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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry / Derry.

My name is Colin Walker and I am a local, reliable, experienced and fully-trained and certified locksmith in Londonderry / Derry.

A locksmith that covers a lot of local areas is hard to come by in this day and age, but ensuring that you find a trusted and reliable locksmith that can give you the service you need is not so easy either.

But if you want to know anything about me, here are the most important things that will show you why I'm the locksmith you need:

  • I am DBS checked.
  • Every item of work comes with a 12-month guarantee
  • I provide comprehensive 24/7 locksmith services across Londonderry.
  • I do not charge any call-out fees (so you can put your wallet away).
  • I am fully insured up to the sum of £5 million
Locked out? Broke your key? Come see why Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry is the “key” solution to your needs, call Colin now on 0287 721 0121

DERRY Locksmith Services

If you are looking for a local locksmith in Londonderry you can rely on me. I'm always within driving distance and can get to you quickly. If you are locked out of your property in the middle of the night or you are having trouble locking your door during rush hour, I can provide professional quick and reliable support as a qualified locksmith in Londonderry.

Additionally, if you want advice or help, I am happy to provide support for free and can conduct a free security assessment of your home, so you can have additional peace of mind. It's important that you choose a locksmith that you are happy with, and I use the latest expertise and knowledge with the most up-to-date tools and techniques.

Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry provides a number of crucial services, including the following.

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith in Londonderry.
  • Mobile key cutting in Londonderry
  • Lock repair and lock replacement in the Londonderry area
  • Replacement and repair for wooden door locks, uPVC door locks, digital door locks, and window locks.
  • Security, including CCTV alarms, fire escape hardware, and panic hardware.
  • Yale locks and night latches.
  • Re-securing a property or making post burglary repairs, such as window boarding.
If you ever need any advice, I am Colin Walker, your local Londonderry locksmith and can be reached on 0287 721 0121.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths DERRY?

Choosing a company that you rely on is crucial. Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry are a fully vetted business, and we carry all our credentials with us when we tend to your job.

If you are concerned with punctuality, we always arrive on time but we also provide updates on our arrival time when we are approximately 20 to 30 minutes away from you. So you know who I am, I always arrive in a clean Lockforce branded van, dressed in Lockforce uniform, and carry ID.

Our goal is always to put you, the customer, first and foremost in everything we do. We provide a level of customer service that is unrivalled. Currently, the Lockforce network has over 9,500 reviews averaging 4.9 out of 5, so you know you are in good hands when you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry.

In fact, we are so confident that we provide a local Londonderry locksmith service, we think you will recommend us to others for their local locksmith needs.

If you want any more information, or to contact Colin, please call us at 0287 721 0121 at any time.

Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in DERRY

Getting locked out of your home or business premises in Londonderry is understandably frustrating at the best of times. It's important to have a local locksmith that can deal with your issue right away without any delay.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Londonderry operate 24/7, and can help you get back inside your property as quickly as possible. It's frustrating and stressful if you ever get locked out of your home or business premises. This is why as local Londonderry locksmiths, we take pride in our speedy service so you can get back to business quickly.

We use non-destructive techniques with the latest tools and techniques so you have nothing to worry about.

As part of my ongoing commitment to being the best locksmith in Londonderry, I undergo regular locksmith training so I can utilise the latest skills to benefit you.

If you are ever locked out in Londonderry and you need our Londonderry 24-hour emergency locksmith services contact Colin Walker on 0287 721 0121.

DERRY Mobile Key Cutting Service

If you ever need additional services, our Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry van always has the latest tools and machinery to cut keys on the go. So if you ever need an extra set of keys while we are tending to your locks, we are more than happy to help.

If you just need us to stop by and cut some keys quickly, give us a call at Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry on 0287 721 0121.

DERRY Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Having your lock repaired or replaced in Londonderry shouldn't be stressful or overwhelming. Sometimes, locks are not as sturdy as they used to be because they have been used for years and years. Sometimes, we can snap the key in the lock or we might feel we'd be happier if the lock was replaced.

Whether you need child safety locks, night latches, deadlocks, or modern digital locks added to your property, we are more than happy to help you with your Londonderry lock replacement and lock care needs.

Get in contact with Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry on 0287 721 0121 to speak with Colin Walker and I will be happy to be your local Londonderry locksmith support.

Lockforce Payment Options

If you are looking for a local locksmith in Londonderry that accepts our variety of payment options.

Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry accepts the following:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you need a locksmith in Londonderry we are confident that if you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Londonderry, you will not be disappointed. We are highly trained local and experienced locksmiths that provide care and attention where it counts.

Recent Jobs

Professional entry gain to property in Londonderry - 24th June 2022

We had a job arrive at our Derry/Londonderry office this week which is again fairly common, a DIY gain access & change lock. As you can imagine it wasn't a tidy scene with bits of metal handle lying around, screws etc. They had tried to gain access using a hatchet! Challenge accepted, we stripped the door of all locks and mechanisms to test which was working and which wasn't. Fortunately there was no internal damage but the handles and lock needed replacing. We supplied and fitted a new Maxus anti-snap euro cylinder plus some shiny new handles to suit. If you are locked out or think your locks maybe faulty, please call a professional, it does save money.

Late nigh entry gain to home after lock out in Derry - 21st June 2022

Sunday night (approx 11pm) we received an emergency callout from 2 young ladies locked out and dreading a night in their car. With the situation being urgent we swiftly arrived at the house to be greeted by 2 very relieved customers. After approx 25mins we managed to gain entry via non-destructive methods. We checked the lock over to make sure it still operates as it should. Gave it a bit of graphite powder and gave the customers a card... each (no expense spared). :) We advised the ladies to get more keys cut and look after their keys. Safe once again.

Security upgrade for appartment in Derry - 15th June 2022

Our office at Derry/Londonderry had a booking for a customer currently living in an apartment and wishing to add to their security. The doors in these apartments were a nice solid wood build (not so nice for drilling) so to accompany the current thumb-turn lock we decided that a rim lock with night latch would be the best addition. After explaining to the customer the installation process, we proceeded. Starting with measuring, drilling and finishing with a nice new shiny rim lock and night latch to suit. Keeping you safe and safer with additional security.

Restoring secuirty to property in Derry - 6th June 2022

At our Derry/Londonderry office we had a call from one of our very first customers as a company, which was a lockout. This time they were looking for both their front and back door locks replacing due to a 'friend' having taken a key from there back door lock. This type of job very frequently comes up and it normally turns out to be a friend or relative. Needless to say, we changed both locks to Maxus anti-snap (as standard) euro profile cylinders, had a lovely cup of tea and a catch up. Our customers are able to sleep better once again.

Extracting snapped key in lock in Derry - 30th May 2022

Our offices were contacted by a resident in Derry/Londonderry who had accidently snapped their key in their front door lock. As we hear often to make it worse for the customer there was no spare key either. Upon arrival we could see the key snapped inside the cylinder and would be fairly simple to retrieve but as the customer had no spare, we decided to snap the lock as it was no longer of any use. Inspecting the cylinder, it was also clear some pins in the chamber were loose which is most probably the reason for the key to become stuck and then eventually break. After snapping the lock, we also have a check on the MPL & gearbox which was working fine. Our customer now has a brand new standard anti-snap cylinder lock, 5 spare keys and 12 month no quibble parts and labour guarantee.

Lock installed for new Air BnB room in Derry - 20th May 2022

These types of calls are getting more common. We received a call regarding having a lock on one of their bedrooms as it is due to be rented out as an Air BnB room. Naturally everything has to be very secure so we at our Derry offices decided to install a 3-lever mortice sashlock. Now they have a nice shiny brand-new lock for maximum protection to guests.

Fitting anti-snap locks for added security after safety concerns in Derry - 10th May 2022

Here we have another unfortunate case of a key being stolen and it being a relative to make things worse. Our office in Derry/londonderry was contacted by a lady worrying that as her key was stolen her relative could break in at anytime (as it had happened before), also the relative in question had been 'Taught' how to snap locks which made things even more frightening for her. Upon arrival we reassured her that no one would be able to break in via snapping the lock as we fitted her with STANDARD anti-snap locks. We all at lockforce hope she has some peace now. Remember to take note of who has what keys and how many you have.

Keys damaged so new locks required for family home in Derry - 4th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Derry/Londonderry was contacted by a customer to report her keys were broken to her front door but fortunatley had access to her rear doors. We arrived within 15 mins as this is still considered an emergency because there are children there and the property only has one access and exit door which is potentially dangerous given an emergency situation. As there no other keys available we drilled the lock out of the mechanism (gearbox) for quick access. The cylinder replacement was simple enough but also they have anti-snap as standard on there cylinders. After chatting with the customer she revealed that her husband had left there house keys on top of there car and proceeded to drive away with them. They were found down the road smashed by a few lorries and cars. We provide 5 keys with our Versa cylinders along with a 12 month parts and workmanship guarentee.

Back door not locking properly in Derry - April 2022

On Saturday morning, Lockforce Locksmith Derry recieved a call from a customer telling us that his back door won't lock when shut but works fully when open. Upon inspection this was indeed the case, the door was actually scraping the floor. Often when a door is used with regular traffic it will start to move out of alignment because of the constant weight being applied to it. Once a door is not aligned the mechanical locks cannot engage into there keeps fully therefore the cylinder struggles to turn and most times eventually breaks. We aligned the door correctly so now it slots in the frame smoothly and locks fully and correctly.

New handles for home in Derry - April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Derry took a call from a local resident who was asking about getting new handles for his back door. The back door had a 4 point MPL fitted into an old oak door with worn brass handles. After consulting we agreed with the client to fit rose coloured handles and an escutcheon for his cylinder. The client now has a new modern look chrome handle and escutcheon combination.

Locksmith called to Nandos - March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Derry was contacted by the local Nandos resturant in town centre. They had explained that upon unlocking and opening their slide window/door for the first time in 6 months that it wouldn't lock again. When i looked at the problem indeed the bolt would not throw out into it's keep. This had the potential to be a big job because getting to the locking mechanism meant lifting the 15 foot door/window out of it's track. Fortunatly i could see the fault by unscrewing the Adams Rite cylinder and freeing the bolt up. With plenty of lubrication to the lock and mechanism it was once again throwing out the bolt and making the business premises secure again. This and a lot of other jobs can prevent these costly situations by regulary maintaining there locks.

Lost keys to french doors in Derry - March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Derry was contacted by a local resident who was enquiring whether we could possibly unlock her wooden French doors as she lost the key. The first job to do upon arrival is to see what kind of lock we're dealing with by checking the keyway. It was determined that this was a 3 lever deadbolt and going by the colour and shape of the keyway it was probably a Union make. I obviously won't bore you with the techniques and tools a used but we got the lock open and installed a like for like Union deadbolt with rebate. The customer can now confidently open and lock her doors once again.

Gearbox fault in Derry - 10/03/22

Lockforce Locksmith Derry took a call from a client from from the Cityside in Derry who reported that her internal door was not unlocking or unlatching. We attemded as soon as we could and checked the lock over. We tried to throw the bolt and latch but with no joy. We then identified it was gearbox issue. We have now fitted a temporay lock as we await a replacememt gearbox and Versa anti-snap euro cylinder to be delivered which we will go back and fit.

New lock installed for home in Derry/Londonderry - 15/01/22

Lockforce Locksmith Londonderry were contacted by a customer following an advert on the local 'neighbour app' looking for a door lock to stop her children sneaking into the downstairs games room when they wasn't supposed too i.e. bedtime. On inspection myself and the customer discussed the best position she would like her lock we agreed a position and booked the best time to install her new lock. Installation day staring with going through what work i am carrying out and showing what type of lock is going in. The lock is a 5 lever B.S. mortice deadbolt which is one of the toughest we install. Once the lock was fitted,tested and cleaned (surrounding areas) i showed the customer their new lock, they were that pleased with it they asked me to fit a more concealed lock on there office for pretty much the same reason as above. Due to the complexity of there office door we couldn't fit a normal deadbolt or latch lock so we decided to fit a rack mortice bolt from the top of there door to be then bolted into the top of the door frame. This job once again came out well enough for me to be asked to come back and install an over head door closer so on that note.. tbc...

Locked out of home in Derry, BT78 – 22/10/21

Lockforce Locksmith Londonderry received a call from a panicked couple who found themselves locked out of their home in Derry. They had a habit of leaving keys inside the door and on this occasion had done so on both the front and back door. On this occasion we were unable to use our letterbox tool to extract the keys as the letterbox was too narrow. We had to enter through a bathroom window and then once inside unlocked the main door. The customers were so relieved to be back inside their property. Before leaving we advised the customers not to leave their keys inside their locks and also recommended some lock upgrades to ensure their property is fully secured. 

Emergency late night call out, couple locked out in Waterside, Derry, 15th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Londonderry were called out by a retired couple in Waterside, Derry who had found themselves locked out of their home at 10pm. We attended within 15 mins of the call to help. They had installed a new door lock themselves earlier in the day and when they went to put the key in the door, it became stuck. We gained non-destructive entry and made some minor door adjustments. The key was free and they could now lock their door safely. We have left them with the recommendation to purchase a new lock as the one they had purchased was not the best on the market. Either way they were happy to be back in their home safe and secure. 

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