. A very reasonable price and brilliant service. 100% recommend and would happily call Ricky again for future work.


Carol McGowan

Fantastic service. Couldn't lock my front door so contacted Ricky at 7.30pm and within half an hour he had arrived at my home.He diagnosed what the issue was and the door was repaired by 8.45pm.Could not fault the service and professionalism especially bearing in mind the heavy snow that evening. Very impressed indeed and would highly recommend Ricky and Lockforce.


Paul Miller

Excellent service - rang back straight away and the job was done the same day. Great advice, understood exactly what we needed. Couldn’t be better.


K Rowe

Very Quick and professional service, would use gain.

Yes I would recommend


Lewis Edwards

Lock changed.
Quick and professional service.

Mr Kevinkliddall, Beverley.

Very polite on time, no mess, would use again.

Smith, Beverley.

Brilliant, professional, friendly.

Mr Tony Wilkinson, Beverley.

Gear box changed lock upgraded.
Very good, would use lock force again.

Mr Idinson,

Happy with service.

Miss Stamp, Hessle.

Very quick response and very professional service. On time and promptly fitted. Very happy.

MR Maher, Beverley.

Open safe
Good service.

Mrs Underwood, Beverley.

  • 5 starFast friendly and professional just what u need - very happy


Steve Forrester

Lock changed.
Called 20 minutes before he was due as promised, as it was later on at night. He was very knowledgeable, polite and efficient. Got 3 keys with the lock which saves having more cut. Very pleased with the price and the work carried out.

Miss Harpur, Market Rasen.

Open our locked safe.
Ricky came to our house the following day and rang us to say a set time, great service !

Mr Terry Mitchell, Hull.


Mr Eric Bolton, Hull.

Replaced door lock
Prompt friendly service very pleased with the work.

Mr J Ward, Hull.

5 star Called Locksmith (hull) late on Friday night and chatted to Ricky, as my door was secure, we agreed he would come in the morning to fix it. A very nice man, very polite and knowledgeable. As other people have said, I had three keys with my new lock, and reasonably priced, very handy and helpful, nothing to much trouble. Would highly recommend him.



Liz Childs

After previously using a well known locksmith in Hull and been left disappointed I was fairly dubious. However, Ricky's name was suggested to me by several friends at the gym who had used his company. His work was first-rate. He was very punctual, professional and his prices were very reasonable considering he supplied me with premium locks. I would highly recommend his services to anyone without a moments hesitation !!

DR C Boynton, Beverley

Fitted CCTV.
We were so impressed with previous work that we got them back. If all companies were like them then there would be no problems in this country. The advice he gave us was superb and the reason we went with them.

Ms N Botham, Brough.

Excellent service. Would definitely recommend to anyone requiring a prompt, efficient service. Thank you.

Margaret S

  • Sally Joyce 5 star Professional service and advice. Job was done quickly and efficiently. Will definitely recommend.


Sally Joyce

We had a problem with our door not opening over christmas, rang Ricky and he was able to visit and get the door serviceable. Very professional work and  his advice was invaluable. He assessed all our doors and we now have upgraded locks which in turn help us feel more secure. Would not hesitate to use him again and highly recommend his services.


Louise, Beverley

TapClick number to contact:

24 hour Number
01482 530106

Customer Reviews

Lockforce Beverley is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 22 customer reviews.

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