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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine.

I am Colin Walker and I am your local trusted experienced and highly trained locksmith in Coleraine.

If you are looking for a variety of services that demand a locksmith, in the Coleraine area, I can provide you with the support you need. No doubt you have a number of questions, but just to put your mind at ease, these are the important things to know about me:

  • I am DBS checked.
  • I’m fully insured, up to the sum of £5 million.
  • I provide a variety of locksmith services across Coleraine on a 24/7 basis.
  • Every piece of work I conduct comes with a 12-month guarantee so you can have peace of mind.
  • I do not charge any call-out fees
Put simply, I am your highly trained, qualified and above all else, experienced locksmith in Coleraine, call me today on 0287 051 0151

Coleraine Locksmith Services

Locksmith emergencies are frustrating, and as your local locksmith in Coleraine I am almost always nearby, and I can get to you quickly in those moments that you need it most. One of the biggest problems we all have when we are locked out is getting into the property as quickly as possible. Whether you are having problems with your lock, or you've misplaced your keys, you can rely on me to provide professional and qualified support as a locksmith in Coleraine. I provide locksmith services in the Coleraine area 24-hours a day 7-days a week. If this isn't enough, you can rest assured that I can provide you with a variety of services free of charge, including a security assessment of your property and all-important advice, all with the most comprehensive locksmith knowledge and expertise around.

We provide the following Coleraine locksmith services:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith support in Coleraine.
  • Coleraine lock repair and/or lock replacement.
  • Mobile key cutting in Coleraine.
  • Door locks for uPVC, wooden doors, digital doors, and windows.
  • CCTV systems, including support with alarms and hardware including fire escape and panic alarm systems.
  • Yale locks and night latches.
  • Window boarding and any other service to do with your windows and doors.
If you are looking for a local Coleraine locksmith to help you out or you need advice right away, call me, Colin Walker your local Coleraine locksmith on 0287 051 0151.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine?

Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine is a fully vetted and insured business. It's important for you to have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with the contractor that will practice what they preach. If you ever need any more information, or want us to prove our credentials, we are happy to display insurance details and anything else that you would like upon request. We always carry information and ID when we attend jobs so you know who you are dealing with. When I attend a job, I pride myself on punctuality. I will always provide real-time updates on your arrival if there are any issues. When I am approximately 20 to 30 minutes away, I will give you a courtesy call. I will arrive in a Lockforce branded van, wearing my Lockforce uniform, and will have any ID just to put your mind at ease. Lockforce Locksmiths' aim is always to put you first in everything we do. You are the customer, and we are proud to present an unrivalled level of customer service so we can provide a local Coleraine locksmith service that comes recommended. The Lockforce network has over 9,500 reviews, averaging 4.9 out of 5, so you know you’re in good hands when you choose Lockforce. We complete work to the highest standards that you will be happy with, all before we ask for a payment. And we offer a 12-month warranty, so if there's anything you're not happy with, we will come back to fix the issue free of charge.

If you want any more information, or to contact Colin, please call us at 0287 051 0151 at any time.

Emergency Locksmith When You Are Locked Out in Coleraine

Whether you are locked out of your home in Coleraine or business premises, Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We appreciate how frustrating it can be when you are locked out in Coleraine. As local Coleraine locksmiths we pride ourselves on emergency locksmith services that get to the root of the problem to bring about a speedy resolution. You can get back inside your property quickly, and to add to your peace of mind, we will help you without causing any damage to the property, using the latest tools and non-destructive techniques. As part of my ongoing commitment to being the best locksmith in Coleraine, I undergo regular locksmith training to take advantage of the latest methods, tools and techniques that will help you get back into your business or premises as quickly as possible.

If you are locked out in Coleraine and you need our Coleraine 24-hour emergency locksmith services get in contact with Colin Walker on 0287 051 0151.

Coleraine Mobile Key Cutting Service

We don't just provide you with the best services in Coleraine, but if you need key cutting services at your home premises, we can do this. If you need an extra set of keys, let us know.

Get in contact with our Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine today on 0287 051 0151 if you need a new set of keys cut or replaced.

Coleraine Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Having your lock repaired or replaced in Coleraine is another service we provide. Sometimes, general wear and tear and the use of your locks can cause it to stop functioning at its best. Sometimes it's because you've snapped a key in the lock or you just want to have your locks replaced, for example, if you have moved into a new property. Whatever you need, we can help. With the latest lock technology, from child safety locks to digital locks, night latches, and deadlocks, we can assist you with your Coleraine lock replacement and repair needs.

Get in contact with Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine on 0287 051 0151 and I, Colin Walker, will be able to help you with your local Coleraine lock needs.

Lockforce Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths in Coleraine provide a number of different payment options to suit your needs. These include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you are in need of a locksmith in Coleraine, we are confident in our abilities to help you. You won't be disappointed if you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Coleraine, as we are highly trained, qualified, and experienced locksmiths in the Coleraine area that take great pride in everything that we do.

Recent Jobs

New window and doors locks installed on home in Coleraine - 2nd August 2022

We had a job from a customer in Coleraine that were looking at having improved security at their mother's house who sadly had passed. We were asked to change all window handles, install a new 5 lever B.S. sash lock, install a new rim cylinder, install a new night latch and a couple of sundry items, pad bolt and lock plus a couple of latches for an airing cupboard. Once we had everything ordered (mainly the 17 window handles) in we arranged a day to install everything. Our customer now has 2 brand new locks on their front door now, all their windows now have new handles that lock plus an outside cupboard that is secured with a pad bolt and lock.

Coleraine locksmith fixes faulty MPL - 25th July 2022

From our office in Coleraine, we had a call from a customer that had been recommended by a previous customer (i love this). Unfortunately this is a common issue when the internal mechanism (gearbox) finally decides enough is enough and fails. As we have stated time after time if the locks feel 'different' then it is probably failing!! So, the process is finding out which type of gearbox we're playing with, finding whether its mushroom sliders, hooks etc. obviously while the door is locked shut. After a fairly lengthy process we finally got the door open. Indeed, it was a failed gearbox. We changed this for a new like for like gearbox and a new Versa anti-snap Euro cylinder. Once again Lockforce repaired and secured another property plus everything comes with a 12-month guarantee.

New home needs updated security protection - 20th July 2022

In sunny Coleraine we had a call from a homeowner looking to make sure his new house is secure. Getting started in your new house starts with new security especially new locks as the new owners/tenants in properties have no idea who has a key from the previous occupiers. This particular property had French doors to the front along with a stand-alone front door and exactly the same to the rear (French doors + standard door). We suggested that we can fit a key ALIKE system in which one key fits numerous lock. Our customer liked that idea! which made it easier than having 6 separate keys for 6 doors (French doors have a lock on each door side so 2 per set). They have a much simpler set up now, the front 3 locks all operate under one key and the rear 3 locks also operate under the one key. 2 keys in total for 6 locks makes things less 'messy' plus they have 4 spare keys each. Our customer is safe and probably not as confused as they would be with 6 sets of keys.

Lost back door keys calls for local locksmith in Coleraine - 14th July 2022

At our office in Coleraine we received a call from a customer that had lost their rear door keys. Eager to get their bins out for the following mornings collection we arrived promptly. The process of opening their door was done in a few minutes. We replaced their keyless cylinder with a Versa anti-snap euro cylinder. Also as we usually do we completely checked over the mechanism and keeps plus a little grease. We are happy to report the bin was indeed emptied thanks to Lockforce locksmiths.

Sorting the lock problem before complete lock failure in Coleraine - 1st July 2022

We received a call to our Coleraine office with a customer requesting a lock change because it wasn't 'feeling right'. I put this particular job up as this is exactly the right thing to do!! As we've always stated 'if your locks do not feel right get an expert in'. This case as in 99% of these calls the lock was indeed faulty and on the verge of completely failing. If this failed completely the customer would be looking at a much larger bill and a lot more inconvenience. Fortunately our customer took the right time to call us for a straight forward lock change.

Emergency lock out late night in Coleraine - 24th June 2022

A call was taken late Sunday evening through our emergency line. We had a customer in Coleraine locked out and desperate to get in their house. Lockforce locksmiths Coleraine arrived within 40 mins of the call. This time they had a spare key but unfortunately it was posted through their letterbox an hour before... extremely bad luck. This occasion we had to gain access via drilling the lock and then replacing it with a more secure Versa anti-snap lock with 5 keys. Hopefully they have plenty of keys now and this won't happen again.

Replacing faulty lock in Coleraine - 20th June 2022

This job from our Coleraine office was the result of us recommending a new lock on their rear door as we were servicing their front door alignment. Our engineer noticed that their lock was turning very roughly and notified the customer of this. They decided not to replace the lock at that time. Unfortunately within 3 weeks the lock indeed failed! This job now went from a simple lock change to a more expensive gain entry... After gaining entry we promptly installed a Versa anti-snap as standard. Please if you have any doubts with your locks (doors and windows) contact Lockforce locksmiths asap.

New lock for shop door in Coleraine - 14th June 2022

We had a call to our office in Coleraine from a shop owner looking for extra security on their shop. The shop had shutters but as the customer worked up the stairs in the shop it was preferred that the door was locked while they were with customers. The door hadn't used its lock for a few years (even the previous tenants didn't have the key). Needless to say, we installed a brand-new Maxus anti-snap euro profile cylinder. The business owner can now work safe in mind their shop is secure.

Replacing some dated locks in Coleraine - 6th June 2022

A job came in to our Coleraine office asking for 2 locks to be replaced as there not operating properly. As one was an external door (rear) we arrived ASAP. The locks were a 5-lever sash lock for the rear door and a 3-lever sash lock for the utility room/garage which we installed promptly. So, as we finished the last lock, going through the testing and cleaning up stage the customer informed us that the utility/kitchen door was starting to jam also (which isn't suprising as all locks there were over 15 years old and in constant use). We also changed this 3-lever lock with a Satin finish. All checked and all working as they should. Another satisfied customer for Lockforce locksmiths.

Emergency locksmith after locked out with no keys in Coleraine - 30th May 2022

We received a call from a customer in Coleraine who had lost their key and had no spare. This is a job we get quite regularly and is normally a bit tricky as 9/10 the doors are locked. Fortunately on this occasion our customer was needing to lock up and go out so the lock change was fairly straight forward. As always at Lockforce Coleraine we only supply and fit anti-snap euro cylinders as our 'basic' lock. So, we now have a happy and secure customer with 5 spare keys.. just incase.

Front door jammed shut to home in Coleraine - 20th May 2022

We had a call to our Coleraine office from a troubled customer that were having an issue with their front door, it would neither unlock or open. Having arrived and assessed the problem it became clear that the gearbox was defective. Sometimes on certain gearboxes a heavy spring breaks on the latch which meant the handle when pulled will not release the sliders and hooks from the keep on the frame. This type of job required tactical drill holes (within the handle cover) to find the bolt throw and the latch (2 different areas). Having released the bolt and pushed up the latch snib we got their door open. Replacing the broken gearbox and lining up the door were straight forward plus the original handles covered up any drill holes and finally a brand new Versa anti-snap cylinder was fitted. Everything is secure and working properly.

Key extracted after being stuck in lock in door, Coleraine - 10th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine had a lady call from Coleraine stating that her key was stuck in her already faulty lock, very similar to a job earlier this week where a friend tried to help and fix the problem but ended up with the key stuck. Even though the key was only stuck in halfway the poor condition of the lock was not releasing the key at all. We managed to pick the lock and promptly replace it. Remember to call a professional if there are any issues with your locks otherwise it normally ends up costing the customer more as the issue is made worse.

Bedroom window jammed shut in Coleraine - 4th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine was contacted by a lady in Coleraine who was very frustrated by not being able to open her bedroom window. This type of job is normally due to a lost or broken mechanism. Upon arrival the problem was a lost key or lots of window keys but none seemed to fit this particular one. We took to our picks and had the window open in a few seconds which was good news to both of us as it was very hot. Replacing the handle took less than 5 minutes, after this was complete i offered to check her other windows and doors free of charge as always. We found another window that was potentially about to fail but was able to save it by a quick tighten and grease. All secure and usable once again.

Lock and key nightmare ressolved in Coleraine -  April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine recieved a call from a gentleman who had left his house keys in his car and his car keys in his house. It actually happens more than people think, especially early in the morning. We arranged to call at his house within 20mins. After around 10/15mins we were able to pick the lock and the customer could get inside to his car keys... and his dog.

Replacement cylinder in Coleraine - April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine recieved a call from a client explaining that he had accidently broken his key in his back door lock. Any kind of lock fault or lost key to a front or rear door is a priority so we arrived promptly and begun inspection. So this key hadn't snapped at the end of the cylinder it had broken off further down the chamber. After trying for a few minutes with various techniques we was unable to retrieve the key. Luckily the door was already open so the next best option was to replace the cylinder. The client agreed to this and now is even more safe with a brand new Versa anti-snap cylinder.

Complete lock upgrade for better home security in Coleraine - March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine was contacted by a customer on Monday as she was having constant trouble with her current rim cylinder and nightlatch. Upon arrival we found that her curent cylinder was very old (over 20 years old) which had 1 key that was getting stuck in the keyhole very often. We decided that a complete upgrade of rim cylinder and nightlatch would be the best way forward. The customer now has a brand new rim cylinder and a new style modern nightlatch.

Lock change for improved home security in Coleraine - March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine were contacted by a concerened mother after her son feared someone may have cut a copy of the key to his apartment in Coleraine. This is often a worrying situation for people as they feel very vunerable at all times. We attended and replaced the existing lock with a new high security lock. Always be careful who you give your keys to and always remember who has a key to your house!!

Lock change after burglary in Colerarine - 10/03/22

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine took a call late Friday afternoon from a gentleman who caught his former housemate had made a copy of his front door key, let himself into his property and was attempting to steal his TV. He wanted a new lock changed ASAP as he had his young children staying with him and was worried the former housemate may come back and let himself in again. Needless to say we arrived an hour later to remove his old euro cylinder and fitted a brand new Versa anti-snap cylinder, they can all now sleep safe.

Locked out and dog stuck inside - 15/01/22

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine recieved a call from a couple that unfortunatly had locked themselves out and needed to get in from the cold and mainly to get to there little dog. I assured them that i will be with them as soon as possible and i will get them into there house and get to there dog. Upon arrival after a quick hello (no time for small talk when it's cold huh) i inspected the lock which was a very old Yale rim cylinder installed upside down. I explained to the couple what i was going to do, which in this situation was to attempt to pick the lock and failing that the lock would have to be drilled as there was no other entry points which were more accessible i.e. an open window, back door etc. plus there letter box was to far away to try that method. After approx 5mins i successfully picked there lock and was delighted to see a happy dog re-united with his grateful owners. Job done!

Always call a professional locksmith - 07/11/21

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine recieved a call from a lady who had been burgled on the day of her husbands funeral. She had called a rogue company who botched a lock change and failed to resolve the issue. This led to the lady finding herself locked in her home and the cowboy refused to come back and help. She then called us who was able to attend the same day, ressolive the issue, change the locks and have her property properly secured.

New locks for added home security in Coleraine - 22/10/21

Lockforce Locksmith Coleraine received a call from a local resident who had just moved in to a new property in Coleraine and since moving in noticed some valuable missing from inside her property. The owner had entrusted some workmen with their keys when their belongings were being moved in and with no signs of forced entry she could only assume her house keys had been duplicated. The property was a new build and with no neighbours present this heightened her security concerns. We attended as soon as we could and fitted new high security locks to the external doors which have keys that can only be duplicated via a unique code that only the customer holds. The customer was very grateful and feels a 100% safer and happier now.

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