Child safety locks

Lockforce Safety Locks

Designed especially with child safety in mind, the restrictor only allows windows to open 75mm and is unlocked with the special key provided.

In rooms where there is furniture in front of the window or a low window it's advisable to use a window guard instead. These are more secure and will allow you to open the window fully with no risk of the child falling or climbing out.

It is preferable to fit every window in your home with a window lock and to keep window areas clear of furniture. You should ensure that any window guards fitted can be easily opened by an adult to allow escape in the event of fire.

  • Restricted opening of the window but allows ventilation
  • window Locks in both open and closed positions
  • Key required to lock and unlock
  • Universal standard key supplied

From a young age teach your baby not to lean out of windows. You should never show your baby how a window opens. And never leave them alone in a room with low open windows.

  • No call out charges
  • Speak directly to a locksmith 24hrs a day (no call centres)
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Insurance upgrades to BS3621
  • Request a call back at your convenience

Here what our customers have to say :

Thank you Lockforce following an incident with a plastic Childs chair and a bay window with our 2 year old you fitted window restrictors to all our windows better prevention than another accident which could have been a lot worse .

Mrs Saunders Hampshire

Lockforce have local technicians that live and work in your area 7 days a week. This means we can be with you quickly and keep our prices competitive.