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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate.

We are Trading Standards Approved by Check and Vetted, Police DBS Cleared and proud members of Checkatrade.

Our aim is to always deliver excellent customer service. 

You will find we are committed to offering a competitively priced, high quality locksmith service. 

All our work and parts fitted are guaranteed for 12 months.

Living in your area we aim to be with you in just 30 minutes of your call. We do not charge any call out fee.

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Harrogate Locksmith Services 

Our services include:

  • Lock repairs and replacements
  • Locks fitted to BS3621
  • Upgrades to meet Insurance standards
  • Free Security advice and quotations
  • Mobile key cutting service
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Gaining entry when locked out
  • Upvc door mechanisms
  • Upvc Window locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Police Approved Locks
  • Anti Snap Locks
  • Letterbox Locks
  • Remove snapped keys from locks
  • Sash Jammers fitted to aid security
  • Digital Locks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Roller Shutter Locks
  • Emergency Boarding
  • Postbox Locks
  • Electric Locks
  • We also fit the lastest design Britsh Standard TS007 Sold Secure by Design Police approved anti-snap locks

Lock snapping is becoming a huge problem and as the video below shows it only takes 9 seconds to break a standard lock that is fitted to millions of houses across the UK. Lockforce Lockmsiths Harrogate stock and fit the Ultion lock by Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate. The Lock has Police and Insurance Approval and comes with a £1000 Guarantee and on top of that a 10 year Manufacturers lock warranty. Your keys can be coded to suit your property so if you prefer just one key for all your doors that is possible, or perhaps the front and patio doors are different whatever your lock key combination we can serve your wish. We also now have Ultion key fobs that can glow in the dark and also have trackers so that in the event of losing your keys you can find your keys location from your smart phone. Maybe you have just lost them in your home and we all do that! You can just call your key fob and it will chime so you can find them under that washing. For a free demonstration of the Ultion lock call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate today on Harrogate 01423 224281.

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate Key Cutting Service

At Lockforce locksmiths Harrogate, we offer mobile key cutting to our customers whilst on-site, so we can make sure that every key we cut will work every time. We stock a vast range of key blanks and carry all the latest key cutting equipment in the industry loaded into our mobile vans. Ask yourself whether you have a key that doesn't always work in the lock (despite your other spare key working fine!) It will probably be down to a poorly cut key. This can cause damage to your lock as it wears the lock levers or even breaks the bolt thrower in your lock. So don't get in a situation where you can’t lock your door or worse case scenario you get locked out of your home, call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate. We stock the latest BS3621 key blanks and anti-snap key blanks, so whether you simply need an extra door key cut or require an emergency set of house keys duplicated, you will find Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate can provide a bespoke service that’s a cut above the rest.

Keys not working correctly, have new keys cut at your home or business today, Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Harrogate on 01423 224281 to arrange a visit today Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate a cut above the rest

Home Insurance - are you covered?

Most home insurance companies will outline in their policy small print that, in the event of a burglary, locks have to reach a certain standard of security deemed adequate to protecting your home. Make sense, right? However, ladies and gentleman of Harrogate…beware and look to your locks! …For you may find that the locks you actually have fitted on your home or business won’t cover you, leaving you a nasty surprise after a break-in! At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate however, we only fit locks that are quality assured to the standards set out by the British Standards Institute ie British Standard BS3621/2007 Police approved locks, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your locks are of sound quality and meet most common home insurance guidelines – just look for the BSI’s trademark kite symbol which is embossed on our stock. What’s more, if you're concerned that your home insurance policy may say otherwise, we can work with you to source the right lock for your property. Just give us a call!  

Lock Home Insurance British Standards not sure? call us to arrange a no obligation visit Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate on 01423 224281 we stock all British Standard and Police Approved Locks from ERA, Union, Chubb, Yale, ABS and Brisant Ultion

Locks we Stock

At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we supply and fit the highest quality locks when securing the homes and businesses of Harrogate residents. And like so many things in life, quality does pay for itself – with British Standard 3star Sold Secure Diamond approved locks markedly increasing your defences against burglary relative to the standard euro-cylinders that less scrupulous companies may advise or quote you to fit. Have a look at the Brisant Anti snap Lock range, whose excellent lock the Ultion is awarded TS007, British Standard 3 stars, Police Approved and is sold secure design, Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate provides domestic and commercial property protection that's a cut above the rest. Call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate today for a free call out survey and we can show you the Locks and protection qualitys before you decide on your security.

We carry over 10,000 lock parts everyday on our mobile vans so we can fix your problem in one visit, call us on Harrogate 01423 224281 Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate to arrange a free of charge call out today

LOCKED OUT in Harrogate

For while being locked out of your home or business premises will never be an ideal scenario - inevitably leading to heightened feelings of frustration, stress and helplessness - a quick call to Lockforce Harrogate Locksmiths will ensure your back in your property as soon as possible. As we live locally we will strive to be with you in 30 minutes or less, and we will always update you with our text facility so you can track our arrival time. We have amble experience in attending to locked out residents of Harrogate. We are likewise highly trained in all aspects of non-destructive entry techniques to get you back into your property as soon as possible

What to do when you’re locked out: Step-by-Step Guide

So you’re locked out? Maybe you’ve lost your keys, or they’ve broken in the lock? Maybe they’re inside the house and the doors have slammed behind you…or perhaps the locks are just too stiff for you to open? Well regardless of how you’ve come to be locked out, we can certainly help to get you back in…all you need to do is follow these simple 5 steps…

1. First don’t panic! Lock-outs happen all the time and we are here to help! However, while it may sound silly, before you call us take a moment to double check your keys aren’t stashed in that hidden pocket…or that there isn’t a door at the side or back of the house through which you can gain access. You’ll be surprised how we miss the obvious when we’re locked out and exposed to the elements!

2. Now that’s been ticked off, give Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate a call. Our direct line for victims of property lockouts in need of emergency help is 01423 224281 . Don’t delay in calling!

3. Just after calling us, do a quick scan of your property’s perimeters. For if it looks like it will take some time to gain entry to your front door, we may decide it’s quicker to pick the lock on another door on your property…gaining you access back into the warmth of your property while we tackle the faulty lock at the front! We will do this once we arrive, though all the information you can give us prior to our arrival will be likely to speed up the solution we provide.

4. Finally, find somewhere warm while you wait for me to arrive. We won’t be long, but if there’s a neighbour or friend’s home nearby where you can seek shelter, you’ll be much more comfortable…especially if you’re unlucky to be locked out on a winter’s night!

for a 24 hours around the clock Locksmith Harrogate Service please Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Harrogate on 01423 224281

Commercial Locksmith Services in Harrogate

At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we can provide 24 hour Locksmith Service to protect and secure commercial Businesses in Harrogate and all North Yorkshire Businesses, we have many years of experience with all types of commercial locksmith service operations and we pride ourselves on our glowing reputation. Please feel free to look at what our customers say about us and follow the links to Checkatrade. With crime rate at an all time high and easy methods now used to gain entry to properties doesn’t it make sense to protect them as best you can and fit insurance approved British Standard Commercial locks and security systems. Lockforce Locksmith Harrogate can provide you with support 24/7 and we offer free risk assessments to all commercial properties that fall into Harrogate and the surrounding areas. As well as your locksmith security needs we also provide Key cutting, keyless entry systems and key a like locksmith solutions. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have fully equiped vans on the road 24/7 that can answer your call and be on site in less than 30 mins in the event of any emergency.

Commercial Locksmiths needs including:

  • * Security and Lock Risk Assessments
  • * Fire exit escape locks, quick escape
  • * Keyless and Digital Locks
  • * Insurance approved locks British Standards
  • * Master suites Locks
  • * Emergency repair and Boarded up service
  • * Gain Entry to locked doors or Lock outs 24/7
  • * Opening Safes and high security locks
  • * Aluminium door Locks
  • * Door Closers
  • * Deadlocks
  • * CCTV, Alarms
  • * Electrical security lighting

Have Keys Cut and Key Replacement for your Business carried out on Site

With any commercial businesses keys can go missing and many businesses can have staff turnover frequeant changes but the locks remain unchanged. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate advises to upgrade or change keys/locks so your security is not compromised.

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate can help and we can provide key replacement and also offer a master key system that offers efficient and effective access control systems. When you use a master key you can give your Top Management and supervisor’s access to any lock in the company, but for less senior staff only let them have keys for certain areas. We can also provide individual coded keys on request to restricted areas or areas where confidential data may be stored, these coded keys can be coded to a unique number and stored for easy swift replacement of new keys. At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we stock thousands of commercial lock replacement keys and we can cut new keys at your Business/home or have them delivered to your choice of address

Lockforce Locksmiths in Harrogate offer the following Business Commercial key cutting services:

* Coded Security numbered Commercial Keys that are cut to a code such as furniture, lock boxes, doors, lockers these keys cannot be cut at any high street shop thus adding to your security

* Lockforce dimple security Commercial keys cut, copy-protected keys and master keys systems

* Lockforce systems Security coded authorisation key procedures to supply additional security keys

* Commercial Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate Vans that our fully equipped with all the latest key cutting machines and able to attend at home or at work 24/7.

For more information about our commercial Lockforce Locksmith in Harrogate services, please call Renata or Carl 01423 3224281 we will be happy to help or advise you on any commercial Locksmith needs or assistance you may have. Call today for a friendly professional service we look forward to your call.

NHS and Staff Discount

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate are proud authorised working partners of the Harrogate Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and are often seen working in our Harrogate Doctors, Dentists and Hospital. We are especially busy at present securing medicines rooms in hospitals with digital locks and safe deadlocks and also changing locks following changes in staff. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate like the emergency services give priority to any NHS call and in the event of a emergency have a rapid response system that will have a Locksmith to the scene within 20 minutes is such our dedication to NHS.  As a proud NHS working partner Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have agreed to a 10% discount to all employees of the NHS all we ask is for you to present us with your Identification badge to claim your discounts

Frequently asked questions for Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate

What are your call out charges and prices ? At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we will never charge you a call out fee and if you have a lock problem or wish to have a quote we can call with no obligation and can explain and show the difference in locks such as a Standard 5 lever lock to a Police and Insurance approved lock, alternately drop us a email or what app message with a photo of your lock and we will gladly give you a indication on prices.

Do you fit digital locks for my business? Knaresborough, Harrogate HG3 - 8th June 2023

Answer :  Yes at Lockforce we can fit digital locks particularly useful if you have office buildings you only wish certain members of staff to gain access to, you can give them a code to enter onto the keypad and then twist the knob to gain access, we also offer other solutions such as smart access using keypads but also using your phone, finger tip or even a traditional method by a key. Other options maybe to change the lock and have keys that can give you access to several doors but others only a selected locks, this is called a key suite. If you have a business in need of access control call us and we can arrange a free site visit

Do you open safes we have a safe in our bedroom we cant open? Dacre, Harrogate HG3 - 15th May 2023

Answer :  Yes we can open the majority of safes to save time we would ask if you could send us a photo pf the safe, some safes do require a safe engineer with specaiist safe equipment however at Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we carry the locksmith tools to open the majority of household safes. On this occasion the customer sent us a photo and the issue was the battery had gone flat and they had lost the keys for the safe, we quickly arrived on seen and picked the lock open and yes the keys embarrassingly for the customer were inside the safe !!

Do you repair upvc window locks my window wont open? Pateley Bridge, Harrogate HG3 - 7th May 2023

Answer :  Yes we offer a free call out to assess what the problem is and we can advise accordingly, if the window wont open it maybe a problem with the actual locking window  handle or the actual window espagnolette locking system. These systems often have the internal gearbox changed if this is separated, but we can advise once on site and as always we offer a free call out to advise accordingly.

My handle wont lift up so I cant lock my door?  Harrogate City Centre, HG1 - 25th January 2023

Answer :  the first question we may ask you in this situation is will the handle lift up and lock if the door is open and not in the frame. If the locking system is working all ok out of the frame the good news is most likely there is nothing wrong with your locking multi point devise, the issue we suspect will be the door alignment and the multi point locking units such as deadbolts, hooks etc are not lined up with the frame and the keeps in the majority of cases a simple adjustment of the door hinges is all that is needed. If the handle wont lift out of the frame then the issue may well be with the internal working of the mechanism. At Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we carry all the latest multi point locking systems and we of course can align your door if needed.

Cold Bath Road Locked out of flat 14/08/2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate was at the aid of a young mother and her toddler when she returned to her flat to find the key in the lock just kept spinning and would not open the door. After contacting her Mother who had a spare key to try in the lock but to no avail, so quick call and Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attended to the Emergency call out and was on site within 20 minutes to open the locked door. The problem was the cam inside the euro lock had detached and was broken, Lockforce recommended replacing the lock with Thumbturn lock as this was a flat and the thumbturn option was fire regulation approved, anti snap lock fitted as standard and extra keys cut on site then it was on to the next job for Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate

Are you Checkatrade and Trading Standards Approved

Yes Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate are proud checkatrade members and we have over 400 reviews live on the checkatrade website detailing all our customers feedback. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate are also Trading Standards vetted and approved giving our customer assurances that we operate a trusted Locksmiths service, together with regular Police DBS Checks. please feel safe when calling a Lockforce Locksmith you are in safe hands

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate

In the current situation with the Coronavirus Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate are still operational and available for both new and old customers until further notice, however Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate will be taking precautions and guidelines set out by the Government. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate will not be offering a handshake and will be cleaning all locks, door handles, window handles and other household items we may come into contact with.  If you require any further information have any concerns  or have a booking please call us on Harrogate 01423 224281

When do you call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate following a Burglary ?

The first task you need to do following a burglary is to call the Police who will advise you on a timescale when they can call and gather the relevant information from you and the crime scene. Depending on the crime they will then instruct forensic to call, it is at the time we suggest you call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate and advise us on the Police timescales and we can work with you to arrive at the best time, if its at night or early morning we can call and secure your property but still keep the crime scene intact.

My UPVC door is catching when I close my door?

First thing to do is never force the door to lock especially by force the handle upwards to lock the multi point locking systems in place this can cause the system to weaken or worse case a breakage. If the frame is catching the door when you close in the majority of cases it will need the door realigning and adjusting to the frame, low cost repair. If your door is catching call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate for a free site survey today.

If I call you what do I do whilst I am waiting shall I keep trying the broken lock?

If you call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate our advise will be not to force the lock or break anything inside the lock as it may firstly cause more damage and more expense but it could make our job of getting you back inside your home as quickly as possible. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate will always give you a estimate time of arrival which is realistic and we will always text you when we are closer just  to confirm the ETA. Then once we arrive your stress levels will quickly decline

Shall I use WD40 in my Lock?

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate will always recommend that you do not use the standard of the shelf WD40 in your locks  and long term will probably cause you more problems. You can use WD40 as a last resort but should it do the trick please have a Locksmith check your lock asap. The problem with WD40 is it is water based and whilst a blast can remove debris etc eventually it will dry the lock up also please be mindful that with many security locks if you use WD40 it will invalidate our warranty.

Securing Garden Sheds and Garages 

One area of security often over looked is Garden sheds and Garages and Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have seen a dramatic increase in thefts from Sheds and Garages such as Gym equipment, Bikes and garden furniture. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate advise and one of the best ways to deter thieves from your property is to install lights especially lights with PIR sensors, new types on the market such as the make RING now also have wireless lights with camera options. Some garages especially older garages usually are only secured by one lock and one locking section, a very good security addition is to fit is a garage defender. This devise is bolted to the floor making it impossible to open the garage door without using a key to disable the devise. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate offer free security advise on your home and outside space feel free to contact us on Harrogate 01423 224281 or email Harrogate@lockforce.co.uk

Recent Jobs

Master key system fitted for a care home in Hambleton Grove, Knaresborough , Harrogate HG5 – 10th March 2024

A care home wanted new locks to selected doors with different keys opening some doors and some keys that can open all the doors a master key entry system. At Lockforce we can have your property locks all working from just the one key or however you wish your lock to work give us a call I am sure we can find a solution.

Old mortise replaced with new euro 3 star lock and thumbturn on Dragon Parade, Harrogate HG1 – 1st March 2024

A holiday lettings agency called us asking about fire and landlord regulations and concerns the old mortise lock did not meet any standards. We inspected and advised the lock was out of date and did not meet the relevant criteria. We changed the lock for a British Standard BS3621 euro mortise case and fitted a 3 star security lock with thumbturn now all insurance, fire and landlord requirements confirmed.

City Centre development new flat locks meeting fire regulations, Harrogate, HG1 - 7th June 2023

A development in the princess square area of the city centre called Lockforce to change the recently refurbished building and the locks to newly decorated flats, they  wanted the door locks to meet the latest fire regulations standards and to be British Standard insurance approved. We fitted new mortise euro locks with Ultion locks with coded security keys and also with quick exit thumbturns on the rear of the doors meeting all there requirements. Job done and quickly back to the parking meter.

Gin factory lock changes in Summerbridge, Harrogate, HG3 -17th May 2023

A gin factory called us with a locksmith emergency to call and change the locks to the premises, a bag had been stolen with the keys for the factory. We called within 30 minutes of the phone call and set about changing the locks to the factory but also glancing at the amazing technology involved in making fine Gin, unfortunately we don’t drink on duty so sadly declined a taster. Job done property secured, happy customer.

Same key for 5 doors in Knaresborough, Harrogate, HG5 - 8th May 2023

A customer called us this week having just moved into a new build house in Knaresborough and wanted a free security check on the locks. We called the same day and sadly alarmingly whilst the property was brand new and the locks fitted were just standard euro locks, these locks are easily snapped and targeted by burglars. We offered all different kinds of anti snap locks and the customer opted for the 3 star Police and Insurance approved Ultion Plus locks and also wanted them to work all from one key, what we call key a like. New locks fitted and all to the same key for convenience.

Kings Road, Harrogate Bike theft padlock broken 19/12/2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate were called out on a Sunday afternoon following a bike theft from the garden of a customer living on Kings Road Harrogate. The intruders had opened the garden gate and snapped off the padlock to the bike chain and taken the expense mountain bike. The customers wanted a lock fitting to the garden gate which we gladly fitted a security lock with a deadbolt and also upgraded the current house locks to high security anti snap 3 star police approved locks.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Key Safe in Knaresborough 30/10/2021  

Lockforce Locksmiths in Harrogate fitted a keysafe in Knaresborough this afternoon for a group of care workers looking after a Elderley gentleman, the options Lockforce carry are the standard keysafes or the Police secure by design Key safes. The decision was a Police Key safe as the front door was next to a main road and also a keysafe that the codes could easily be changed so the Supra Key safe was fitted

Shop secured 24/09/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate were called to a shop in Harrogate city centre, sadly some vandals had smashed the glass in the door in a suspected burglary attempt, they had not gained entry but had damaged the lock and smashed the glass. The shop door was boarded up as a temp emergency, then new glass installed. The shop owner contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate to upgrade all the locks to the property to the latest Police and Insurance Approved locks

Dropped Door

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate received a call from a customer in Starbeck 3/8/20 when they found the UPVC door would not lock, unable to lift the door handle and feeling unsafe Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived to find the actual locking system the multi point locking system and euro lock was all working fine, the issue was the door alignment and the door had dropped from the hinges. Quick adjustment and the door would lock as smooth as silk. If you have similar issues whatever you dont force the handle this will just break the locking system, call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate

NHS Worker helped over the phone free of charge

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate received a call from customer in Harrogate town centre on 18/4/20 who had just returned home from a very stressful day as a Nurse in Leeds LGI  and opened the door ok but then found she could not lock the door behind her. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate received a message in the early hours and we quickly retuned the message and offered to set up a video link to see if the problem was easily resolved remotely. The issue was the latch had got stuck and had not released because the little rubber grommet had twisted, Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate were able to give clear instructions and the issue was quickly resolved and the lock now worked all ok. No charge was made and Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate supports the NHS in these troubled times.

One key systems 

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate helped out a shop on Harrogate city centre as due to Virus wanted to change the current door locks with several different keys to just a one key system that operated all the doors, so easy access could be achieved by multi members of staff and no keys would be needed to be passed around. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate changed 5 locks and made them all operate to the one key.

NHS Worker helped free of charge with Garage key

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate supports all NHS workers and we  received a call from customer in Harrogate  on 25/4/20 who had snapped the key for her garage lock and had watched youtube videos on how to extract a snapped key for a lock. Sadly the key was so badly damaged and parts missing that a new key could not be cut. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate however could advise that from the photo sent to us we could identify the key and have a new key sent out so there was no need for a call out or a new lock fitting.

Added Security

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate called to a customers house in Starbeck this week 22/9/19 to add extra security to the rear of the property. The property had a Upvc door and a aluminon sliding patio door. The Upvc door was upgraded to a Anti snap lock and also some sash jammers. The patio door had some shoe bolts fitted to the top and bottom so that it is impossible to slide the door when locked. Customer now happy following recent burglaries in the area wanted to feel more safe.

Burglaries in Harrogate 

Locksmiths Harrogate have seen a dramatic increase in Burglaries in the Harrogate in May 2019. The majority of these have been car related and thieves breaking into Harrogate homes to steal high performance or luxury cars. Most have gained entry to properties from lock snapping, this is where a standard euro lock can be broken in seconds and can be found on Upvc doors, patios and composite doors. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds always recommends Anti snap locks that would prevent such a attack and as such we only ever fit anti snap locks and refuse to fit anything less.


We attended to a house in Harrogate on the 15/2/19 with a seized window lock, they key would work and the handle would turn but would not open the Upvc window. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived and quickly identified that the window lock handle was working ok it was the actual multi point locking system in the door that had broken, the customer authorised us to open the window and fit a new system, align the window to the frame and all was back to working order. For all your UPVC window and door issues call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate on Harrogate 01423 224281

Ultion Locks coded to one key

We called to a house in Harrogate this week 30th November 2018 with a request by the house owner to examine their locks and if they met insurance needs. Well the front door was a 5 lever motise lock but did not meet the latest requirement that of BS3621/2007 so Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate upgraded the front door. The remainder of the house had euro locks on patio doors 6 locks but all locks were just standard euro types, the customer wanted the latest Insurance and Police approved Ultions fitting and wanted all the locks to work from just the one key. Again Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate carry over 10,000 locks in stock and we duly fitted the locks. The house is now very secure and all to insurance needs.

Harrogate City Centre Bar and Restaurant

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived on site on the 15th October 2018 to a City bar that had a locked beer cellar, the lock a digital lock had failed and would not open when entering the code. With the Beer “off” Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate duly opened the door and set about replacing the lock and coding the new lock to the customers desired lock code. Beer back on !!

Sash Jammers fitted to a House in Harrogate 29th September 2018

If you have a uPVC door  installing  front door sash jammers are a great extra bit of security that doesn't cost the earth, then even if the door isn’t locked  – you can pull it down behind you and you’re safe! They also work very good on upvc windows and stop burglars from using a crowbar to leaver your window from the frame. Another good tip is to fit a door alarm detector – a good piece of kit that makes a noise or chime when the door is opened, annoying if you have kids in and out all of the time, but handy if you want to keep your possessions safe!

CCTV Door Bell Viewers

With the threat of more and more burglaries and opportunists even trying doors in the middle afternoon Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have received more calls for Door Bell/Viewers with built in cameras offering cctv coverage at your front door. This type of system also has built in PIR sensors and can activate your mobile/ipad devise even if somebody walks up to your front door. Equally if they call the door bell you can see the image and even talk to the person stood outside your front door from your phone even if you are away from your home. To learn more about this latest technology call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate today 

Window Locks

We received a call from a customer in Harrogate this week who wanted extra security on her house wood windows and conservatory windows. Lockforce Harrogate Locksmiths attended on Friday 26th January 2018 and did a security survey free of charge. We found all the locks to the property met with all insurance requirements and did not need upgraded but indeed the windows were the weak point in the house especially the conservatory windows.  Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate booked in a visit for the next day and fitted Sash jammers to the conservatory windows and bolt casement stays in the wood windows, house now fully secured

WARNING - Blow Torch Attacks

This year already in  January 2018 Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have already seen a dramatic increase in burglary attacks where thieves have used blow torches on upvc doors and snapped locks to gain entry into peoples properties, they have also broken some fitted Anti -snap safe locks that have not prevented them gaining entry to homes.

WARNING - This new method of attack using a blow torch can still break a high security Anti snap lock. Only a very limited type of High security Anti Snap  locks that can withstand this new form of attack. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate keep these locks in stock and we can advise which doors are vulnerable from this type of attack, Please call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate today to learn more.

Shop Shutters

We received a call from Barkers Tobacconist in Harrogate on 20th December 2017, the shutter lock had jammed and the key broke in the lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attended before the shop opened to removed the key and the release the jammed lock unit. Shutter open and the shop open for business

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate No Call Out Charges

We received a call from a elderly couple in Harrogate on Thursday 30th November 2017, the problem was the door handle would not open the door, we confirmed it was a free call out to have a look and to quote for any works with no obligation. However when we arrived the door opened for us straight away much to my surprise and the householders!! on removing the handle from the door we discovered that the spindle bar that is attached to the handles and goes through the sash lock had moved all the way through into the other handle behind the door. This was probably from the door slamming shut, a quick adjustment and it was back to normal. No charge was made as we did nothing to open the door, we just enjoyed a nice cup of tea and cake.

Police Approved Keysafes

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate have seen a dramatic increase in keysafe theft, this is where basic keysafes are opened using a screw driver and hammer to open the key safe remove the house keys and simple let themselves into the property. This attack is mainly aimed at elderly people who have keysafes for careers to gain entry. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate recommend the C500 Police Approved keysafe which we fitted today 18/11/17 at a property in Harrogate.

Letterbox Guards

We are receiving more and more telephone calls for Letterbox Guards to be fitted to front doors to prevent thieves from fishing for keys and valuables through your letterbox. To view a Letterbox Guard fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate please visit our Facebook page click here 

Locked in your own Garage

We received a call on Sunday the 1st October from a very stressed lady who explained her Husband was locked and stuck in his own Garage and could not open the door, a first for Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate. On arrival we found a up and over door Garage but also the Garage had a locked side door with a High Security Multi Locking system. The Garage door indeed was seized shut but the side door which the customer had never used before and had no keys could easily be picked and we gained entry and the customer was a happy man to be reunited with his wife. And the Garage it was just the spindle bar that had snapped a quick change and all back to normal. To see this Testimonial and our other reviews please click the link here to our Checkatrade website. 

Master Suite One key fits all by Ultion

Today 1st September 2017 we received a call from a customer with a enquiry that they wanted their office and home to have the same one key for all locks on both properties, but keys given to staff could only open the office not their home, is that possible they asked? Yes known as a Master key suite we matched the key code and had two sets of locks made to the same key so the customers key operated all locks but the office keys only fitted the office keys. The customer decided on the Ultion lock made by Brisant Secure a very strong 3 star British Standard Anti snap lock. For all your Master suite lock combinations call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate

Bike Rack Lock, Kent Road Harrogate

We received a call from a customer today 16th August 2017 who had lost the keys for his Bike rack and his very expensive bikes were still locked and stranded on his car roof rack. He wanted then picking open so he could get his bikes into the safety of his garage come night fall. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate duly picked the locks opened and removed the bikes. I could not believe how light these modern bikes are amazingly light, then the customer informed me they cost £4000 each wow ! think I will keep my Halfords bike for now.

Grenfell Tower Fire London and Locks

Following the recent terrible fire at Grenfell Tower in London, it worth us mentioning the fire and safety regulations regarding Locks, especially on flats and student accommodations for Landlords and tenants. As most flats only have one door then in the event of a fire a quick escape and quick release exit lock is advised where no key is needed to make a exit. This can be in a mortise euro case both given you insurance compliance to burglary etc and also this type of lock can have a euro lock with a key operation on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. Other locks that can be fitted can be a traditional and modern style Nightlatch lock. If you are unsure if your property meets the insurance and fire regulations give Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate a call or click on this link for more information.

St Andrews Church

This week on Friday 14th July we visited St Andrews Church in Starbeck, Harrogate the problem was the Emergency door would not open from either side. When examining the problem it became evident that the church was a victim of an attempted burglary, myself and the Church personal were both shocked at such a attack. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate stripped the aluminium door and fitted a new Emergency bar / pad system on the interior of the door and a high security lock on the outside. Church all now secure and ready for the next Service

Garage Security 

More and more theft is now happening from Garages and sheds, we were called to a house on Leeds Road, Harrogate on Friday 7th July following a theft of a bike from a garage.  We recommended fitting a Anti Snap lock to the main garage lock and a Garage defender. A defender is a bolt type device that is secured to the garage floor and stops anybody from lifting the garage door to gain access a very solid security aid. To see photos of such security click here to our Facebook pag

Hot Weather does your UPVC Patio doors stick or wont lock

With the recent hot weather we have had many calls from customers with UPVC patio doors, they told us that the patio upvc opening door will not lock shut into the frame and the heat has made the frame expand. This is true to an extend that higher temperatures can cause the frame and door to expand but only be a very small amount, the issue was the door was never aligned correctly in the first place so a little heat and maybe movement of less than 1mm will make the multi point locking system not be in align to the frame rebate. The was the case on Saturday 1st July 2017 at a house in Harrogate, we received a call as they wanted to leave the house and go to a family function but could not as the door would even close let alone lock. We arrived within 30 minutes and found the door was out of align by over 5mm, the householder did say they have had years of trouble closing. Just a few adjustments and the door was as good as new. Time to enjoy that sunshine 

Gino DAcampo new Restaurant

The week 22nd June 2017 Lockforce Harrogate Locksmiths attended a Locksmith emergency at the new Gino DAcampo restaurant on Parliament Street, Harrogate to open a locked door which the Builders had miss placed the key for, it was a Mortise 5 lever Yale lock that was upgraded to a ERA 5 lever British Standard 5 lever lock. The restaurant has changed a lot since it was the old Bar and Grill, we just hope the food is as nice as the decoration I am sure it will be.

Letters, letters and more letters

We called to a flat in Knaresborough on the 7th June 2017, the customer had just moved into a flat but was not given a key for the mail box, she wanted the mail box opening to remove the already over loaded mail box from the posted mail. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate picked open the lock on the mail box and was greeted with over 200 letters and mail. The mail box inside was rusty and not in very good condition, so we supplied and fitted a new mail box together with spare keys. The Postman will be happy he can now easily post his letters!

New Shop in Bilton

On Tuesday 16th May 2017 Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attended a shop in Bilton, the owner had bought the property but had only received one key for the front door but no keys for the shutters, the widows or the safe. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate picked open the Shutters and replaced with new shutter locks and the UPVC window locks. The safe was a more different prospect as somebody had already drilled the safe but was unable to open it. Now certain safes can be easily be opened using simple tasks that for obvious reasons we cannot describe but the owner was flabbergasted how easy it was to open. If you are on holiday think twice about leaving your money in the wardrobe safes as these are very easy to open and was similar to this safe. I always ask to leave any expensive items in the main hotel safe!

Steamer to the Rescue

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attending a digital lock problem at the store Steamer Trading Cookshop on Princess Street, Harrogate on Friday the 12th May. The issue was the staff could not gain entry to the basement as the coded lock would not open the door. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived on the scene in 20 minutes and used bypass tools to open the door. We found the spring load had collapsed internally in the old lock, we fitted a modern digital lock and coded the numbers to the code the Manager wanted whilst upgraded the door frame rebate to a stronger casing. If you are ever in Harrogate centre, I would recommend you call into Steamer Trading for a look they have lots of household items and gift ideas

Harrogate Keyless Entry

A solicitors office in Harrogate city centre wanted a Keyless entry access control system so that the door remained locked unless a code was inputted. We showed them plenty of options and they decided on a Yale keyless digital coded handle system. This system works the same on a normal multi point locking door however you cannot pull down the handle to open the door unless you enter a four digit code. This stopped any unwanted visitors using the hall way to sleep and also leave any rubbish. Call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate for all your digital Access control needs  

Kings Road, Key Cutting Issue

On a Bank Holiday Monday a customer returned home after visiting her parents. Whilst in Durham she had her front door key copied by a retail outlet so her parents could have a spare key for her house. She gave her parents the original key and kept the copied key for herself. However the key would not work when she returned late on the bank holiday. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate received the call at 11pm and was on site in less than 30 minutes. It was obvious to us that the key was not cut correctly and was not in align to the front lock levers and would not open the door. You may have experienced this on 5 lever locks when the key will work on one side of the door but not on the other side, this is not a lock failure but a badly cut key. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate can use key decoders that take a impression of the actual lock and we can actually cut a new key in our mobile van, saving you money so you do not have to replace the actual Lock. We cut 2 new keys and the door opened much to the customers delight If you have sticking Locks or difficult keys give Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate a call, we are a cut above the rest

Mark and Spencer's

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attended a emergency call out to the Mark and Spencer's food outlet on Leeds Road, Harrogate this week. The problem was the main steel aluminium door lock would not open with the key and was locked shut, with a fresh delivery of goods waiting to be stocked up in the store the Manager was in a panic.  Lockforce Locksmiths in Harrogate arrived within 15 mins and set about opening the lock, the levers on the 5 lever lock had dropped using our specialist picking tools we opened the doors with non destructive methods.  We replaced the lock with a Morden high security lock and cut 25 keys on site as the Manager had many key holders which he was thankful for the fact he did not have to visit a key cutting shop in the centre of town. Each key worked to perfection and the fresh produce was on the shelves in no time.

Locksmith at a Harrogate Hotel

This week Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attended to the main door lock at the Ascot Hotel, on the Kings road in Harrogate.  The yale nightlatch was intermittently locking guests out of the hotel and staff were unable to open with the key. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate ore the regular go-to locksmith for the hotel and we were on site as soon as possible. We installed a modern Era, double-deadlocking, high security lock and also cut 50 new keys for guests and staff. At Lockforce Locksmith Harrogate, we’re a cut above the rest every time.

Anti-Snap Locks

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate attend to a locked caravan at Rudding Park , Knaresborough. A customer called us in a panic this week they had arrived at there caravan at Rudding park only to find they had lost a bunch of keys for all the Caravan doors, jacks and cupboards. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived to this emergency in less than 30 minutes. We picked opened the main door lock causing no damage and set about opening the 5 cupboard storage units on the caravan, all the locks were cam locks and we could replace all the locks like for like. The hardest lock to open was the high security lock attached to the towing gear this was a clamp device, however Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate carry all picks to open a huge variety of locks and this was opened and also changed. The customers could now sit in there arm chairs enjoy the sun and have an enjoyable holiday break safe in the knowledge they now had a full set of keys and secure locks.

We attended a burglary in Harrogate this week where the thieves had gained access by snapping the old euro lock in the patio door. The customer’s friend had recommended us at Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate and in particular the Brisant range locks we are famed for stocking. We duly fitted as requested the highest lock grade lock available (the Ultion Ts007) and sold secure design locks to the property. As requested all 5 door locks to the property where coded to the same key. The customer was left feeling very secure and safe. 

UPVC Door failure

We attended a school nursery in Knaresborough, where the rear uPVC door would not open. This is a common issue when the handle is pulled down and a crunch is heard - signalling that the handle does will not open the door again. On this occasion we opened the uPVC door without damage using bypass tools to find the gearbox unit on the multi point locking system, which had failed. The school admitted that their door had been difficult to open for a few weeks, however this was because the door was not aligned in the frame. If they had called us before, we could have prevented the door failure. If your upvc door sticks, or if the handle is stiff or difficult to open, call us before it fails on you - saving you time, money and lots of inconvenience!

Dentist emergency

We attended a local Dentist practice on Ripon Road where their digital lock had failed, locking the Dentist and his patients out of his treatment room. Thankfully we were on hand to repair the digital-coded lock and open the door...leaving the Dentist free to get his drill charged up ready for the day ahead!

CCTV and Alarm

Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate fitted a new wireless system alarm with sensors, dog friendly systems, PIR motions, door and window contacts to a customers house in Harrogate this week. Additional this was supported with 4 CCTV cameras that can be constantly recorded and viewed live on the customers smart phone. 

BMW Car theft

We attended the scene of a burglary of a BMW car this week in Harrogate. They had gained entry to the house via the Patio doors and grabbed the car keys from within the house. The property is now secured with the latest Insurance approved British Standard locks and all windows have new key operated locking sash jammers. The Garage had a new Lock devise fitted called the Defender to aid extra security.

Bathroom emergency 

We recieved a call from a lady trapped in her own bathroom this week in Harrogate. The lock had broken off in her hand and she had no way of getting out of the bathroom. She called Lockforce Locksmith Harrogate who dashed to the scene, we had to open the locked front door first and get inside the ladys house and then find the bathroom we then bypassed the lock and opened the bathroom door.  All before 8am!

Locked out by a Puppy!!!

We recieved a call from a stressed lady who was locked out of her home. how? her 12 week year old puppy had jumped up at the door whilst she was in the garden and managed to turn the security sash jammers onto the door and locking her out of her house. Sash jammers are additional security that easily secure a door or window from the inside by a quick turn. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate arrived within 30 minutes and picked open the front door of the house and the puppy and her stressed owner were reunited. Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate we never have a dull day

Lock Repair

We called to a old castle building this week with a very old faulty lock in a very old door. The lock levers had worn down and would not open with the key, however due to the age of the lock a replacement was no longer available so Lockforce Locksmith Harrogate stripped the lock and replaced the faulty levers with some new tension wire and made the old lock serviced like new. The castle can now be locked!


Today we called out to a locked shut UPVC window with a broken handle, with our UPVC latch and bypass tools we opened the seized shut window and stripped the lock and multi point locking system on the window to find the gearbox unit was shattered. This is because for months the customer was forcing shut the window as it was very stiff to close, this in turn caused the gearbox to fail. The route cause of the problem was the alignment of the frame once we corrected that the window was able to open and shut freely. After a gearbox change the window was as good as new.  If you have stiff UPVC doors or windows that you have to force to close or open please call Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate for a free call out survey, it may only need a small alignment 

UPVC Double Glazing and Boarding up

Following a Burglary where  entry to the property was gained by smashing the UPVC doors window and turning the key left in the lock.  Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate firstly changed the lock to a up to date British Standard Anti Snap 3 Star lock as the burgalars had taken the keys from the lock, we then set about Boarding up the door frame to make secure for the night and returned the next morning with a double glazing glass unit cut to size to fit into the door and make look like new. Please do not leave keys in your lock this only invites potential smash and grab burglars Lockforce Locksmiths Harrogate always advises to keep hidden away in a draw out of sight 

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