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Lockforce Gives A Duck

Every year in the UK, the lives of about 1,800 children and their families are profoundly changed with a cancer diagnosis. Facing cancer is an enormous challenge for anyone, but for children, it's particularly heart-wrenching. Despite their young age, these children show extraordinary courage and resilience in the face of such adversity.

Amidst these difficult times, there shines a beacon of hope, love, and unwavering support from families, healthcare workers, communities, and charitable organizations. We, at Lockforce, are inspired to join this circle of support.

We are thrilled to partner with The Give a Duck Foundation, a wonderful initiative that touches the lives of young cancer warriors and their families. Together, we bring smiles and comfort through the gift of a 'Chemo Duck.' This adorable companion becomes a child's buddy during their cancer journey, helping them navigate through the tough realities of treatments, hospital visits, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. Chemo Duck plays a vital role in making these moments less frightening by offering a sense of normalcy and companionship.

To show our commitment, Pestforce donates four Chemo Ducks every month to ensure that every brave young fighter and their sibling has a Chemo Duck by their side. Furthermore, we promise to gift even more ducks for every milestone of 200 positive reviews we receive.

Lockforce Supports The Give A Duck Foundations

Pestforce has proudly donated 3 Chemo Ducks so far.


Our involvement with The Give a Duck Foundation is more than just a partnership; it's a heartfelt commitment to bring a ray of light into the lives of children facing cancer. Together, we can make a difference, one Chemo Duck at a time.

You may spot a little yellow duck with your Lockforce locksmith — in the van, snug in the tool bag, working as their apprentice, or even pinned to their uniform. These quirky mascots bring joy to our day and symbolise our link to the Chemo Duck family.

Check out our fun photo library of our franchisees and customers supporting this wonderful charity:


Photos from our franchisees and customers supporting The Give A Duck Foundation

Help us spread the word far and wide and support The Give a Duck Foundation by leaving a review for your Lockforce locksmith — simply ask them for the best way to do it.

Can you Give A Duck? To find out more please visit The Give A Duck Foundation (www.giveaduck.org.uk)