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Locksmith Thames Valley - Auto Locksmith and Domestic Locksmith across the Thames Valley, servicing Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and more.

Auto Locksmith and Domestic Locksmith servicing the Thames Valley. Immediate callouts for emergencies at affordable prices! Call 03335 670636


Lockforce Thames Valley

Mark Osbourne

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Hi and welcome to Lockforce Thames Valley. Your local locksmith covers the Thames Valley region, providing you with a safe, reliable and friendly locksmith service that will get you back behind the wheel of your vehicle in no time at all. If you have a specific problem with your vehicle locksmith system, read a list of my services and waste no time in calling me as soon as possible. We can help with the following auto-lock dilemmas…

  • Locksmith Services in; Slough, Reading, Maidenhead, Amersham, High Wycombe, Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Basingstoke, Iver, Henley on Thames, Hounslow, Uxbridge, Woking, Wokingham and many more areas within the Thames Valley!

If you require an experienced locksmith anywhere in the Thames Valley, call  03335 670636 and decoding locks at the road side

When you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle and are in a hurry to get to your final destination, the last think you need his for your car to be towed to a locksmith’s workshop in order to have the locks decoded or picked. With your convenience in mind, we offer a by-the-roadside service. Using the latest key picking technology and years of training and practical experience, I can get you back into your vehicle in no time at all, without having the hindrance of delays at the depot! So if you need your car locks picked or decoded, waste o time in calling me at Lockforce Thames Valley today.

There's no need to fret if you stuck at roadside, call  03335 670636

Car Key Replacement in the Thames Valley

People within the Thames Valley may require a car key to be replaced for a number of different reasons; whether they are locked out of their car and need immediate access, whether they have lost their keys and require a replacement or to replace a faulty key in their possession. It is important that these current or future problems are addressed as soon as possible as to avoid being stranded at work or roadside waiting for a lengthy locksmith call out at extortionate prices. Fortunately, help is just a short phone call away when you call Lockforce.  Lockforce can deal with cars and vans of a variety of makes and models, to service most key replacement requirements.

So regardless of your situation, location in the Thames Valley or car key replacement query, be sure to call 03335 670636

Broken key extractions

We’ve all done it! And jamming or breaking your keys in the lock of your car or van can be one of the most frustrating lock out scenerios I encounter among my customers. Fortunatinely, however, help is at hand! For at Lockforce Thames Valley I offer a swift and professional service that extracts your broken keys from stiff or jammed locks. If you don’t have a spare, I can also precode you a new key pr provide a dealer key on site, getting you back on your journey in no time at all. For more information about my broken key extraction service, waste no time in calling today at Lockforce Thames Valley locksmiths.  

For all broken key extraction requirements in the Thames Valley, speak to your local locksmith on  03335 670636

Re-cutting worn keys back to manufacture state

Even the most high-tech car keys become worn by regular use and the general passage of time. Subject to wear and tear, you may be finding that your keys aren’t working as efficiently as they used to…taking several attempts before opening your door, for example. If this sounds like a frustration you recognise only too well, then I recommend you get in touch. For at Lockforce Thames Valley, we can cut worn keys back to their new state at the point of manufacture, allowing for seamless operation of your keys moving forward. By recutting your keys, you may also avoid any future key complications that will invariably come about from their wear and tear…saving you money later down the line!

For more information about how I can help get your keys back up to scratch, call  03335 670636

Finding that your car key is causing problems? Call 03335 670636

Reprogramming lost or faulty transponders

If you’re having difficulty starting your car, it may be because you’ve got a dodgy transponder. A transponder is a chip found in the inner writing of your autolock key fob. It unlocks the vehicle’s immobiliser, when the car key is used to kick start the engine. However, vehicle fobs are easy to lose and can become faulty from overuse and damage. If you’re having difficulty starting your car with the correct key, then it may be signal that your transponder is in difficulty! Fortunately, at Lockforce Thames Valley, we can reprogramme your lost or faulty transponders, to ensure you can turn your engine on without a glitch!

We can likewise reprogramme remote keys if they have lost sync with your vehicle.

If you require a car key to be reprogrammed, look no further than Lockforce Thames Valley, call 03335 670636

ECU Data Deletion – Vehicle Protection

Another important service that I can provide for my customers is the deletion of data for a vehicle’s ECU. The ECU is the engine control unit that ensures the optimal performance of the engine. However, it can also hold core information about the keys that can be used to start your engine.

This means that if you’ve had your keys stolen, the key’s imprint on the ECU will allow a thief to gain access and start the car. As a protection method, I can delete this data, and reprogramme a new key – meaning that when the thief returns to the scene of the crime in an attempt to steal the car, the ECU won’t register the device and your vehicle will remain stationary.

For more information about ECU and vehicle protection after losing your keys (or having them stolen), call me at Lockforce Thames Valley today. 

So if you’re a Thames Valley resident with an auto-lock requirement, call 03335 670636

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Thames Valley 24 hours
0333 567 0823

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