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I'm Nigel Manning your local, trusted, experienced and highly trained locksmith in East Devon.

Key Points

+ Local to East Devon

+ Fully DBS Checked.

+ Fully Insured (£5 million)

+ Work comes with a 1 year guarantee 

+ No Callout Fees 

+ FREE Home Security Survey

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Call Nigel your local friendly and professional locksmith today on 01395 875 035.

East Devon Locksmith Services

As your local locksmith in East Devon, I am on-call and able to be contacted for both scheduled visits and emergencies. I understand that the need to secure part of your property, or gain access to property you’re locked out of is a pressing matter to say the least. For this reason, I’m always around and able to provide a speedy yet thorough service in East Devon and its surrounding areas.

I provide locksmith services 24/7, and am proud of my response and satisfaction rates. I also provide free advice and can carry out a free security assessment of your property - all without forcing a callout charge upon you, this way you can feel confident in having your security needs valued and gaining a correct, reasonable estimate. My service prides itself on its cutting-edge standards, and we only commit to using the latest tools and techniques, providing only the best locks and parts that are both durable and easy to access provided you’re the verified owner.

Our East Devon locksmith services include:

  • 24 hour emergency locksmith services
  • Lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Entry gaining
  • Window boarding

Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in East Devon

In case of emergency when locked out in East Devon, we operate an emergency service to make sure you can gain access at any time of day and night. We understand this is more than just a convenience, but for some people it can mean the difference between safe and secure, and being stuck outside with no recourse. That’s why we take our job so seriously, and endeavour to answer and respond to your call as quickly as we can - always using non-destructive techniques, leaving your property unharmed. I undergo continual locksmith training to ensure the correct compliance and security measures are routinely upheld, and take pride on the standard of service rendered, leaving every task in well-organised fashion.

If you need a local East Devon locksmith or require some advice, or if you're locked out in East Devon, please do not hesitate to contact me, Nigel, your local East Devon locksmith on 01395 875 035.

East Devon Mobile Key Cutting Service

At Lockforce Locksmiths East Devon, we have a fully equipped van that allows us to cut keys on-site. Whether you need a new set of keys at your home or office, we can make them for you right away and test them in the locks to ensure proper function.

Call us today at 01395 875 035 to schedule a mobile key cutting service.

East Devon Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Whether your lock is not working correctly or you need a security upgrade, we can help. We offer a variety of lock options including digital locks, child safety locks, deadbolts, night latches and more. Our team is highly trained and ready to assist with all your lock repair and replacement needs, and this service can also be given as part of our emergency package - we understand that sometimes locks need to be changed in short order, for instance when organising the affairs of a property after a tenant eviction.

If you need your lock replaced, why wait? Call Locksmiths East Devon at 01395 875 035 today.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths East Devon

Our fully vetted business is more than happy to provide all of our insurance details and police DBS check information to you upon request, so you always know who you are dealing with at all times. After all, locksmiths have a responsibility to make certain their abilities at accessing property and vehicles are rendered correctly. It’s why we’ll always verify ownership before taking on a client, and you can always trust our professional candour. Lockforce Locksmiths East Devon is proud to offer the high-quality services of the Lockforce brand, available locally in East Devon.

We know it can be stressful to be locked out of a home, workplace or vehicle, and so we make sure to provide updates on arrival time when 20-30 minutes away. Our goal is to put you, the customer, first in everything that we do. We will complete all work to a standard you are happy with before payment is required. We also offer 12-month warranties at standard, meaning that you can always trust in our work and will never be left out of pocket.

For more information, you can also reach out to Lockforce Locksmiths East Devon at any time by calling 01395 875 035.

Lockforce Payment Options

We accept a range of payment methods at Lockforce Locksmiths in East Devon, including

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
We look forward to speaking with you and servicing your needs as a cherished client.

Recent Jobs

Lock failure finally demands action in Honiton, EX14 - 15/04/2024

Mrs F spent several weeks forcing her door to close and lock before admitting defeat and calling on Honiton locksmith Nigel to help out.  Nigel quickly diagnosed the problem, and informed Mrs F that her door hadn't been locking properly for much longer than a few weeks.  Lockforce Exeter and East Devon supplied a replacement lock, ensured all connections and links were restored, and that the lock operated as it should to provide security for Mrs F and her family.  

Antique travel chests mystery solved in East Devon EX14 - 02/04/2024

Two wooden chests and a jewellery box had been locked for as long as anyone could remember, and finally curiosity got the better of Mrs M. She contacted local locksmith Nigel and asked him to open the family heirlooms without damaging them.  Nigel was able to do so, revealing - nothing! The boxes were old traveling chests, with the original fittings but otherwise empty.  

Utility room lock failure means no laundry can be done in isolated East Devon cottage EX16 - 13/03/2024

Mrs T rang Nigel at Lockforce Exeter and East Devon to tell him she was unable to unlock her utility room, and could he help?  Nigel paid the isolated cottage, out in the middle of the beautiful Devon countryside and down a bumpy dirt drive, a speedy visit.  He opened the ancient 3 lever lock and replaced it with a more modern equivalent.  Mrs T was so impressed that she asked him back a week later to replace another one!

Making good forced entry damage in Seaton, EX12 - 13/02/2024

When an elderly man fell and hit his head in Seaton the fire brigade was called to break in and gain access for paramedics.  The next day carers called Lockforce Exeter and East Devon locksmiths to replace the lock and door handle ready for the elderly man's return from his brief hospital visit.  

Door slammed shut, locked out in Ottery St Mary, EX11 - 30/01/2024

Ms H allowed her door to shut behind her thinking it was held on the latch - but it wasn't! Locked out with half her suitcases on the outside of the door and the other half on the inside, Ms H called East Devon locksmith Nigel who was able to gain entry to the flat. There he found that the nightlatch appeared to have been poorly installed causing it to release the latch when it shouldn't have. Glad to learn that she had set the latch after all, Ms H asked if it could be set correctly which Nigel did at no extra charge. 

Sticky 3* lock keeps the cleaner locked out! Honiton, EX16 - 05/01/24

Mr M of Honiton consulted Lockforce East Devon because his cleaner was unable to unlock the front door to clean the house.  Acknowledging that this was an urgent matter, locksmith Nigel attended the address and agreed that the lock did still work but not very well, and it was advisable to change it before it let anyone down at a worse moment.  He was able to do this straight away, testing the lock and providing a guarantee, and everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  

Jammed patio door disrupts evening routine in Cullompton, EX15 - 19/09/23

A patio door in Cullompton couldn't be opened, meaning the family pet, a French Bulldog, was unable to go into the back garden to do his business!  East Devon locksmith Nigel managed to open the jammed door, and fitted a new gearbox and lock.  Full functionality was restored, and the dog and owners were all happy again.  

Locks changed for peace of mind in Cullompton, EX15 - 28/07/23

Ms P decided to mark her divorce by changing the locks in her house.  Although not concerned for her safety, she explained, she would feel better.  East Devon locksmith Nigel attended the same day to fit the new locks.  

New nightlatch and 20 spare keys in Honiton, EX14 - 18/07/2023

Lockforce East Devon were pleased to be able to help out a local house of worship by fitting a new nightlatch and supplying 20 spare keys.

Broken key causes problems in Honiton, East Devon, EX14 - 05/07/23

A carer trying to enter the wrong house broke his key in the cylinder, but Lockforce East Devon locksmith Nigel was able to extract the broken key, and make sure everything was still working as it should do before going on his way.  

3 star lock for East Devon property, EX15 - 30/06/23

Mr D moved into a brand new property in this lovely East Devon town, and decided only the best locks would do, so he asked for a quote from East Devon locksmith Nigel Manning for Ultion 3* British Standard locks to be fitted.  Nigel was able to arrive at a prearranged time and fit the locks with minimal disruption to Mr D's work from home routine.

Garden sheds opened in East Devon, EX16 - 05/06/23

Lost keys meant Mrs G was unable to access her garden maintenance machinery.  East Devon locksmith Nigel Manning of Lockforce was easily able to remove three padlocks in rapid succession, allowing order to be restored in the garden.  

Old mortice locks in need of replacement in Hemyock, EX15 - 30/05/23

Mrs S had lived with front and side door mortice locks that only locked from one side, and occasionally didn't lock (or unlock) at all, for years.  Finally, she called in Nigel from Lockforce East Devon, who supplied and fitted 2 brand new mortice sash locks, complete with spare keys, tested and guaranteed for 2 years.  Mrs S was so delighted she left a glowing 10 out of 10 review on Checkatrade.  

Patio door stuck closed in East Devon, EX16 just as the weather turns nice! - 19/05/23

In the heart of rural East Devon Miss L found herself unable to access her patio for sunbathing.  Luckily Lockforce locksmith Nigel was able to open the door for her and replace the damaged locking mechanism that had caused the problem.  Leaving Miss L to her sun lounger, Nigel was able to find a quiet spot in the sun to enjoy his lunch before going to his next job.  

Emergency! Unable to get to swimming pool through patio doors! EX15 - 11/05/23

East Devon locksmith Nigel put in a late shift to make sure an isolated holiday cottage, in the heart of beautiful East Devon, was ready for guests the next day, replacing and testing a mortice lock on the back patio.  

Floppy handle and door refusing to close in East Devon, EX5 - 04/05/23

Mr J reported that his front door became more difficult to close over a few weeks and now wouldn't close at all, and the handle was all floppy.  Nigel from Lockforce locksmiths East Devon diagnosed the problem, provided a fix, and all was well.  And he was able to advise Mr J that the problem derived from a misaligned door which could have been fixed quite simply and much more cheaply if a locksmith had been called on earlier.  Lesson learned!

Reception door of East Devon campsite not letting customers in EX5 - 19/04/23

Staff at this East Devon campsite spent a week struggling with their reception door before calling in Lockforce locksmith East Devon.  We diagnosed a faulty MPL control and were able to replace it allowing free entry for staff and customers alike.  

Landlord locked out in Budleigh, Salterton, EX9 - 18/04/23

A landlord was left unable to enter his property after keys went missing.  Lockforce locksmith East Devon Nigel was able to attend promptly, and gain entry to the flat via the front door.  He then fitted new locks to the front and rear doors with spare keys and was able to give advice on improving security of the flat.  

Moving House and needed new locks fitted - 08/04/23

Ms W. was preparing to move into her new house when she realised she should have a new lock fitted to the front door.  Nigel from Lockforce Exeter & East Devon was able to quickly attend, provide a new quality lock and 7 spare keys!

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