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Lockforce Door Bolts & Bars

Adding bolts and bars to your doors can be a quick and easy way of upgrading your security without the hassle of removing and replacing existing locks.

  • A straight Tower bolt often used on shed doors and as added security on household doors. The Tower straight bolt is an extremely secure lock.
  • A simple DD straight bolt offers a good level of security
  • The Crompton monkey tail bolts are often used on gates and offer very good added security
  • A Rola renown bolt is most suitable for use with wooden French doors
  • A Birmingham Bar is used to strengthen a door frame against kick in and is recommended by the police and Locksmiths.
  • Multipurpose door bolts but particularly patio doors as they have a long bolt throw

All Bolts and bars provided by Lockforce are made from high quality materials and conform to insurance standards.

Our locksmiths carry a variety of products to suit your individual needs, just ask a member of the Lockforce team for more information.

Lockforce have local technicians that live and work in your area 7 days a week. This means we can be with you quickly and keep our prices competitive.

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