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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Exmouth.

My name is Nigel Manning, and I am your local locksmith; here to help you with your locksmith services in Exmouth.

Key Points

+ Local to East Devon

+ Rapid Response

+ Insurance up to £5 million

+ DBS checked

+ No call-out fees

+ Free advice on all aspects of safety and security

+ All work comes with a 12-month guarantee

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Call Nigel today for local and professional locksmith services across Exmouth

Exmouth Locksmith Services

When you need a locksmith in Exmouth, you want someone who can be with you quickly. Regardless of the issue, I aim to arrive within 30 minutes of receiving your call. I can be there for a range of locksmith services; whether you're locked out, you need to gain access to your property after an eviction, or you're having issues with a damaged or faulty lock, I can help.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Exmouth, we pride ourselves on offering the best service using only the latest technology tools and techniques to give you increased satisfaction and a job well done. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry allow us to complete all jobs to the highest standards and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we do! We won't leave until you are happy.

We provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following;

  • 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Exmouth
  • Lock repair and lock replacement in Exmouth
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Entry gaining
  • Window boarding
If in doubt, contact me Nigel, and I can talk you through all of your options and services to help you out.

Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in Exmouth

We understand how inconvenient it is to be locked out of your premises or home. The last thing you want is to wait for ages for a locksmith when locked out in Exmouth. As your local Lockforce Locksmiths, we reach you quickly and easily to ensure we gain you access as soon as possible. Our preferred entry options are non-destructive, and I am fully trained in the latest tools and techniques to ensure minimal damage, if any, is caused during this time. And if there is any mess during the process, I will clean it up before I leave, so you don't have to clean up after being locked out.

Exmouth Mobile Key Cutting Service

We don't only supply lock fitting services; we are also able to provide a mobile key-cutting service Exmouth for added convenience. Thanks to our fully stocked van of machinery, tools and tricks, we can print and thoroughly test your new keys so they're ready to go when needed.

Need to order a new set of keys? All you need to do is to call ahead to your local Lockforce Locksmith Exmouth and let us know what you need.

Exmouth Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

If you need a lock repair and lock replacement Exmouth, we are one call away from being able to assist you today. Whether you have a faulty lock, you cannot open your windows and doors, or even if you snapped your key in the lock, no job is too big or too small for your expert local locksmith. We are on hand to supply you with a range of different lock styles to fit your needs, be it to gain access to your property or resolve a lock issue you have been having. Our expertise and skill set allows us to quickly identify the right lock and service you need to ensure your security is restored with as minimal fuss as possible.

Call this number 01395 875 025 and speak to me Nigel, and I will ensure a speedy service to resolve your lock repair and lock replacement Exmouth concerns quickly.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Exmouth?

When you have a lock emergency, you want to be able to trust someone who comes highly rated and can ensure you receive an efficient service with minimal fuss. Your safety and security are paramount to us. We are more than happy to show you our certification, DBS checks and insurance documents so you know we can complete the job at hand. We also have ID on us at all times and will be wearing our Lockforce uniform so you can quickly identify us and be confident we are who we say we are.

You can also read reviews from past customers who can attest to our professionalism to help you learn more about who we are and the type of service you can expect from Lockforce Locksmiths Exmouth. We want you to be happy with our work, and if anything doesn't meet our standards, we will strive to correct it. Take advantage of our no-call-out fee to help you resolve your lock issues, and we promise that if you aren't happy with any aspect of our work, we won't leave until you are completely satisfied. Plus, you can rest assured that should you experience any problems with our work in the following 12 months, we will rectify it completely free of charge.

Lockforce Payment Options

When it comes to paying for your locksmith services, at Lockforce Locksmiths Exmouth, we want to make it as uncomplicated as possible by offering a wide range of payment options. You can choose to pay in one of the following ways;

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
To find out more about your payment options for Exmouth locksmith services, give me Nigel a call today on 01395 875 025 to discuss your options and book your lock repair or replacement service.

Recent Jobs

A shopping trip goes wrong in Exmouth, EX8 - 13/03/2024

When Mrs Q returned with her son from a late night shopping trip she began to unload her shopping only to hear the front door slam shut in a gust of wind - locking her out and her keys in! She called Exmouth locksmith Nigel from Lockforce Exeter and East Devon who was able to attend immediately, and Mrs Q and her son were inside and reunited with their keys within minutes.  

Flat renovation disturbed by prowlers in Exmouth, EX8 - 13/02/2024

Builder Mr R noticed items being moved around overnight in his renovation site, so fearing for the security of the property he called Exmouth locksmith Nigel for assistance. Nigel attended the same day, fitting a new lock and providing multiple keys.  Nigel will be making a second visit when work is complete to provide a new suite of locks.  

Locked out after a night out!  Exmouth, EX8 - 26/01/2024

Mr C returned home after a night out to find his key wouldn't open his front door.  He spent the night with a friend, and in the morning found he still couldn't open his front door.  He called Exmouth locksmith Nigel who was able to gain entry to the flat, allowing Mr C to put the kettle on, and diagnosed a failed nightlatch mechanism which he was able to replace on the spot.   

Security upgraded in idyllic Devon location, EX8 - 09/01/24

Mrs W initially asked Lockforce Exmouth to look at a door which wasn't closing properly, but then admitted she was unhappy with the level of security on her front door.  Locksmith Nigel fitted a British Standard nightlatch, and a British Standard euro thumbturn mortice lock for complete peace of mind.  

Making a holiday let safer and more secure in Lympstone, EX8 - 08/09/23

Visitors to East Devon beauty spot Lympstone were having difficulty opening their front door lock.  Exmouth locksmith Nigel replaced the original lock with a euro mortice with thumb turn, and also fitted a key safe for future visitors and cleaning staff to use. 

Long night for Exmouth carers in EX8 - 28/07/23

Exmouth locksmith Nigel of Lockforce Exeter and East Devon received a late night call to an Exmouth care home. A fire escape couldn't be closed and carers were worried for vulnerable patients.  Nigel arrived rubbing his eyes and yawning, but was able to safely secure the door, and return the next morning to replace a broken handle.  

Exmouth shift worker concerned by unreliable door lock in Exmouth, EX8 - 18/07/23

NHS worker Miss C worried that her front door lock would let her down in the middle of the night, so called on Exmouth locksmith Nigel to help.  Nigel diagnosed a faulty control box, and was able to replace it, together with carrying out some door realignment, to restore confidence.  

Lock failure brings family reunion to a temporary stop in Topsham, Exmouth -  03/07/23

When two sisters got back from the restaurant late at night, they found their front door was not letting them in. So they called Lockforce Exmouth locksmith Nigel Manning, who came out straightaway and they were soon inside opening a bottle of red!

Locked out after dropping car at garage, EX8 - 27/06/23

When Mr H arrived home after dropping his car at an Exeter garage for servicing, he found to his dismay that he had left his house key at the garage! After a quick look on the internet he phoned Exmouth locksmith Nigel at Lockforce, who came out straightaway, let him into his house and provided an upgraded euro cylinder for the back door.  

Ancient patio doors playing up in Exmouth, EX8 - 14/06/23

When Mr and Mrs K were unable to lock their sliding patio doors they called on Lockforce Exmouth to help. Exmouth locksmith Nigel Manning removed the offending mechanism but found it to be no longer in production, spares unavailable.  After consulting with suppliers he was able to find a near match which, with a bit of clever engineering, he was able to fit, and the sliding patio doors were able to close and lock even better than previously.  

Unable to lock ground floor flat in Exmouth, EX8 - 05/06/23

Mr S was unable to secure his ground floor flat front door due to a sticking key so called in Lockforce Exmouth.  We were able to supply a new lock, and clean and lubricate the door locking mechanism so closing and locking was as easy as it should be.

Replacement locks bring peace of mind to music lessons in Exmouth, EX8 - 22/05/23

A temperamental front door lock made music and singing teacher Ms P fear being locked into her lessons with her pupils!  Lockforce Exmouth locksmith Nigel fitted and tested a new lock, adjusted the door alignment to prevent sticking, and the show could go on. 

Sticking uPVC double doors need a clean up in Exmouth, EX8 - 12/05/23

Lockforce Locksmith Exmouth had to tiptoe around a nervous rescue dog to carry out repairs in Exmouth.  He was able to quietly strip out and clean the closing mechanism, and provide keyed-alike replacement locks.  

Broken off window key prevents a good nights sleep in Exmouth, EX8  - 27/04/23

Mrs F of Exmouth prefers to sleep with plenty of fresh air, but after breaking off the key in the window lock was unable to get her fix by opening the window in the evening.  Nigel at Lockforce locksmith Exmouth was able to extract the jammed in stub of key, and supply a replacement and spare, resulting in a good nights sleep being restored.

Exmouth; Locked garage defies all attempts in EX8 - 18/04/23

When Ms P. went to clear out an elderly relatives house she found the key to the garage missing and was unable to get in.  Lockforce locksmith Exmouth was able to gain entry to the locked garage, and fitted a new lockable access handle, complete with spare keys.  

Exmouth Locksmith call out in EX8 - 03/04/2023

Yesterday Lockforce Exmouth answered an urgent call from Exmouth to rescue a gentleman who was locked in the lavatory.  He was soon freed, to the great relief of all concerned.  

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